Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hi from Mammoth!!!

I'm have the Time of my Life in Mammoth!  Snowboarding is so much fun!  I was nervous during my first run because I didn't know what to expect, but by the second run I was feeling confident.  Maybe a little too confident because I tried going off a jump today and I ate shit... My tailbone is still sore.  HAHA.  Fun times though!  

Here are a few pictures from today!
Cabin Fever @ Mammoth 2009
Beat Freaks: Sammie x Loranie
To be continued....

Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm about to head to Mammoth in a few minutes. I have Alfredo, Harold, and Shanara in the 4Runner. I didn't know Mammoth was 6 hours away! WTF? I thought it was like a short drive to LA. Plus its raining, its gonna be a long drive, but at least I have 3 nutty passengers to keep me amused during the drive. We're meeting up with Usual Suspects LA and the rest of the LA fam. We've got 3 cabins full of people... I am kinda scared!

I can't wait. Its my first time going snowboarding! I've always wanted to go but never got a chance. I also got laced up by Kieth (DC Life) with a stealthy black outfit and a nice white jacket. Thanks Kieth! I love DC, but I love you more!

I hope my Sprint broadband card has reception there so I can use the internet. I don't know if I can go 3 days without it. Hopefully I'll be able to update everyone. So have a wonderful weekend and be safe. Don't forget tonight, Victory Nightlife is hosting Exclusive @ Thin/Onyx. If you say, "I love Jose!" at the door you'll get in FREE. FYI.

See you soon!
Oh yeah, I got a pleasant message from overseas today... YES! Its on and crackin' baby! HOLLA!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Motley Crue Concert

While I was at 5&A Dime on Monday, I ran into Sean, the House of Blues Venue Manager, who was kickin' off his birthday celebration at the Motley Crue concert that night at Cox Arena (SDSU).  That's right!  Motley Crue is going back on tour and they're starting their nationwide tour in SD.  After a quick phone call, Sean had 25 tickets waiting for me at House of Blues.

Too bad I totally forgot about the concert and picking up the tickets.  I didn't remember until I was at dinner with Edwin and Flo.  We then started going down our phone list trying to find 25 people who were down for a last minute concert.  Spur of moment type of ish...
We found 22 spontaneous people who were all down to watch Motley Crue!  Thanks for the tickets and happy birthday to Sean (HOB)!
It was my first Rock n Roll concert!  Too bad we couldn't bring in our cameras after the security check.  I was still able to snap a few photos on my iPhone however.
The place was packed!  The stage set up and lights were crazy.  The energy was high.  It was fun times!
The lights and lasers were pretty blinding at times... 
They even had fire!!!
Josephine x TK = My posse... HAHA
Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll!  HAHA
Happy birthday to Robbie (Iry Hotel), who just flew in from Hawaii.
We only caught the last 30 minutes of the concert, but it was cool because thats when they were playing all their hits.  I can't believe I saw Motley Crue in concert... HAHA!  Fun times!!!

I love getting mail!

Yesterday, I came home to a small envelope with a nice gift inside.  Thanks to Corine Grant from Hammered Jewelry.  You can check out the rest of her hammered jewelry at:

I love it!

So Real Cru SoCal Tour

Myron Marten (21XL) and I are bringing ABDC Season II runner ups, So Real Cru (Houston,TX) to beautiful Southern California for the LA to SD tour.  You've all seen them on MTV and now its your chance to see them perform live, teach workshops, and meet the whole crew.  It'll be their first time performing in San Diego!

Please spread the word.  HTML codes to repost these events are below.  Just copy and paste... THANKS!

Click this flyer to view their event calendar:

Sunday, February 15th: Club Massive Presidents Day @ House of Blues

ALL 3 SO REAL CRU FLYERS: Myspace Bulletins

HOB FLYER ONLY: Myspace Bulletins


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jabbawockeez x KG x Gatorade

During Super Bowl XLIII, Gatorade released their Mission G commercial featuring everyone's favorite dance crew... The Jabbawockeez! Its been a while since I've seen these guys, but I know they've been busy. Its great to see them continue to do big things. Can you believe it? They're featured in a Gatorade commercial with world class athletes, during the most watched telecast, the Super Bowl! Crazy!

