Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome to the GOOD LIFE...

I don't think I've waken up before 8AM since my freshmen year at SDSU.  The only reason why I'm up is because I have an important meeting today in Solana Beach at 10AM.

Anyways, I don't have much time to blog but lets say that last night at Onyx Room was insanely crackin'!  We should celebrate Stephanie, Christine, Ashley, and Julie's birthdays every month!  HAHA Our line was crazy long, especially for a Thursday... or even their usual Fridays or Saturdays.  The staff at Onyx were very impressed with the turnout.  We'll be doing more events at Onyx Room & Thin in the upcoming months.  Thanks for your support.  Here are a few pictures from last night...
The line almost stretched down to the corner of F.
Ms. Stephanie Ocampo is finally 21!!!
Can I please get a drink!?

Drunken Birthay Girl and JoEilyn?
Angie Girl
George and Jenny dancing like it was the PROM '01.
Sister Bear, 6 Grade Crush, & Baby Myst
Welcome to the GOOD LIFE!
The Wildboyz will be invading Heat Supper Club tonight for a private dinner party for Christine and Wilfredo at 8PM.  The party continues throughout the night at Reloaded @ Heat with Victory Nightlife!  See you again tonight!!!


Thursday, January 10, 2008


Happy 21st Birthday Stephanie Ocampo!
Celebrate her induction to the Good Life along with Christine, Julie, and Ashley tonight at Onyx Room.  Start your weekend early!

Don't forget this Saturday, R.A.D. will be having a art and music showcase at It's A Grind in PQ.  Come by and check it out!

See you tonight...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I started off my Monday by visiting the two cutest sandwich makers at Subway for a FREE 12" sub.
If you're ever in the PQ area come visit them at Subway and ask them about the avocado special.  Thanks Dennis & Jowie... 143!
Since I didn't get Demi anything for her birthday, I decided to take her Willy's Workshop for a mini shopping spree.
That night was the season opener for our AIU basketball league.  Our team, the Killa Beez, is returning with the same squad of 10.  We won our first game back.  I had one monster block, a few rebounds, and visited the free throw line 3 times.  I went 1 of 6 from the charity stripe.  HAHA
We all got caught up outside laughing and reminiscing on old times.  Some how our stories evolved into the trust fall... Not sure what its really called but here are the Lagunas demonstrating.  
In 'N Out... Animal Style!
Come watch our games every Monday at AIU in Miramar.

Fly Boy

I didn't blog for the first time in over a week yesterday.  It was because I was working on Victory Nightlife's upcoming Saturday flyers.  Trying to make it look more general, simple, and clean. Here's a sneak peak:

Monday, January 7, 2008

Video Interview by Edwin Negado

I was browsing through my daily websites and noticed the Hundreds blog featured a Curiculum Mag video interview of Alyasha and Mirko about the return of Alphanumeric.  You'll definitely learn a thing or two about branding from these pioneers of the fashion industry. 

The interview was conducted by the Wildboyz very own Edwin Negado (Blends | Local Hero).  Props to our friends at Curiculum Mag... Keep up the great work!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

NYE: Massive Photo Gallery

Click here to view all 475 photos from Victory Nightlife's NYE: Massive photo gallery.  More photos coming soon...
Add them to your myspace!


Congrats to the San Diego Chargers for their first playoff win since 1994.  Indy here we come!

Today was RAD!

Next Saturday, January 12th RAD is hosting an intimate art and acoustic showcase at "It's A Grind" on Camino Del Sur (next to Westview High School).  Randy (Founder of Rad is Rad) hit me up a few weeks ago to help him find a location and set it up.  Special thanks to Sister Bear aka Cecile for hookin' it up with the location.

Come out next Saturday, have some coffee, enjoy some live music, and get some new gear.
Myster rockin' her RAD t-shirt!
Randy from Rad is Rad.  Check out their website to see their entire line.
Today also marked the 13th birthday of my favorite cousin, Demi aka Stinky.  She's finally a teenager!
Happy Birthday Demi!
Here we are at her house for a small birthday gathering.
Later on that night, the Wildboyz and I hit up Bar Dynamite near Old Town.  Check out Allan's hair... Shit is crazy!  Did you know he basically has to sit with his seat so far down while driving he's practically laying down.  Now that's gangsta!
I happened to forget my ID at home so I was outside chillin' till 11:45PM.  Luckily for me, lots of the homies were chillin' outside b/c it was too packed inside.  But Josephine was nice enough to dropped by my house to pick up my ID.  Thanks Josie!  I owe you!!!
DJ Bluballz live in the mix.
Brother & Sister.
Extra Ordinary Crew.
Cousins. Girlfriend. Ollie?
Best Friends 1998.  Wuss Boy x Bubblegum Girl.
There were a few more pictures but lets just say Rose had the time of her life... AGAIN!