Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thursday: Belo

Before I get into Thursday's events, I want to give a quick shout out to Maribel and Jhoanna (aka 7th grade girlfriend and 7th grade best friend) who I ran into at Callahan's on Wednesday during wing night. BMMS baby!
Now back to our regularly scheduled program.  Before heading out to Belo Thursday night for my 18/21+ event, I ate dinner at Sushihana with Verna.
We stopped by Bumsville to take a quick shot with Annabelle (Bumsville) before making our way to the club.  Be productive Annabelle!
Victory Nightlife hasn't hosted an 18/21+ event in over a year.  We teamed up with Rob Zoomy, Dre Vegas, and Magec Entertainment to host Belo Night Club featuring a special performance by Choreo Cookies (World of Dance Champions).  We had a tremendous turnout with over 1,000+ party goers.  All three rooms were packed, including the 21+ room... Thanks to Mr. Josh aka DJ J-Time aka Troy Polamalu.
Thanks to Mark Mariano and the MAGEC crew for their support.
The Mariano siblings: Juicy Entertainment x MAGEC
Sup Wobz!  HAHA  You down for some Roscoe's Ross? 
My favorite dance crew: Choreo Cookies
Pat (GM of Deco's) x Rob Zoomy (ZXR)
Choreo Cookies tore down the house...
Great job as usual... Thank you!!!
Can I buy you a drink?
Cheers!  Aww... The person who took this picture accidently cut out Jessica.
Is that Verna?  Wait, no its her baby sister Lannie.  So nice!
Red Bull Vodkas for us and Adrienne aka the birthday girl!
WOW!  Check out Leo breakin' off Verna with that froggy style! 
Jen x Scotty (Victory Nightlife)
We were all hot and sweaty breakin' it down on the dance floor!
Definitely fun times...
Thank you everyone for coming out... We ended the night with some delicious Broadway Pizza.

I'll be blogging about our ridiculous one night adventure in Hollywood soon so check back.  It's already been a super crazy fun filled weekend and its only going to get better tonight at our annual Wildboyz Thanksgiving dinner.


YouTube Videos of the Day

Mariah Carrey: Touch My Body

Urban Rage: Freestyle Remix

Evil Look

UrbanFX: Jim & Charm's Wedding

Wow... I haven't seen this in forever! Leo and I use to be pretty good dancers! HAHA

Damn we just got back from our Hollywood tour of LAX, Highlands, and Central at 6AM... It was nutty!!! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, November 21, 2008

SD for a few hours!

On Tuesday, Tristan and Jo-Ann from Virgin America flew into San Diego from San Francisco for the day.  They were accompanied by their fellow co-workers who were here to give-a-way 10% off coupons for Virgin.  

I treated them to Valentine's in Downtown once they landed for some Mexican food.
Steven (TAA) and Julz (Mindz Alike) also meet up with us too.
I headed to the 5&A Dime office for the day to work on some upcoming events while they used my car to explore San Diego for the few hours they were here.  Afterwards we grabbed dinner at Bucca di Beppo.  
Before you know they were all off to the airport once again to fly back to New York.  I miss Jo-Ann!  She hasn't been in San Diego since my birthday dinner in May.  Thanks for stopping by for a few hours...
If anyone plans on flying on Virgin America I have a few 10% off coupons if you need.  You must book by November 30th and fly by May 20th.  Lets go to SF, Seattle, or New York!  Who's down???
I want to go back to New York but its already freezing cold...

Willy Cabiling Santos Jr.

November 20th, 2008.  05:52PM.  6 pounds 8 ounces.  18 inches.
Congrats to Willy and Shalihe on their new baby boy.  It's about time!  HAHA  Willy Jr. is the youngest member of the Wildboyz!

Photo courtesy of Alvinisms.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Club Massive: Pre-Thanksgiving Day

SoCal's most notorious promoters are uniting in San Diego for the largest Pre-Thanksgiving Day event at the World Famous House of Blues. Be there as LA invades SD!

Click flyer to enlarge.

For more info:

Segue: We'll be back late November.

Tonight: Supreme @ Belo [18/21+]

Ladies and gentlemen, I'll be in Downtown San Diego tonight hosting Supreme at Belo Night Club with ZXR, 3SG, & Magec Entertainment. We also have a special performance by Choreo Cookies (WOD Champions). Its been over a year since Victory Nightlife has hosted an 18/21+ event. Trust me its gonna be straight crackin'... Doors open at 9PM. Be there.

CLICK HERE for more info.

Weekend Agenda:
Thursday - Supreme @ Belo Night Club
Friday - Fridays @ Central (Hollywood)
Saturday - The Basement (Echo Park) & WBZ Thanksgiving Dinner 
Sunday - Colts vs. Chargers Sunday Night Game

Maybe Vegas in between... ???

Hit me up...