If you haven't already check out the Mission G website, then you probably haven't seen the Jabbawockeez x KG, Quest for G part III.  Its funny and hella random...  You can see KG bustin' out his dance moves with Kanye glasses on.  HAHA  Click here to watch.
Also featured on the Mission G website is Freestyle Sessions.  You can watch each  bracket of crews battle until theirs only one crew left standing.  Click here to watch clips from Freestyle Sessions.

Butts Up!?

A bunch of us here have been talking about this for a long time and it's finally going to happen. A BUTTS UP TOURNAMENT! Most of you might be to young to remember this game but us old farts used to play it all the time as kids. Everyone is welcome but make sure you show up at the store by 7PM because the actual event is in a secret location. See you all thursday night!

Source: 5&A Dime

I won't be able to attend but it sounds like fun!

History Lesson by Christank

I just read this entry on Christine aka Christank's blog on her perspective of the dance scene. I thought it was really well written and I enjoy reading it. I'm not gonna lie, it did take me a minute to read though.  For those of you that know me, you know I'm a slow reader.  HAHA. Nice write Stank!

I've become desensitized to the "dance scene" because I've seen it evolve into something I don't necessarily advocate over the years that I've logged. I'm not saying I'm a Yoda of the dance world or that when I started is when it all goes back decades, although I think "our" particular scene is in its teen years. Still, I think several years of having been through the ins and outs of this funny little world of artistic expression, I've experienced the entire spectrum of what one can experience. I've been on a team that was hardly respected for a long time...a team we managed to create respect and a name for, but a team that still remains perceived as an underdog (not a bad thing). I've been on 2 different professional teams, one of which crumbled. I've been a founding member of what I consider to be one of the most influential teams and organizations in the whole circuit. I've hung up my competitive dancing shoes, only to be "forced" to put them back on again. I've won and I've lost. I've been complacent, and I've been hungry & motivated. I've been inspired, and I've been disappointed. I've seen creativity and originality, and I've also seen "biters". I've seen new teams come to rise, I've seen more established teams fall down and get back up. I've seen people I admired and looked up to when I first started move on with other aspects of their lives...I've seen some of them still continue dancing as strong as ever. I've heard sincere "congratulations" or "good jobs" and fake ass ones as well. I have friends who've made it big in the "industry". I also have lost many of them as friends in the process. I've performed in medleys I've loved and been proud of, and there's been times where I've had to dance through 6-8 minutes of bullshit. I've danced in projects for some of the most highly regarded choreographers, and wished that I were dancing in some other projects. I've made money dancing, and I've given up tons of finances in order to dance. I've never been the best dancer, but I've never been the weakest either. I've fallen in love with teammates, teams, and dancing itself...and there was a point in time where I thought I didn't love it at all anymore. I've watched people grow into superstars, and I've seen superstars fade into the background. I've had to humble myself time and time again. Let me reiterate - I'm not saying I've done it all by ANY means. I'm not trying to be an elitist of any sort, but I've seen a lot, and been through a lot.

This is why it kind of frustrates me when I witness or participate in a conversation where dance history doesn't seem to exist beyond 2005. The generational gap at dance shows these days are self evident, and although there do exist some younger dancers who yearn to know the history of teams, people, and the shows in which they have the privilege of dancing in now, there are far too many who don't care to know enough. They don't know where they are, why they're there, and most importantly, what events have made it possible for them to even have certain opportunities. You're not there thanks to Lil Mama, Mario Lopez, and the rest of the ABDC "phonemenon". You're there because of individuals whose names you probably don't even recognize. Shit, there's so much I don't know either.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that it's lasted as long as it has, and that this whole crazy world of dance can provide an outlet for so many people. Like I've said before, art is at its best when shared. I guess all I'm venting about really, is the lack of interest in the history that built the very stage we get to stomp around on. Everything seems so self motivated these days. But as much as it seems as though I'm blasting the dance world with cynical bitterness, I still choose to be involved. True, the depth of my involvement is hardly worthy of mention these days, but I still choose to be here. Why? Because like everyone else who chooses to be involved...young or old(er), experienced or inexperienced, strong dancer or weak dancer...ultimately, we sacrifice so much because we love to do it. We have a common bond in choosing dance as our medium of expression. My hope is that we can lift the entire community into sharing a sincere desire for, and love of, the history. Afterall, the history belongs to all of us, including those who came before us and those who will come after us. Despite the differences in styles, locations, organizations, and dance philosophies, our history is our one commonplace, so it's all of our responsibilities to take care of it. Go get a history lesson today.

