Saturday, April 7, 2007

FFF Package Pt. I: PQ Preserve

This time around I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking...Once again I would like to introduce our newest members of the Wildboyz Cycling Division:

Josephine - Schwinner
Bike: Women's Schwinn Mountain Bike
Rhoda - Laxa
Bike: Shalihe Santos' WMS Next Mountain Bike
Lyle - Lionel
Bike: Willy Santos' Next Mountain Bike
Honk if you have big titties!
"Shot gun bang... Whats up w/ that thang? I wanna know..." Mr. JRL, who switched to a Mountain Bike, got a flat tire only 15 mins into our voyage. But him & Allan went back home and got his gangsta ass BMX bike.

"Hey ladies... Where are you going?"
The WCD Women's Team
The WCD Men's Team
Top of the World
PQ: The Pearl of Black Mountain
Less than an hour into our ride, we reached the World Famous PQ Waterfall where we spent about an hour rock climbing, jumping, and mostly laughing! A great team building experience... HAHA

Josephine bustin' out her frogger skills

After a while, I decided to take off my shoes and start climbing barefoot b/c my mountain biking shoes are really stiff and its hard to climb in. OJ has some good action shots of me leaping like a baby chimpanzee.
Every team building experience has to have the "Leap of Faith."
I love how everyone's doing the bear claw except Erwin... HAHA
You can do it RHODA!

Continuing on our journey from the 15 freeway to the 5 freeway
Lunch Time
Lunchables, Sandwiches, Capri Sun, and Goldfish... Just like grade school!
Check out these strange statues of these two children "PLAYING" that we found... We made it out mascot!
Wildboyz Cycling Division Team Photo
Almost at the finish line...
We made it! I'm so proud of you guys!I eat GOLD FISH... Its extreme!I finally got my towing hitch bike rack from Black Mountain Bicycles... Since I'm a regular now I got a discount! HOLLA! Its pretty hardcore but its super convenient.
Gotta get ready for Part II of the Friends Forever Fun Package... EXCELSIOR!!!

Check out all 100+ photos from our jounrey at Biking Trip II: PQ Preserve 04.07.07

Friends Forever Fun Package

Part I of the Friends Forever Fun Package was... FUN!!! HAHA We just got back a few mins ago and I'm gonna take a nap before Part II... EXCELSIOR!!!

Don't forget tonight its going down at Excelsior for the second part of the Wildboyz Cycling Division: FFF Package. Its still not to late to email me the names of you and your friends for the FREE guestlist... Guestlist closes at 11PM though so make sure you get there in time.
Congratulations to everyone who went riding today... I'm proud of you! That was about a 12 mile bike ride. Pictures will be up soon... Here's a sneak preview:

The WBZ Cycling Division Team @ the PQ Preserve Waterfall
Team Photo w/ our Mascots... HAHA

See you all tonight!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

To Buff for Bikes

What a long day... I just got back from a 10 mile midnight bike ride w/ Allan and Chris. I'm about to fall asleep but I just wanted to introduce everyone to our newest member of the Wildboyz Cycling Division...

Ollie - The Bodyguard
Bike: An Diep's Mongoose XR-75Ollie is so buff he broke the handle bars off my mom's bike... I'm going to Walmart tomorrow to exchange it. Anyways... Thanks to everyone who wished me luck for my GMAT test. I didn't need luck... I needed a MIRACLE! I'll explain everything later... GOOD NIGHT!

Purple Haze Championship basketball game tonight at AIU @ 7:30PM. Be there!

Here's a video I found when I typed in "Mountain Bike" on YouTube. This guy Danny Macaskill is insane... Check it out!


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Wildboyz Cycling Division Friends Forever Fun Package


On behalf of the Wildboyz Cycling Division (WCD), I would like to invite you to join us this Saturday, April 7th for the Friends Forever Fun (FFF) package. The FFF package includes an adventurous biking expedition through the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve during the day and fun nightlife entertainment in Downtown La Jolla for Concrete at Excelsior.

Wildboyz Cycling Division Team Picture
Our day begins bright and early at 9:00AM at Canyonside Community Park . Our expedition will take us 4-5 miles down the Penasquitos Creek... Everyone is required to bring their mountain bike and a packed lunch.

Los Peñasquitos (meaning little cliffs) Canyon Preserve lies between Rancho Peñasquitos and Sorrento Hills to the north and Mira Mesa to the south. Stretching approximately seven miles from the I-5 and 805 merge to just east of I-15; it encompasses some 4,000 acres of both Peñasquitos and Lopez Canyons. The Preserve is jointly owned and administered by the City and County of San Diego.

