Saturday, February 24, 2007

In the Dog House!

Friday 02.23.07 - Not sure if you've noticed yet but I've added a new section called "Video of the Week" to my blog. This week we have Mr. Martik Manoukian aka Panther's American Idol audition... This is the funniest audition ever! ROAR!!!

Anyhow, yesterday I finally took all the coins in my desk to Vons' coin star machine... I ended up leaving w/ $67.46. YEAH! I celebrated by going to Walmart to get travel stuff for my trip. Check out all the goodies I got...
My teeth are gonna be sparklin' like DIAMONDS! Now thats "BALLER!" - Dave ChappelleLater that night April & Christine had their House Warming Party. It was nice and chill.... We ended up playing bowling for shots on the Wii. Check out this killer bowling stance...
FYI: OJ plays Wii Boxing way too much! FUCKER! I'm gonna get you one day.

I didn't take many pictures but I did take a few of everyone's favorite Mexican... TJ Retuya! By the way he has his own myspace page now so check it out.

The night is never official over until TJ does something ridiculously stupid. So we ended the night w/ TJ squeezing his stubby self into April's dog house. It was rather impressive... "Get me out... I can't breathe!" - TJ
"I told you I could do it!" - TJ
And on that note... I would like to present you w/ a new section called "Picture of the Week". I'll be uploading all kinds of pictures both personal and random pictures every week... Some old and some new. So check it out!

Tonight is my Going Away Party at Excelsior! The guestlist is FREE before 11PM so if you haven't emailed me yet... You better do so now! email:

SEE YOU ALL TONIGHT! Don't forget we're accepting donations for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


If you're curious here my itinerary for next Wednesday February 28.

28 FEB 07 - Wednesday
American Airlines
LV: San Diego 640P
AR: Los Angeles 735P

EVA Airways
LV: Los Angeles 1030P
AR: Taipei 500A

02 MAR 07 - Friday
EVA Airways
LV: Taipei 910A
AR: Ho Chi Minh 1135A

My return is still unknown...

FYI: I just bought on Go Daddy the other day... Look out for my site coming soon!


Look what came in the mail today... Its OFFICIAL! I'm a SDSU graduate!

I can't believe I worked 5+ years for this piece of paper...

Myster turns 7

Tuesday 02.20.07 - Mysters 7 Year Anniversary! Sounds crazy huh? I can't believe its actually been 7 years. Anyways, we didn't do anything spectacular just spent quality time with each other.

So I asked Myster that morning, "Hey Myster. Where do you wanna go eat?"

"I wanna eat Pho!"

"WTF? Are you serious? It's our 7 year anninversary and you wanna go to Pho Hoa Cali?" HAHA... She's slowly converting to the Vietside!

Happy Anniversary Baby Myst... I love you!

Later that afternoon we watched Bridge to Terabithia at AMC Fashion Valley. The movie is nothing like the trailer... We thought it was going to be a fantasy movie full of different kinds of creative characters but it was totally different. Its a renter! It wasn't a totally bad movie its just not what we expected. I think the main reason why we still liked it is b/c one of the characters, May Belle Aarons reminded us of our friend April.

After the movie we went to Downtown to have dinner but we totally forgot it was Fat Tuesday... It was packed! So we ended up in Hillcrest at Taste of Thai. It was both our first time there.

It was a wonderful day with the love of my life... Ms. Althea Deguzman. THANK YOU Myster!

Saturday 02.17.07 - JR Laguna's Karaoke Dinner at Minsokchon in Clairemont. Check the pics... It was a drunken night full of singing, sake, dancing, sake, bolgogi, slap boxing, sake, throwing up, and more drinking.

FATCH is the best!

Sexual Chocolate... SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!


A bunch of boys standing in front of a 19" TV... SINGING

Dedication to Rose Veneracion!


I'm not sure what Jenny is drinking but it looks gross!

TJ singing "A Whole New World" to Christine.

Sunday 02.18.07 - Awesome & Totally 80's @ House of Blues. Here are a few pictures from Babe Blvd and Olaes Photography. Click the links if you want to see all their pictures.

Although it was pouring outside... The party was still crackin' inside!
Who the fuck is that?
This is a dope picture of the HOB stage.
Thank you to the ladies of Va-La Productions! 143!KJ getting his freestyle on and I guess being really HAPPY too!

Nguyen Residence
Alright... Don't forget about Saturday everyone! Have a wonderful day!

Monday, February 19, 2007


So I recently misplaced $200... I can't find my new Canon SD600... and my 18K white gold grill. I keep misplacing everything! If you've seen or know where any of these items are please contact me at

Since I can't find my camera I can't update the blog! =(

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to Club Massive @ House of Blues. Special thanks to Va-La Productions Burlesque girls, Melissa Reign & Steve from Babe Blvd, Mindz Alike, Juicy Entertainment, the Victory staff, Dave from Events Company, and House of Blues.

I'll post a few pictures from the event once they're up on Babe Blvd.