Saturday, July 11, 2009

5&A Dime x Hellz presents TWILIGHT!

I know you guys all love the movie Twilight so 5&A Dime x Hellz Bellz are doing a movie night featuring Twilight on Friday, July 24th! Don't miss it...

Friday, July 10, 2009

DJ Rygar: MJ Tribute Mix

DJ Rygar (600 Inc) from SF sent me his MJ Tribute Mix so I'm just passing it along for your listening pleasure. Long live the King!

CLICK HERE to download it.

R&R: Rhythm & Recreation w/ Franchise Presents

This Friday, July 10th come through for a special edition of R&R in association with Franchise Presents. We'll be opening up the Merk (next door) along with Sway to combine both events into one.

Also, from 9-10PM we have a hosted Vodka bar (you must RSVP at Come join Victory Nightlife & Franchise Presents for our first collaboration...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 233rd Birthday America!

There was no time for rest. After a wild night in San Diego at House of Blues, I headed up to Santa Monica for Independence Day to the SoBe Lifewater event at the Shangri La Hotel. It was the start to a long and eventful 4th of July...

CLICK HERE to see all the photos from the 4th of July.

I picked up a $40 value pack of fireworks on my way to Santa Monica... I didn't know it was legal to sell fireworks in certain parts of California. I felt like a little kid...
[PARTY #1] We arrived to the Shangri La to meet up with Ben (Clae) and J. They were already at capacity and the RSVP list was closed temporarily by the time we got there so we had to bust mission impossible and figure out another way in...
We ended up sneaking through a back entrance with our modified golden wristbands via Nick (Diamond Supply) & Mega (Black Scale). Thanks! Yes... We're in! HAHA
Even the notorious Moe Zarabie (Godfather of Victory) and Jen were there with the entire Hellz Bellz family.
Moe (in some kind of awkward pose) x Bam (Hellz Bellz)
The party was hosted by Andy Samberg & Rashida Jones... I snapped a picture of their cabana but all I saw was that Indian dude from Human Giant starring back at the camera all creepy! HAHA
The place was crackin' with good looking people... There were several celebrity sightings!
The Madden Brothers were both DJing the event. Shout out to Neran (Agenda) in the background.
Lanie aka Miss Lawn (Hellz) x Angela (Hellz) x Jen
Did I mention there were endless free Belevedere drinks? I think I had over 8 drinks... HAHA
Jen x Melissa
Aww... I love them! I was so happy to see them come up from San Diego! Wish you guys would have stayed longer!
These Twin Brothers aka "The British Bulldogs" were keeping all the ladies entertained, including Lanie! HAHA
TK x Melissa x Angela x Ryan
Miss Lawn x TK... Too bad this picture is blurry!
Mink (Hellz) x Wes
TK x Melissa
We grabbed some Mexican x Korean fusion food at a wannabe Kogi Truck outside... Korean BBQ Burrito is f**kin' good!
[PARTY #2] Next stop was Peter's (722 Figueroa) house for a 4th of July BBQ in Silver Lake. You've got to come check out the amazing view...
It seemed like everyone at the Shangri La headed back to Pete's spot... It was crackin'!
Everyone was just mingling and having a good time while enjoying the scenery.
The host of the evening Mr. Peter Benedicto with Chris Josel (Ludwig x 722 Figueroa).
Got a chance to meet lots of new people... I'm starting to love LA!
Jenilee busted out a cake for someone's birthday... I thought it was for America!
[PARTY #3] We left the BBQ around 10:30PM to head to My House in Hollywood to meet up with Nick Diamond for Rob Dyrdek birthday party. There were tons of people trying to get in but luckily Nick is a well connect person so we didn't really have to wait... Thanks bro!

Nick Diamond x Melissa
We got a chance to meet the birthday boy and Melissa took a picture with him. Nice guy! I wish I had my own Fantasy Factory!

Rob Dyrdek x Melissa
[PARTY #4] We didn't stay at My House for too long because we wanted to meet up with the Usual Suspects fam at their Saturday spot Mood. I was immediately greet with a bottle of Belvedere by Rishi!
Damn, Misa Campo spent the entire time Twittering on her phone. Look she can't even pose for the picture... Get off your phone Misa!
There we go! HAHA
It wasn't super crackin' but we still got our dance on...
We had to put Melissa in timeout for knocking over peoples drinks... HAHA I love you Jon Magic & Ibay!
It was then off to Denny's in North Hollywood for a late night dinner... Calm down Sis your food will come!
Happy 233rd Birthday America! I didn't get a chance to light any of my fireworks but I'll save it for another day... It was an eventful day but I'm definitely paying the price for it because I've been sick since!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Everything will be okay...

I've been in LA for the past few days trying to figure out what's next...

I guess thats what makes life exciting...

Not knowing what's next!

But all I do know is...
Gotta make it happen...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life Changes. Friends Don't.

I love the new slogan for the upcoming Season 6 of HBO's Entourage... So true!

FYI: Yet another blog I stole from Jomo... HAHA! Can you just blog for me Jomo while I'm under hiatus.

Block Party @ HOB: MIDNIGHT RAVE!!!

Glow Sticks x Beach Balls x DJ edROC = Midnight Rave @ HOB!

Video by Alex Flores

Peep the comment below from YouTube user djbodyrawk:
When H.O.B. experiments by shutting down the lights and throwing beach balls and glow stick to the crowd! switches it up playing Electro at midnight! for a happy 4th of JuL!()!!! AWSOME MOMMENT! I was sooo happy "show me love" good times and tears!!! Find me on stage Blue hat!

Pre-Block Party Victory Meeting by Jomo

As you can see, I'm really behind on my blog so I'm stealing Jomo's recap from the Pre-Block Party Victory Meeting and the Block Party Recap at House of Blues for your viewing pleasure. He's basically become the official House of Blues blogger! HAHA... Thanks bro!

Thank you to the nearly 1,400 people that came out to celebrate Pre-Independence Day with Victory Nightlife and friends. It was complete madness... Glow sticks and beach balls! I loved it! But I think everyone is paying for it now b/c it seems like everyone go sick after HOB.

Here is Jenn's theory: @jenandkerosene i think those glowsticks were from mexico and contaminated with the swine flu virus.

Well I hope it was worth it everyone... Fun times! Take it over Jomo:

With plenty of time to kill, Scott and I helped Julz get his DJ set together in the Legends Lounge before the Block Party.

Mindzalike. Your favorite DJ's favorite DJs.

Just before the doors opened, there was a last-minute meeting for the Victory crew to get all the plans and surprises in order.

800 of these to activate.

Are we at HoB or EDC?

The girls made some awesome speech bubbles for the photobooth. RIP MJ!

TK, Kev, and Freedom Gaybaby Julz.

More surprises for midnight. What's the summertime without some beach balls?

Smoker's lungs suck.

Finally some food! Calamari.


Lastly, Toe-Knee and the crew keepin it official with some walkie-talkie sets.

"Testicals. Check 1, 2. Testicals. 5 minutes till liftoff. Thundercats are go."