Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend:

[Sunday]: The Block Party @ House of Blues
[Monday]: Greet my Meat Picnic @ Canyonside Park
You better all be there... Its gonna be crackin'!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Strikers All-Stars just added to the Block Party!

We've just added Strikers All-Stars from Season 3 of America's Best Dance Crew to our line up for the Block Party this Sunday, May 24th!
Don't forget to get your $10 presale tickets for the Block Party @ House of Blues at one of our ticket outlets or from Trust me, you'll regret not getting presale tickets when you're waiting in the massive lines outside having to pay more (but don't get me wrong, it'll still be worth it but save yourself the hassle). Seriously, $10 isn't much, especially for a massive event featuring the Beat Freaks, Strikers All-Stars, and Choreo Cookies. Get them now!!!

CLICK HERE to get the from

We've got tons of birthdays and graduations to celebrate:

[Mon] Destiny's Birthday @ Tomcat

Monday I headed out to Tomcat in Mira Mesa to have a few drinks for Destiny's 22nd birthday. The entire time I was there RJ wouldn't let me pay for any drinks, including the ones I was getting for other people. Thanks again bro!

CLICK HERE to view pictures from Tomcat.

Happy birthday Destiny!!!
Tomcat Bar & Grill is a chill place with cheap drinks...
RJ x Ruby x Destiny x TK
Keep them coming...
I even ran into Sarah Wentwort randomly while I was there. I haven't seen her in years! Great seeing you... Tell Kelsey I said hi!
Cheers to Destiny!
The ladies love Mikey... HAHA!
Guil (TAA) x Ruby x Scott (OPP) x Destiny x Mikey
Leave me alone Ruby, I'm twittering! HAHA
TK x Ruby x Guil
Fun times on a Monday...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Greet my Meat: Memorial Day Festivities

Looks like everyone is coming to The Block Party this Sunday, including 21XL, Usual Suspects, and the rest of the OC/LA fam. There's even people flying and driving down from SF! Now thats love! So since everyone's gonna be in town, I thought we might as well have a Memorial Day picnic with everyone!

We'll be playing sloshball... I'll be providing the keg for 2nd base.

Spread the word!

Download: Drake's "So Far Gone" Album

A few people have been asking me to send them the Drake "So Far Gone" album, so for those of you that don't have it yet, here's the link below to download the entire album. Enjoy...
CLICK HERE to download Drake's "So Far Gone" mixtape.

Sunday Afternoon

[Sat] PB x AphiG x 923 x Red Circle x Sway x Thin

Saturday was a busy busy day that started off in Pacific Beach with Edric hustlin' flyers and posters for the Block Party. Then it was off to an APhiG sorority event with Mica (21XL). Ended the night in Downtown San Diego hitting up several clubs with friends. It was a fun filled day...

CLICK HERE to see all the photos from Saturday's festivities.

While we were in PB, we randomly ran into Ruby and Destiny, who were doing a bit of shopping.
We all ended up grabbing a bit of food at Which Wich. Its a new spot where you fill in your sandwich orders like a green 882 scantron. It was really good!
TK x Edric aka DJ edROC (Mindz Alike)
Too bad Ruby erased the photos that I took of her and Destiny.
We were posting up flyers for the Block Party everywhere we could...
We got gorilla with it on every street light...
Next it was off to an Alpha Phi Gamma event with Mica (21XL) at the Bahia in Mission Beach. I meet lots of new faces and saw a few familiars ones. Thanks Mica for inviting me. I had a great time... It was different but I enjoyed the experience.

I tried starting my own Fraternity at SDSU in 2002 but it was too much work. I just stuck with WBZ... HAHA!

We have matching glasses! AphiG Vice President x TK
Thanks for the shout out Mica!
WTF? How come Josh aka DJ J-Time (Mindz Alike) was there too!
Mica x TK
Nick Jones! Who? Nick Jones!
Alpha Phi Gamma - Nu Class
21XL x Victory Nightlife
Tons of other fraternities and sororities ended up coming through to support the new AphiG class.
I ended the night by meeting up with the rest of the friends in Downtown. First stop, Bar 923 to see my man, Flo aka Uncle Junie (5&A Dime)!
I also ran into Ms. April Calalay at 923! I miss you!
It was then off to Red Circle to see DJ C-LA and some of the LA family!
Thanks Rob Zoomy for the drinks!
We even stopped by Sway at the Keating Hotel where DJ Sid Vicious was celebrating his birthday.
AndriAnn x Ryan meet up with us at the Keating as well!
Where to next?
Our favorite spot of course... Thin/Onyx! Thanks to Charlissa for taking care of some of the drinks!
Patron Time!
Cheers to the Good Life!
Jane aka Prom Date!
Jane x DJ C-LA
Mikey x Destiny
EOC x TAA x OPP = Jay x Guil x TK x Scott x Steven
Allen aka DJ Rage x Ashley Robles aka DJ Ashley Robles... HAHA
I ended the night drunk dialing a certain someone... "I miss you! Blah blah blah..." I don't even remember everything I said. Hi! ;) HAHA. Then it was off to Homberto's, where Guil's sister from New Jersey came through and meet up with us.
Then Mica got me a f**kin' Tinker Bell tramp stamp... OMG!
For those of you that are following me on Twitter, you saw the TwitPic! HAHA

I don't remember the last time I spent the entire weekend in San Diego. I had tons of fun though... Its all good though because the LA family is all coming down this Sunday for the Block Party at House of Blues! I can't wait...