Saturday, September 18, 2010

I miss this little rugrat...

Happy Birthday Denzel!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Living Legend...

This photo depresses me but at the same time it tells a thousand story.

This was taken after the legendary Michael Jordan himself, had found out that his father had passed away. It’s hard to see some one I idolize in an image like this. But it also tells the truth that no matter how great or invincible someone or something can be, there will be something that will bring them down.

The only thing that separates ordinary from legendary is the ability get back up after a dark event in one’s life.

We have seen him struggle but we have never seen him fall, that’s why Michael Jordan is a living legend

Via: Julien Edwards

Black Scale x Hennessy Black at SPLASH!

This past Wednesday we put on an event at the Roosevelt Hotel pool along with Black Scale x Hennessy Black in celebration of several birthdays, including Neran aka Kumar (Creative Contraband). The open Henny Black bar from 10-12AM was ridiculous, plus we had DJ Reflex (Power 106) in the mix, and tons of beautiful faces in the house!

CLICK HERE to view all our Hennessy Black photo booth pictures from Splash.

See you next Wednesday for another installment of Splash!

CLICK HERE to view all our Hennessy Black photo booth pictures from Splash.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm in love again...

This video doesn't need any kind of introduction... Just watch it!

P.S. 143!

Its finally here ladies...

September 17th, 2010 - Friday at 12:01AM, HELLZ will be selling a limited supply of both Baby-G x HELLZ collaboration watches exclusively through our online shop! Just to show you how much we really do adore you all, we wanted to release these babies waay before the watch was officially launched into stores. The collaboration pretty much can’t be found anywhere else at this point, so why not take this as our early Christmas gift to you to invest in? Just think – You will be one of the first lucky few to actually own this limited edition style! The watch will be sold for $125 + free shipping, or you can buy the two as a pack for $220…and to entice you even more, Misslawn herself will personally sign each box sold! How could your jaw not drop? Like I mentioned, the quantity of the watches is extremely limited, and have already sold many through pre-order, so start lining up, ladies….these watches will be gone before you know it!

Via: Hellz
CLICK HERE to start shopping now!

Video: The Full Spectrum - Herman Miller HQ

NY Filmmaker Gary Nadeau was commissioned by Dwell Magazine to film the third installment of their “The Full Spectrum” series, in which Aaron Britt of Dwell Magazine visits Susan Lyons at the Herman Miller Headquarters. The discussion centers around the use of color and material that goes in to every piece of furniture produced at Herman Miller. It also provides an intimate look behind the scenes of Herman Miller and the concepts behind form and color. Enjoy!

Via: OneEightNine

I've always wanted a Herman Miller chair in my office... Soon!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[LA] Splash: Black Scale x Hennessy Black


This Wednesday night Black Scale x Hennessy Black bring you a special All Black Everything edition of "Splash" at the Roosevelt Hotel pool with music by DJ Reflex.

CLICK HERE to RSVP through our Facebook event page.

BREAKING NEWS: Open Hennessy Black bar from 10-12AM!

#MoreBelve Music Lounge at MTV VMAs

Creative Contraband (version 2 coming soon) teamed up with Belvedere this past weekend at the Roosevelt Hotel to bring you the Belvedere Music Lounge for the MTV VMAs with special guest performers: Miguel & B.O.B.

While I was in San Francisco, I saw everyone constantly tweeting about all the fun they were having poolside at the Roosevelt. Wish I could have been there too! After watching these video recaps, looks like I definitely missed out. :( Check it out:

Day 1 featuring Miguel performing "All I want is You"

Day 2 featuring B.O.B. performing "Nothin' on You"

The Creative Contraband team will be back this Wednesday at the Roosevelt Hotel pool for a special edition of "Splash" presented by Black Scale & Hennessy Black... More info coming soon!

Vegas Part II: Slightly Dangerous via my iPhone 4

I survived Part I of my 7 day stay in Vegas, but it was about to get "Slightly Dangerous"! Part II consisted of 50 beautiful ladies + 1 party bus = #slightlydangerous = Time of my Life!

CLICK HERE to see my iPhon 4 photos from Part I of Vegas
CLICK HERE to see all of Andrew Ho's photos from Slightly Dangero

The Aria provided us with 15 complimentary rooms for all 50 girls, plus a pimped out 2,000 square foot corner suite on the 24th floor for the birthday boy, Cyrus!

Mary aka VH1's Platinum (Love of Ray J) showcasing our magnificent view.

What suite do you know of with a state of the art conference room? Lets get down to business!

Is this too much alcohol? #slightlydangerous
The rest of the ladies are finally here!

Time to get ready to head down to Haze for our first night...

Elevator pics!
Meet us at our table... ;)

Monique May x Maya Michelle x Platinum

Lizzy Richardson (Clippers) x Ben Chung (Jabbawockeez)

Damn Ajay, you're homie girl is knocked out! HAHA
Good morning: Destiny x Mel x Sherille x Meghan

Lovelyn (Culture Shock) is always ready to party!

Time to head out to the Aria's Liquid pool party... Follow me!

Ting Ting! :)
San Diego in the building!

It was seriously 108 degrees outside...

Room 05109: Jenny Kita x Alfred x Jenilee x TK

All aboard the party bus to our first destination: Tao Nightclub
Its a tough job but someones gotta do it...

Jenny Kita (Harajuku Girl) had the time of her life! :)

Mr. Mira Mesa aka Eric Elegado x Cyrus
It was then back to Haze with special guest birthday performer: Jeremiah
It was off to Tao Beach on Sunday... I love Maya Michelle! ;)


Our last group shot of all the lovely ladies...

Then there were only 12 left...

Encore Beach Club is the shit!!!

I found my favorite Canadian girl aka Misa Campo. :)
Time to head out to dinner & partying at Lavo for our last night... TK x Jenilee
Jenny Ting x Jenilee x TK x Platinum

Don't feed the models... #slightlydangerous

Aww... Its Hannah aka the Assistant (Victory)!

You know you got a big ass donkey when you can rest a drink on it... SMH!
Myron Marten (21XL) drove up from LA for the night to surprise us! 143!
Party Bus = #slightlydangerous

JD is one luck man... HAHA!

Maya Michelle getting her Cirque Du Solei on!

Time to head to Drais for after hours... #slightlydangerous

Before leaving Las Vegas, you know I had to do a bit of shopping! :)
#slightlydangerous = #dangerouslyfun = #timeofmylife

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CLICK HERE to see all of Andrew Ho's photos from Slightly Dangerous