Saturday, January 13, 2007


I just got to Las Vegas at 1AM. We just checkin' in to our rooms at the Venetian. Damn... These rooms are ballin!!! We got 2 connecting rooms each w/ 2 queen size beds and a sofa bed. This is way nicer than the New Frontier... HAHA. Its about 30 degrees outside and I still saw crazy bitches wearing skirts. I was like "you're crazzzyyyy!"

Anyways here's some pics from last night. A few of the Wildboyz and Myster went out to PB Bar & Grill. It was pretty crowded but it was a 15 to 1 ratio... Guys to girls! We also ran into one of our old friends Minus. I got my first referral at Black Mountain Middle School after yelling, "Minus is a penis!" What can I say? It rhymes!
Drinks on me!On to Vegas pics! Here's the family at In N Out in Barstow. You might recognize that pretty lady in the lower right w/ the denim jacket on from the WBZ short film Fatcho Libre... Thats Ann Diep aka my mom!
Check out Denzel listening to Kelly Clarkson on my new Bose headphones that I picked up earlier from Best Buy for $179.99. I know thats a grip but I had two $50 gift card to Best Buy courtesy of Leo & Raelynn and a stranger who dropped their $50 gift card. Finders keepers. I never thought I would spend that much on headphones but I love them. The Venetian Las VegasTall Viets... Keep in mind Demi (5'3") is only 12 years old and she's taller than all the Wildgirlz... HAHA
My uncle reppin' SD... Oh yeah... I am wearing my skeleton sweater again... Don't trip!Our rooms... BALLIN!!!My office for the weekend.Check back for daily updates from Vegas. I gotta go to bed now b/c you know the family is gonna wake up early. I can't wake up at my usual 1PM. HAHA

Happy Birthday to Ms. Christine Kim (her real birthday is Sunday)... Sorry I couldn't make it to Chucky E Cheese and Ultra Zone. I really wanted to go laser tagging... I use to be a role player by the name of Skeletor (FYI). Alright see you guys Monday!
GOOD NIGHT! Stay classy San Diego.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm Champ!

Ballin'!!! Thank you to OJ for picking up the Nike Zoom Kobe I for me at Shiek. Only $40!!! Now thats a great deal. Now I just gotta learn how to play basketball. Gotta rep the purple for the Wildboyz basketball team... PURPLE HAZE. Come watch Purple Haze play every Monday at AIU in Miramar.
Seoul BBQ for lunch in Clairmont w/ Myster. Yummy! Nightly routine... NBA 2k7. I'm Champ! Go ROCKETS!!!
Dead bodies everywhere... There's no room for me to sleep and this is my room.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


2006 was a wonderful year! One of my top highlights is graduating from SDSU w/ an International Economics degree. I feel like I've grown a lot as person and an entrepreneur. I'm really looking forward to the new challenges that lie ahead for 2007. Lets see what the "REAL WORLD" is all about...

01.01: Victory Nightlife and 5&A Dime teamed up for NYE:Massive at House of Blues. We sold out before doors opened. =) I also booked two hotel rooms for the Wildboyz at the Marriott next door for the preparty and afterparty.
UrbanFX x Wildboyz
Myster & Jay (5&A Dime)
Biracial Couples: Viets x Filipinos
Chris Ocampo wins the award for "TIME OF MY LIFE"

01.05-07: This past weekend I went to Lake Arrowhead for our UrbanFX Retreat. We had a beautiful 5 bedroom cabin in the mountains. It was definitely one of the best weekend get aways I've ever had. We all laughed, cried, sang, drank, danced... Thank you UrbanFX... I love you guys!

The Cabin & Game Room
Myster the Explorer We're all FREEZIN' except for TarzanMysters Nest aka the Master Bedroom ClosetThe Last SupperUrbanFX Standouts: Darkie, Carmie, Christine, & AngelaUFX StaffNew Years 2007 all over again...
The past few weekends have been jam packed: Wildboyz Christmas Party, NYE, Lake Arrowhead... This week is no different... I'll be headed to Las Vegas w/ my family. Its probably our first real family trip in years. We've got rooms at the Venetian and a few friends might be headed up as well for Christine Kim's birthday (which is still a maybe).

So if you're in Vegas give me call and if you're in San Diego go to Excelsior on Saturday. HAHA

FYI: Today Apple introduced the revolutionary iPhone. You gotta see it to believe it... All I gotta say is I WANT ONE!!! They'll be available in June exclusively to Cingular... YES!!!

Check back soon for pictures from my family trip to Las Vegas!!! GO CHARGERS!!!