Friday, December 29, 2006

Pilot Episode

Happy Holidays everyone! Just wanted to welcome everyone to my *NEW* blogger. I just got a new Canon Power Shot SD600 so I'll be updating this site regularly with photos and thoughts from my everyday life. So bookmark this site now!

New Years Eve is just around the corner and for those of you that dont' have plan yet... Join the Wildboyz and Victory Nightlife at House of Blues for NYE:Massive. Presale tickets are available at the HOB box office or through

Here are a few pictures from Tuesday Night Bowling and Hollywood!

TK & Verna - My Nigga 4 Life! We miss you already!
Wildboyz @ Mira Mesa Bowling AlleyVanessa - Victory Nightlife's Top Promoter! HAHA
TJ to Althea: "Who would you be with if Toe-Knee wasn't born?"
Yeah... it would definitely be TJ... NOT!!!
Don't get to close or you'll have to deal w/ my assassin... Mr. Chris Ocampo. Of course there's Vanessa again promoting NYE:Massive. HAHA
On Thursday, I took Laura (my Korean friend who I meet studying abroad in China), Lang, & Althea to Hollywood. We meet up w/ KJ and Krissy...

David Hasselhoff is our hero!
Chucky from Childs PlayMr. Jacko himself striking a pose!Looks like Myster hurt her leg in this pic... Johnny Depp is her favorite (next to me!)
This next picture is dedicated to Jay V. because the statue behind them reminds us of his Beanie Man routine... HAHA Zagazoow!!!Roscoe's Chicken & WafflesAt the end of the night I meet up w/ my cousin for some "BUSINESS" and visited my two cute neices... SO NICE!!!

That concludes my first blog "Pilot Episode". Please check back regularly and feel free to leave comments. If I don't see you at HOB... Have a wonderful and safe New Years!

Lets get ready to PARTY!!!