The scenery of the canyon includes:
* A waterfall cascading through volcanic rock
* A streamside forest of giant California live oaks.
* Groves of majestic sycamore trees.
* A year-round stream populated by pacific tree frogs, crayfish and largemouth bass.
* A fresh water marsh hosting a variety of aquatic birds including great blue herons, egrets, mallard ducks and more.
* Mule deer, bobcat, coyote, and raccoon are just a few of the mammals than can be observed throughout the Preserve.

Map of the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve

After some R and R, join me in Downtown La Jolla for Victory Nightlife's Concrete @ Excelsior for fun times, drinking, and dancing! This week we have special guest host Mindz Alike and DJ Virus spinnin' Hip Hop and R&B. Excelsior was just recently named, "Best Spot of the Year not in Downtown". Guestlist closes at 11PM.

The Friends Forever Fun (FFF) package includes a full day of adventure and excitement... How much does this package cost? Its FREE! But you must act now before this limited time offer expires. Please email me if you plan on attending this all day trip or just one part of it.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. If you would like to see pictures from last Saturdays biking trip please visit my photo gallery: Biking Trip I: Pat & Oscars.

Thank you and I hope to see you Saturday!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Team Trek

This past Saturday a group of us meet up for a biking trip... Our original goal was to bike from PQ to Pat & Oscars in Carmel Valley to have lunch.

Here's an overview of our biking path:
Part I: PQ to Pat & Oscars Carmel Valley ( app. 7 mile one way trip)
Part II: Del Mar beach to Solana Beach (app. 8 mile round trip)
Total Milage: Approximately 15 miles
Let me introduce you to our crew...

Allan - Team Captain
Bike: Trek 1500 Road Bike aka Dora
Erwin - Music Director
Bike: Trek Y-26 Mountain Bike
Althea - Myster (Female)
Bike: Mongoose XR-75
TK - Co Captain / Myster (Male)
Bike: Mongoose Blackcomb aka Terminator
Cecile - Cruiser
Bike: Trek 820 Mountain Bike
OJ - "George"
Bike: Unknown rental from Wilmer
JR - Gangsta
Bike: OG BMX w/ 12" rims
The Team: Wildboyz Cycling Division
Action Shots

Alongside the 56 West
Almost there...
We made it! 7+ miles and 45mins later we made it to Starbucks Carmel Valley where Leo & Vinh work...
Hey Brah...Lunch time at Pat & Oscars w/ Mr. Andy Keele... Thanks for the hook up buddy! We ordered $90 worth of food: Bread Sticks, Salad, Pizza, Chicken, Ribs, etc... All 50% off!
Obviously JR is full!
After lunch we drove Erwin & JR's trucks, which we left there before our journey, to Del Mar beach for Part II of our biking trip.

Always look both ways before crossing the street...

Highway 101

Solana Beach
Now its time to ride back...

Del Mar Beach
We even got to watch a wedding take place... It was beautiful!
So on our way home we stopped by Black Mountain Bicycles b/c there's a huge super sale going on all weekend... Guess what? I ended up buying another new bike... A hardtail Trek 6500 SLR w/ 27 speeds. It was originally priced at $770 but it was on sale for only $600 b/c it was an '06 model. The main differences between the '06 & '07 is that the '07 comes w/ disc brakes and clipless pedals... But it cost $925. Check out all the features at Trek Bikes.
This is my 3rd bike in less than a week but I promise you its my last one... For a while! HAHA I love it though... Seriously! It has an extremely light frame (approximately 3.8 pounds) and its components are all the best at its price range.

Since I bought myself a Trek... I didn't want Myster to be all alone as the only remaining member of Team Mongoose so I got her one too...
A hardtail Womans Specific Design (WSD) Trek 4300 SL w/ 21 speeds... It's MSRP was $390 but it was also on sale for $350. I didn't expect to spend that much on her bike but once I saw it... I couldn't resist! The people at Black Mountain Bicycles also threw in a little stealth black bell too! So without further ado I am proud to present you w/ the newest members of Team Trek... MYSTERS!
NEXT SATURDAY (04.07.07): We're going biking again... This time we're gonna bike the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. Its tons of fun and a great workout so get your mountain bikes and join us...
P.S. I still haven't really studied for my GMAT test yet... FUCK!

P.S.S. If you want to view all of our photos from our Biking Trip I: PQ to Pat & Oscars... CLICK HERE!