Saturday, September 26, 2009

[Sunday] Guys & Dolls in West Hollywood!

Hit me up if you want to roll... Lets do this!

DAY 1: Shine @ 111 Minna

[Saturday, September 19th] After dinner we all headed over to 111 Minna for the DJ Mark Marcelo Birthday Sex SF Tour's final event! Thanks to everyone that came out. I love seeing all the familiar faces, especially all those faces taking swigs of vodka! HAHA

I took photos on my camera but Girard has all the crazy action shots from the night. I guess I do a separate blog for those... They're basically just photos of me trying to get everyone drunk! HAHA

CLICK HERE to view photos from our SF trip.
CLICK HERE to view 247 Media's event coverage.

We ended up getting two bottles of Absolut for our VIP area. Thanks Tommy!
RT @stompasaurus: too much fun last night. ty @markmarcelo & @tkofthewildboyz! law school kids had a blast! - I'm glad you all had fun Jen (right)!
Kev Might (FYS) x Maka (EOC) x Jermz (FYS) x Girard
Scrunchies & Headbands x Absolut Vodka!
Thanks to Emerson and some of the guys from Project EM for coming out!
You "Nasty Bitch"! HAHA... Love you Tep!
I love these fools: Leo Portillo (WBZ) x Ryan Garcia aka DJ Rygar (600 Inc)!
Breakin' it down! HAHA
Don't be intimated by my awesome dance moves Emerson! HAHA
Thank you to Brian of Boogie Events for having us co-host Shine @ Minna! I look forward to partnering up with you guys again... Lets do it!
Awww... Edric aka DJ edROC (Mindz Alike) x Noriz (Victory)! So nice!
TK x Lilly aka Sister (Made Jewelry)
Jermz (FYS) x Garvin
DJ Mark Marcelo in the zone!
Hannah (Victory) x Veronica x 1/2 of Harold's face!
The spot was crackin'! Shout out to Ray x Harold x Eric for coming out! I miss you guys!
Afterwards we grabbed a late night dinner at Denny's followed by pizza back at the hotel!
Wanna see what 14 people in one room looks like? HAHA
I love my Victory Nightlife family! 143!

Friday, September 25, 2009

DAY 1: Dinner at Osha in SF!

[Saturday, September 19th] After a long night in San Diego running on just a few hours of sleep, I was found myself in San Francisco reunited with the rest of the Victory fam. Thanks to DJ Rygar aka Ryan Garcia (600 Inc.) for picking me up from the airport. We meet up with the rest of the crew at Fisherman's Whart to grab a late lunch before heading back to the hotel to get ready for Shine with Boogie Events at 111 Minna.

CLICK HERE to view photos from our SF trip.

Mark Marcelo made dinner reservations for all of us at Osha, which was right across the street from Minna.
Garvin even came up to document the entire event for an upcoming Mindz Alike documentary.
TAA: TK x Steven rockin' our new jackets!
SD invades SF!
Girard x Noriza x Guil x Julz x Hannah x Edric x Lee x Jermz x Kev
Can you spot the only drunk girl in this photo? HAHA
Hella concentrating! HAHA
Shout out to our friends in the Air Force, both Mike and Leo, for coming all the way out to Downtown SF from Fairfield.
Time to head to Minna to get this party started! To be continued....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

[FRI] DJ Mark Marcelo x DJ Majestik @ Sway

Victory Nightlife will be back at Sway Nightclub inside the Keating Hotel in Downtown San Diego! Come listen to the sounds of DJ Mark Marcelo & DJ Mahjestik (Z90.3) along with drinks specials, including our favorite $6 Patron shots!


The 40+ Party Bus Rager for Rhea's B-Day!

[Friday, September 18th] We wrapped up dinner at Sushi Deli and headed over to Thin/Onyx to get ready for our bi-monthly Victory Nightlife event! The night started off a bit slow but once Rhea Aguinaldo & the rest of the Brothers rolled through on their 40+ passenger party bus the night got wild!

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Rhea A.'s birthday!

Thanks to Maricel x DJ x Sarah x Kimtan for stopping by for a shot!
You know we all love birthdays at Thin/Onyx! Kaycie brought her friend in who was celebrating her 21st birthday so we showered her with champagne and sparklers!
Ivan x (Edel) x Kimtan x Yogi
Onyx is always crackin'... I think everyone loves the loungy feel.
Doy x Holly
Happy Birthday Rhea!
This was right before I started spraying everyone with champagne! HAHA
But your hands up in the air, put your hands up in the air!
In the VIP...
Welcome back from Europe Jessica!
Looks these fools getting down... Hilarious!
Open up Iris...
Ron Parks x Mark
Damn I miss seeing my BFF (Male) aka Ollie!
This picture is pretty intense... Thanks Rhea!
Even Stephanie Piper stopped by with a few friends. I haven't seen her since we graduated High School... Always great to run into familiar faces!
Once the Brothers all came it quickly turned into a rager with bottles of Skyy and champagne, people making it rain napkins, drunken dancing, people falling, cupcake fights, and just pure madness... But it was tons of fun! Check out the damage... HAHA
I wish the night would have ended there but unfortunately there was an incident that required me bailing out a 2 friends... Long story!

But at least I got to ended the night with carne asada fries!
I didn't end up getting home until 6:30am. I wish I could have gotten more sleep before my 12:50pm flight to San Francisco!

To be continued...

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Check out my NERDIE outfit for tonight's Homecoming event at the Room!

Dinner at Sushi Deli 2

[Friday, September 18th] Over the next 72 hours I would find myself partying aka "working" in 3 different cities: LA x SD x SF. After spending a few days in LA, it was back to San Diego for the night before hoping on a plane to San Francisco. Although, more than 3/4 of our Victory staff was already in SF for Azul, those of us who stayed went out to dinner at Sushi Deli 2.

Who wants some sake!?
Super Dragon Roll x Crunchy Roll
A perfect combination: Sake x Sushi
We should grab dinner every Friday before all of our events. Friends x Food x Drinks = FUN TIMES!
It was a start to a long night...