Thursday, September 4, 2008

HOB Event Coverage from Babe Blvd!

Event coverage from Club Massive @ House of Blues by Steve Bitanga are now up under "EVENTS" on the Babe Blvd site.

CLICK HERE to view the photos from Babe Blvd.

I'll have a full recap from the mayham of our Labor Day festivities coming soon.

Celebrating the Good Life for over 10 Years...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ASR Weekend!

Its ASR Weekend ladies and gentlemen which means get ready for another jam packed weekend.  Check out our weekend line up...

Hellz Bellz x Married to the Mob x Missbehave x Karma Loop


Blends 4 Year Anniversary x Victory Nightlife

We've got a different sound at Onyx & Thin w/ DJs such as Gaslamp Killer, Ikah Love, Nicky Savage, and Saul Q.  It'll be a dope fresh vibe... Check it out!

Concrete @ Prospect Bar & Lounge

The Return of the Chach

I can't think of a title so I just dedicated it to Chachy!  HAHA

Saturday night I played host to Indo (HIN), the ladies of DBR, and the rest of their entourage. We mobbed over 45+ deep to Thin in the Gaslamp. Thanks Charlissa (Thin & Onyx) for giving us our own private VIP room with bottles of alcohol and champagne. We went through at least 6 bottles ( 1 Hen, 2 Skyy, 3 Champagne).  I know people often wonder how I'm able to pay for these bottles but most of the time I get them for FREE.  ;)  HAHA  I actually just split the Hen with Indo.

It was definitely another start to an intense weekend. To top it off, Chachy aka Mark came down from Hollywood with Sheryl to visit for the weekend.  Chachy brings out the inner party boy in me.  HAHA

CLICK HERE to see the photos from our night out at THIN.

Started the night with a few shots at Bums with Sheryl x Annabelle x Chachy
What the Prom pic?
I love Indo (HIN) & Jackie (DBR)!!!

Birthday Tag Team... HAHA
Nikita Esco x Jackie x Jenevieve x Jean
Hen x Skyy
Let the party begin... Jon (Blends)
Jessica x Erwin (Blends)
We love Nikita!
This picture sums up our relationship... HAHA
Drunk Bitches Rule!
Why is Chachy have his hand on my waist?  HAHA

Damn Indo you're so RED!  HAHA
Diane x ??? x Chachy x Jen
Lisa Kai
College Life!

Back to Bumsville for the after party!  Huh oh... Chachy is in troube!  HAHA
Welcome to the Batcave!
Ben Wang (Blends)
Shots of Vodka and hot sauce?  WTF?
You first Tristan (VA)... HAHA
Jenny x Sheryl
The party continues...
Nice shorts...
This is just the beginning.  Sunday's Club Massive at House of Blues was absolute madness...

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Friday I went to Harney Sushi in Old Town with a 2/3 of my roomies, KJ, Julz, Joe, and Cindy.  KJ just got back from teaching dance classes in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  I haven't seen or talked to KJ in probably over a month so its nice to catch up.

CLICK HERE to view photos from Friday & Saturday's festivities.
My favorite sushi roll of all time: Bomb James Bomb
That night I joined Moe, Jen, and Noi at Starlite to welcome back Noi from Chicago.  Thanks guys for all the words of wisdom... HAHA
Noi x Jen x Moe x TK
I haven't partied it up with Verna since she's been back to SD so we meet up at Sin Nightclub afterwards.  Be sure to look out for Victory Nightlife at Sin coming soon.  While we were there Anthony (GM of Sin) hooked me up with a complimentary bottle of Skyy Vodka for the crew. Thank you!

Husband x Wife
Katrina is one of the beautiful Charger Girls!
Mark Marcelo x Kim
Northside... HAHA
Welcome back Verna!

Roxanne x Verna... Bachelorette party?  HAHA
What are we doing here?
We mobbed over to Thin afterwards for a few complimentary bottles of champagne.  Thanks again!  HAHA  Rosanne x Jamie x Verna x Roxanne
What are you doing Kim?
Thanks Tara!
Hey girl... Let me whisper in your ear!
I didn't plan on getting too drunk but after a few bottles... Shit happens!  HAHA
DISCLAIMER: I am not an alcoholic.  This is my job.  I love it!  HAHA