Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 3 pt. II: Jet at Mirage with USLA x 21XL x Hvyrsnl

[Saturday, November 14th] Victory Nightlife, Usual Suspects, 21XL, and Hvyrsnl hosted the Pacquaio After Party at Jet Nightclub at Mirage. It was another jam packed event...

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Shout to Carla aka DJ CLA for taking care of all of our DJs and of course bringing all your beautiful friends.
DJ Jonh Magic (USLA) x Justyle (21XL) x CLA x Mark Marcelo (Victory)
Kat (NYR) x Kris (Formality) and other SD folks!
The line was already ridiculous by 10:30pm... But at least it was free before midnight!
Aww... You guys are cute!
DJ Mark Marcelo seriously killed it with all the throwback 90s Hip-Hop and R&B! Proud!
LA fam in the VIP area!
Tracy Nova! =)
If you come out to Vegas, make sure you hit up DJ CLA because she'll take care of you!
So cute... Abel x Ibay (USLA) x Jackie (DBR)! HAHA
Victory x Mindz Alike x Wildboyz
The 21XL family: Jan x Joey x Vince x Janice x Myron x Indo (Muse LA)
I worked the door for a while but it was seriously just too crazy out there!
The main room at Jet was packed but...
Our side room was the place to be! All of our DJs were killin' it!
Rock It Danger aka Jan (21XL) with DJ CLA on the decks!
Monique May x Talia Sunset
DJ Rygar (600 Inc) is in the building!
Usual Suspects x 21XL x Victory x Hvyrnsl
Jenny x Mark Marcelo x Rhoda
Tiff x TK
Crooks & Castles came through poppin' bottles in the VIP.
Arsen (Hall of Fame) x Emil (Crooks)
The view from the VIP area behind the DJ booth... Shit was packed!
Zoo Crew: Mink x Talia x TK
I love Mark Marcelo! No homo...
Shout out to the Mindz Alike DJs for holding it down in Las Vegas: Julz x edROC x Mark Marcelo... Don't feel left out Kev! We still love you even though you're posing really awkwardly in this photo! HAHA
It was off to Grand Lux afterwards for some late night dinning! Holla at the chicken pasta... So good!
Fun times... But I had to leave early to go save a friend! HAHA
To be continued...

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Movie Trailer

I use to love Prince of Persia! This movie actually looks pretty good... Can't wait to see it!

Day 3 pt. I: Wondering Sin City

[Saturday, November 14th] We woke up Saturday morning to a special delivery Raising Cane's courtesy of Kimtan (Wildboyz) and Hannah (Victory). Thank you guys...

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Hannah's been talking about how we all had to try their famous chicken fingers.
Their chicken fingers and secret sauce were really good!
Good morning to you too Rhoda! HAHA
Time to get out of our hotel room and do some exploring...
This was our third day at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, but only our first time leaving our hotel! HAHA
Check out what we found on the ground while roaming... Its DJ Mark Marcelo! He's famous! Call him if you want to have a good time! HAHA
HAHA... You guys are so cute! Too bad Chach looks like a baby compared to Mink!
Elvis x TK x Rick James... Bitch!
Umm... M = Marks = Yes Homo!
We made our way over to the Forum Shops at Cesar's Palace for Fat Tuesdays! We ran into so many familiar faces while we were there, including Michelle and her boyfriend (?). Time for GELLO SHOTS!
I love my new Canon S90! Hannah x Kimtan x Mink x Chac x Julyne
Manny! Manny! Manny!
Nike Town at the Forum Shops... We love you Manny!
Slow down Mink... You're gonna get a brain freeze! HAHA
Is that He-Man!?
Vallejo in the house! We meet up with the Sana family at Fat Tuesdays for a refill on our 1/2 yard drinks. Its been a minute but it was nice to catch up with everyone!
Then the rest of the Victory & Mindz Alike crew came through too!
A few of us headed over to Cheese Cake Factory to get our grub on... Yum!
How come I feel like all we've been doing is feasting? HAHA
After lunch/dinner, we all headed back to the hotel to get ready for the night's festivities. Mark Marcelo, Mink, and I all decided to get 25 minute massages. I loved it!

Gotta make sure our Superstar is ready for tonight's event at Jet!
Let the pre-partying start...
I wish I could have gone to the fight, but instead of paying $60 for the closed circuit fight, we just streamed it off my computer again! HAHA
Everyone mobbed through to catch the fight...
I thought the fight would be much closer but after the 3rd round Manny Pacquaio dominated... Congrats to Manny and the Philippines!
I'm officially Filipino for the night! Lets go... Time to head over to Jet for our After Party!

To be continued...