Saturday, March 31, 2007


Just posted the newest flier for Friday the 13th @ Landlord Jims for Ron aka Bluballz birthday! Featuring the "Skateboard Freak Show"... 11 boards... 11 artist... $100 reward!

This week's "Video of the Week" is from Samwell's World Premiere Video! Produced with LOVE by Brownmark Films. Its definitely one of the great video ever made!

"Isn't YouTube a fantastic thing that a guy like Samwell, an unknown from Chicago, can put something up on the Internet and millions of people can enjoy it around the world. People started sending it to their friends and next thing you know you have a worldwide sensation ... It's the best three minutes you'll spend all week, I mean, it's magic."
-KROQ's Kevin & Bean

In addition, the "Picture of the Week" has also been updated... I'm bring back an instant classic that features our very own "Spicy Butt". If you have any ideas for a caption please leave it in the comment box! Thanks!

Good night! Gonna go biking tomorrow morning if anyone wants to meet up w/ us at Carmel Valley Pat & Oscars for lunch... Give me a call!


Friday, March 30, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia

I finally got a chance to stop by the new Willy's Workshop located inside Mira Mesa Mall. Its still under construction but it should be open within the next month!!!
After stopping by the shop, Myster and I went to Edwards to watch 300... I've heard so much about this movie that I couldn't wait to see it. But during the movie I kept on dozing off and on during the first half... Myster kept having to hit me and keep me awake. I was so sleeply. It was still a great movie! And it does make you wanna go to the gym. HAHA

Guess what I did after the movies? I went to the gym! HAHA I headed to 24 Hour Fitness for a swimming... Of course for the exercise but mainly to wake me up!

I caught about 40 mins of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie before we watched 300 and I was lovin' it! I've always loved TMNT! Reminds me of my childhood... Anyone wanna watch TMNT with me?

Anyways... A 20 min midnight bike ride around the block turned into a 1.5 hour adventure w/ Allan aka Lance and the Lagunas. We started at JR Laguna's house then cruised our way to Vons... Eventually making our way onto the bike route along side the 56 heading west... Hooked a right to connect to the end of Carmel Mountain Road... and finally finding the secret Bridge to Terabithia. HAHA We also worked on our bike formations: Diamond & Square. FUN TIMES!!!

TONIGHT: We're watching the 10:15PM showing of Blades of Glory starring Will Ferrell & Jon Heder at Mira Mesa Edwards. I'm getting tickets around 5PM so text me if you want one! It looks so funny!!!

P.S. I need to study but I don't want to!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Here's a pic I stole off of Willy's blog from our trip to Magic in Las Vegas. I was just walking in the parking lot w/ the rest of the crew when I suddenly...
I hate Gold Schlager!

Biker Boyz (No Homo)

The day after Althea and I got our cool new bikes we went on an adventure... Originally we were only suppose to go visit Cecile at "It's a Grind: Coffee House" but we ended up biking all around Rancho Penasquitos.

Click the map below to see our entire route.
1.) Started at my house (sorry I don't want the world to know where I live)
2.) Stopped by Wells Fargo inside our local Vons to make a deposit
3.) Ate lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant... Sushiyah. 50% of Crunchy Rolls!!!
4.) Stopped by and hung out w/ Freddy & Fatch at the shop... I also picked up a new backpack!
5.) Made our way onto the 56 to "It's a Grind" to visit Cecile at work
6.) Then found a secret dirt trail to get back home
Team Mongoose: MAA!Last night we meet up w/ a few of the homies at the usual Wednesday night spot where Josephine works... Callahans! We all just told stories and laughed it up! Ollie had some very memorable quotes that made me want to bring back the "Quote of the Week".

Here's Ollie's response to Rose asking him "Why do you wanna be so big?"

"I use to be scrawny all throughout high school... I just want to be able to hold my own... I want to be able to F**K somebody up!"
-Ollie Neglerio aka Orrie

He also had a few other good ones but I can't remember... It was freakin' hilarious though!
Rose peed her pants b/c she was laughing too much... HAHA Just kidding. Myster, rockin' her dope stunna shades, accidentally knocked over a glass of water that landed on Rose's pee pee area. Sorry BF!
Once I got home Allan, Althea, and I went for a bike ride around the block. We visited the Laguna's but they didn't pick up their phones... The lights were on though in JR's room... I wonder what was going on... HAHA

Once we got back home I was telling Allan about this other bike they had at Walmart because I was thinking of exchanging my bike and getting the better one. (FYI: I went to Walmart 5 times in the past 4 days... 3 different ones I might add). Its a 26" Men's Mongoose Blackcomb Mountain Bike or as I would like to call it "The Terminator" for $279.87. I kept on going back and forth about whether I should upgrade or not... Eventually I was like F**K IT... Lets do it!