Sneak Preview

Steven (TAA): Hugo Boss Suit ($795)
TK (Wildboyz): Hugo Boss Suit ($895)
Special thanks to Jay (Mindz Alike) for being our GQ stylist. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

True that...

Source: Hoey Inc.

Exclusive @ THIN/ONYX for Angie Girl!

FREE before 11PM with RSVP to
We're celebrating Angie Girl's birthday this Friday so you know its gonna be crackin'!

Have you seen this youtube video of her mom rockin' out to Black Eyed Peas' song "Bebot"!  Shit is LOL hilarious...  Watch it!!!

Happy Birthday Jenn!

I flew back to San Diego on Friday to celebrate Jenn and Yogi's birthday.  We kicked off the night at Bondi for Jenn's birthday dinner with a group of 20 of us.  The decor inside Bondi is really unique and beautiful.  I had the pleasure of meeting the manager, so maybe we'll be able to host a night there.  Be on the look out...

My camera died when I was in SF, I felt so naked without my camera.  How am I suppose to blog?  Luckily, Mikey brought along his DSLR so you can thank him for all the photos.

CLICK HERE to view all of Mikey's photos from Friday.

I recommend eating at Bondi if you're in the Gaslamp District.
Birthday girl aka Jenn x Razo (Victory)
Here are a few photos of the interior of Bondi by Ollie.

I ordered the most expensive item on the menu, the NY Strip.  Everyone was straight starring at my steak with their mouths watering as I chomped on pure divine goodness.  It was absolutely worth it.
I told Terry (Bumsville) that I'd pay for her dinner if she gave me a message.  Thanks Terry!
TK (female) x Jenn x Mikey
After dinner, we headed to Deco's for Yogi's Mega Birthday Bash.  I snapped a few shots on Meghan's camera, but she accidently deleted all the photos.  Thanks Meg!  HAHA.  The back room was crackin'.  We had a few bottles, Roscoe Umali was in the house, and there were tons of familiar faces.  

Only problem was the rest of the homies couldn't get into the back room because there was a ridiculous line.  So I made a few phone calls and we within minutes we had a bottle of vodka and champagne waiting for us at Sin Niteclub.  Thanks to Anthony & Thanh!

Ollie x Vince x ??? x Steven
Mark x Jodi were in town and meet up with us at Sin.  Thanks for the pep talk Jodi!   HAHA
Richie Rich is in the building!
I ran into Stephanie x Nikki x Desiree while outside of Deco's.  We ended up joining forces and ranging...
Happy birthday Jenn!
Chris Cruz (Stay Fresh) x Zeb (Stay Fresh) came down from LA to party for the night.  Damn it, I was gonna take it easy but since Chris Cruz was in town I knew it was gonna get ignorant.
Let the party begin!
HAHA... This photo is hilarious!  I'm fighting a bunch of midgets!  HAHA
Scott (One People Project) is such a gentleman!  Jenn was donzo!
The night didn't end at Sin, a few of us headed to Thin at 2AM.  Although they were closed, they opened up for me and my friends because they love me.  Thanks Jose!  After a few drinks, a birthday cake, and candles, we ended the night with some pizza by the slice!

Happy birthday Yogi!  Thanks to the Stay Fresh crew for coming down for the night.  I'll see you guys in LA soon!

Shout out to Guttersnipe for lacing me up with a box of tees.  I was rockin' their "You're #1 (middle finger)" tees that night... Good looks fam!  Check them out at

Monday, February 2, 2009