Bond Girl: Olga Kurylenko

A few of us watched the latest installment of the James Bond series Quantum of Solace on Sunday after the Street Fighter II Tournament.  Imagine how awesome it would be to be Bond, James Bond aka 007.  You'd always have the most stylish suits, all the latest gadgets and weaponry, and drive the newest Austin Martin.  Wait, I think we're forget one more thing... Bond girls!  HAHA

Although the Quantum of Solace wasn't as good as Casino Royale, the movie did feature Olga Kurylenko (Hitman).  I don't know what it is about her but she's so sexy... 

I'm not sure who the photographer is but these are some nice black & white photos.

Guest Blogger: Alvin aka Alvinism

Sunday morning, Chachy and I grabbed Panera Bread for breakfast.  We were both pretty zombie like... HAHA.  Its been a wild and crazy few days but it was time to head back down to SD.  Thanks again to Chachy, Melissa, and James for letting me spend the weekend at their place.  143!

Instead of heading straight home and resting up, I made my way to Willy's Workshop in Mira Mesa for the Street Fighter II Tournament.  It was pretty crackin'!  Since Alvin already blogged about the event in his Alvinism, I thought I'd just have him do a guest blog.  Make sure you check out his blog for interesting fun facts, food picture of the day, and more random craziness.

CLICK HERE to view photos from Hollywood.
CLICK HERE to view photos from the Street Fighter II Tournament.

Introducing Mr. Alvin Glen Benavidez aka Alvinisms.  Take it over:

...we had to get Willys Workshop ready for our Street Fighter II tournament. Here's Fatch and Vince setting up the bracket and Willy in the distance setting up the camera.
The early birds came to practice.
All the while, we were watching the Chargers game.
You gotta love curry. Especially if its hooked up!!!
Here's the sign up; don't forget there was a backside full of competitors.
It got packed real quick inside the Shop.
And the crowd started gathering outside too. Guess what they are all looking at.
Oh shnaps!!! We projected that ish on window so everyone could watch in the cool air and lots of space.
Mike aka Stacks and Jeff. You may have the belt Mike, but I still have the record!
Its always storytime w/ Toes aka Boner.
What's the look for Fatch!?!
The man behind it all, Mr. Willy Santos. Check out our Philippines/Workshop tees in the background.
The buck didn't stop there. We had live music courtesy of DJ Deeohz.
Yeah!!! Joe Friday came through and hooked me up w/ some SOAKvsKAOS goodies. BMXing in Kearny this week son!
I don't know his name but he always comes in the shop and gives us a few laughs. Thanks for supporting the Shop.
3 of 4 TAA: Steven, Toe-Knee and Joe. Not pictured: Guil. We're gonna start SAA: Alvin, Edwin and Fatch.
These are my two mentors: JRazcal and Aric Sanders aka The Colonel.
Hand eye coordination, reflexes, knowledge, instinct, skill are just few talents needed to be in contention w/ us.
Rolondo aka Deeohz is a gamer. Thanks for throwing the game. Hahaha!
DJ Chadwick!?! Ha! JK, he doesn't DJ, but he can SKATE!!!
Vince was the man in charge of the standings. If you wanted to pay someone off, he's the man.
I call this the "CHOMP CHOMP CREEPER" set. Hello Steven chomping down on his L&L's and I spy a creeper.
Iggy is about to chomp chomp a mouthful while the creeper does what he does best. Creep.
Kimtan got a mouthful of katsu but he's creeping me out more that the creeper!!! Hahaha!!!
This is my favorite picture because of the background foreground play, and awesome shirt that says it all, and a little bit of foreshadowing.
I thought Ken was white but Ollie's cool too. Willy isn't intimidating anyone w/ a stance and funny smile like that!!! Hahaha!
Ollie-You-Can!!! (Damn, that was an Ollie joke!!!)
Willy got knocked off by Air Force Guile, I mean Leo.
After Willis got tired, TK took over as emcee. Here he is saying, "speak into my cock". SWEAR!!!
Roomies!!! Rae Rae and Apes.
TK called this match up: The battle of the hottest dark asian guy. But look at their faces!!! Hahaha!!!
Eric uses Red Ken so Ollie came by and supports well...himself?
Willy the man, Ollie the character, and the tournament all in one picture.
Ann aka Frances is the funniest!!!
Jeff and Eric are two legends I've never seen play. On Sunday I saw them battle it out. This Alvinism is hella nerdy w/ all the video game talk. But as Vince and I say, "I DON'T EVEN CARE!" *inside joke alert
Ollie and I got matching shoes. But I rock them w/ red laces. Maybe I am a Blood. JK!
Eric comes away w/ third place. Congrats brotha, come by and train anytime!
The battle for first!!! PJ Styles gave up bboying for a while to go into hardcore training. I fought Frank in the first round winning one fight and gettin halfway the other two. So close to beating the second place guy! Shit!
If you haven't guessed, PJ Styles won the tournament w/ his Guile, Frank got second and Eric in third. Congrats and thank you for coming out.
Just look at Fatch's face on the far left! Ha!!!!!

-Alvin aka Alvinism