So at 12:30AM the three of us headed back down to the Walmart on Aero Drive to do the switcheroo. This bike is seriously bad ass... Its kinda hardcore but I really love it!
The Terminator
Mysterplates... I think Althea should be "Spoiled"! HAHA
We want you to join the Biker Boyz (No Homo)
I'll have an entire blog dedicated to my *NEW* bike tomorrow... I already tricked it out! Can't wait for Saturday... Who's down to bike to Oscar's Carmel Valley w/ us?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Team Mongoose... CORRECTION!

Sorry everyone but I need to correct myself... Our beloved Purple Haze basketball team isn't in the NIT (losers bracket) Championship... Its in the League CHAMPIONSHIP! My bad!

Congratulations to Purple Haze for winning their Semi-Final match against our much hated rivals... Beyaaah! Come join the hundreds of fans next Monday for the Championship... Cheer the beloved Purple Haze team on! Good job tonight fellas... You've made your sponsors proud (Willy's Workshop & Victory Nightlife).

After the game most of us headed to the all new Hooters in Rancho Bernardo... It was packed! The slogan on the Hooters menu is "Makes you happy!" HAHA Hooters makes you happy!

Mysters and the Lagunas went on yet another spontaneous bi-racial couples date to Walmart in Aero Drive afterwards. Our mission was to look for *NEW* bikes! The other night Myster and I went to the Walmart in Poway to check out their bike selection but they didn't have any cool Mongoose mountain bikes there. Kind of a bummer!

Anyways... Walmart in Aero Drive had a much bigger & better selection. I originally wanted the Mongoose XR-250 ($189.74) but they didn't have any in stock so I got a blue and silver XR-200 ($159.37)... I LOVE IT! I'm not really sure what the difference is between the two but I did save $30 by going w/ the XR-200. Myster got a red hot XR-75 ($99.96). TEAM MONGOOSE! Best part is we got a FREE bike pump because the guy who rang us up didn't scan it and I didn't notice till we walked out... HAHA

Mrs. Laguna aka Cecile also got a new bike too. Its a gangsta ass low rider cruiser... She also got a basket and techno raver bell that lights up to go w/ it. If you see a light show coming towards you at night its probably just Cecile cruisin' along.

We ended up riding our bikes around the Walmart parking lot for a good 20 mins... We weren't really sure how we were going to fit 3 bikes and 4 people into my 4Runner but we made it work... Check the pictures!

*NEW* Bikes... Join the crew!
JR got a few bike seats to the chode during our ride home. Filipinos in the back... Viets up front! INVITE: This Saturday, March 31st everyone is invited to meet up at my house at 9AM for a biking trip. I'm not really sure where we'll be going yet but I'll let you know once I find out. SPREAD the WORD!

Join Team Mongoose!
Tons of new pictures added to the Picture Gallery... Check them out!

FYI: Its 4:24AM and I'm still awake... Damn jet lag! Gonna try to go to bed now. Myster and I are gonna ride tomorrow to "Its a Grind" at 10AM if you want to join us. Call me... I found my phone charger!

Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Back!!!

Good morning everyone! I just got back safely to the States yesterday afternoon. I'm still adjusting to the time sort of but I think I should be good after today. I'm so use to wake up at 7AM over there that I found myself up and about right now (7:10AM). I think I'm gonna go for a swim at 24 hour fitness.

I've got tons to do today so I thought I'd get my day started off early:
-Meet w/ SDSU Graduate Admissions Office
-Shop around for Mr. & Mrs. Myster mountain bikes... Walmart Aero Drive
-Do all my laundry
-Clean out my suitcases and reclaim my room from Myster... HAHA
-Get a new battery for my MacBook Pro
-Go to the gym
-Deposit $$$ @ the bank
-Maybe even start studying for the GMAT
-Purple Haze Basketball Game

Well I hope to see everyone tonight @ AIU Court #2 for the Purple Haze Championship Semi Finals @ 8:25PM.

This is the last picture I took in Vietnam... The Godfather: An Van Hoan