Friday, February 27, 2009

SD Hustlin'

I spent my Wednesday visiting friends from SD that are now hustlin' in LA.  Everyone's been asking me when I'm moving to LA, but I'm still not sure yet.  Hopefully by Summer 2009.  I'm just constantly trying to meet people and continue hustlin' in both SD and LA.  I definitely feel that its going in the right direction... Just gotta figure out a way to align everything.  Its motivating to see friends from SD doing big things out here in LA.  Just gotta surround myself around motivated and creative individuals.  Anyways...

Melissa and I visited the Hellz Bellz office on Fairfax on Wednesday to go out to lunch with everyone.  Check out Bam (from Mira Mesa) checking out that old school Alphanumeric photo of himself on my blog.  HAHA.
We ate at Korea House in K Town.  I love Korean food!
Lanie x Melissa x TK x Mink x Imee x Bam
Next we cruised on over to Chinatown to visit Chris Josel (from Scripps Ranch) who's now a partner at Ludwig.  Learn more about Ludwid by visiting their site.  Since one of his partners is Willard Ford (Harrison Ford's son), their showroom/office is ridiculous.  Its actually Willard's old house.

Not only is this showroom home to Ludwig, but its also a showroom for contemporary furniture.  I love it!  Check it out...
Damn, I wish I lived here!  They throw parties here every now and then, and its also a spot you can rent out too.  Beyonce had a party here a few months ago... I'm hoping to throw an event here soon too!
Skate Study House: God Father Lounge Chair
Chris and I were best friends in 2nd grade at Sundace Elementry.  Glad to see him doing his thing in LA.  Thanks for the gear bro!
Next it was off to visit Jeff Lazaro (from PQ) at his office/showroom.
Jeff doesn't just make jeans... He does much more!  Look out for him in 2009.
We had Thai food for dinner in Downtown Burbank with our third, Mr. Mark Villa aka Chachy.
Boy Wonder
Party Boyz
We capped off the night by heading to Universal City Walk to watch Slumdog Millionaire.  I love that movie!  I was suppose to go home afterwards but we didn't get out of the movie until after midnight and I was way to tired so now I'm staying up here till Saturday.  HAHA.  I was gonna come back up on Friday anyways for Allen's (Usual Suspects LA) birthday.

To be continued...

Tuesday: ABDC x My House

I'm almost caught up on my blog.  This past Tuesday, I rolled up to Hollywood with 5&A Dime to do press for America's Best Dance Crew.  Hopefully you saw a few of the photos I took backstage on my Canon 40D in my previous post.  Here's pictures from my point n shoot from the audience point of view.  

We got VIP seating with the rest of the Beat Freaks family.  We were next to Shane Sparks and Lil Mama's guest, with MTV's celebrity guest sitting 2 rows in front of us.  There were a handful of celebrities in the house including Carmit (PCD), Miss America, and Wesley Jonathan (Roll Bounce).

CLICK HERE to view pictures from Tuesday's activities.

Here I am with Melissa, Joanna (NOOE), Khai (NOOE), and their friends before heading into the show.
Freak the Vote!
Melissa ran into her old friend, Francia Raisa, who was dating Shane Sparks before.  You can find her on USA's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"playing Adrian Lee aka the "Bad Girl".  

Mario Lopez aka AC Slater is so dreamy!
Gettin' down in the studio audience... HAHA
There are only 2 teams left: Beat Freaks x Quest.  Its going to be tough... Quest killed it this week on the show.  Mad props!
The taping let out around 10PM, but we stayed backstage to hang out for a minute.  It was off to My House (the club) afterwards for Bread & Butter.  Thanks to Doug Wu for taking care of us like always.  The place was packed with tons of eye candy, Paul Pierce (Celtics) and Kim Kardashian were also there.  Trust me... Tuesday at My House is the spot to be!

TK x Mink (Hellz Bellz)
No wonder I spent over $200 at the bar that night... Patron time!
Nerhan (Agenda) x Jennifer (WESC)
Cheers bitches!
To Ben Wang (dF)!  HAHA
Jennifer x TK
Roomies: James x Melissa x Chachy... and Jennifer?  How come you're in all my photos?  HAHA.
20 year old babies... HAHA
Patron time... Again!
Alison x Sheryl x TK... Damn we're starting to look pretty ignorant!  HAHA
Ben (dF) x Nick (Diamond Supply)
Mink x Doug Wu
Melissa x Peter on the dance floor!
Hella crackin'... Especially for a Tuesday!
Norms off La Cienaga for a late night dinner...
Fun times!

Monday: Saloon in Encinitas

On Monday, I went out to Saloon in Encinitas with Flo aka Uncle Junie.  I heard this was the spot on Monday nights.  It was a totally different crowd and vibe, I was out of my element, but I had a great time.  Its a nice change of scenery.  A few of us ended up meeting up... The music was eclectic, the drinks were strong and cheap, and the girls were tall.  =) HAHA

Welcome to the Saloon...
Special guest DJ... I forget her name but she's a model/actress who us to date Kid Rock and Jason Kidd.  Maybe she has a thing for Kids... She's hot!

The full Encinitas experience... I ate a Cali burrito when I first go to the bar and ended the night with 5 roll tacos.  Straight up fat boy status...
$5 Jack n Coke!  I love it!
Shit was strong!

Jenn was a drunken mess that night... HAHA!
Come with us this Monday to Saloon... I'll be hosting an event at Saloon in March with One People Project and Gabe Vega.

03.07.09: 2nd Annual Dance Awards Show

Next Saturday, March 7th, I'll be a presenting the award for "Best Exhibition Team" at the upcoming 2nd Annual Dance Awards Show hosted by VENT.

I'm just happy to go without having to be strapped to a wheel chair like last year.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, CLICK HERE to see my blog entry from last years show.

Santos 80s Anniversary Party

Willy and Shalihe's Anniversary Parties rank in the top 3 must go to events to look forward to every year.  Every year there's a creative theme and everyone comes decked out.  I'll let the pictures do all the talking, basically its the PARTY OF THE YEAR!  If you weren't there, sorry but you missed out!  HAHA

CLICK HERE to view my photos.

Double Mint Twins: TK x Chris
Joe (Avnt Grde | TAA) x Cindy
Mansion Party!
Best Costume Award: KJ Gonzales as the Artist formerly known as PRINCE!

Hip Hop from Easter Island x Prince
Wildboyz 4 Life!
Happy Anniversary!  I love you guys!

Slick Rick the Ruler!
Salt n' Pepper
What the Hellz?
Willy Santos (Birdhouse) x TK
Super Galactic Beat Manipulators
SGBM x Willy & Shalihe
Althea x TK
Damn it... Thats what happens when you do the splits in tight pants!



So nice!
Prince x 2

Congrats to Willy and Shalihe!  Thank you for another amazing party.  I think this was the best party so far... I can't wait till the next one!  143!!!  Wildboyz 4 Life!

Can't wait to see the professional photos...