Saturday, May 19, 2007


THANK YOU to the hundreds that came out last night for Victory Nightlife's Grand Opening of reLOADED @ Heat Supper Club.

We reached capacity at 11:20PM w/ over 330+ people on all three floors... I bet some of you were like there's a third floor? HAHA Yeah... there's actually a basement floor downstairs w/ a dance floor and bar. I heard it was packed down there the entire night.

Here's the view from the upstairs VIP lounge... CRACKIN!!!
It was also really packed upstairs in the VIP lounge. The Wildboyz and I bought a bottle of Kettle One Vodka... I think the homies are getting spoiled b/c we're always getting VIP and bottle service now! GEEZ! Its kinda expected now! HAHA As long as everyone had a good time... I'm all for it!
Zarabis x Mysters
Why is Moe squeezing my chest? HAHA
Lucky Man!Lucky girl?FUN TIMES!UFX to the left and Wildboyz to the right...
HI OJ... At first it looks like a picture of OJ but if you look closely you can see that Bayani is check out Jenny's butt... HAHA!
Check our Kimtan's pictures from reLOADED in my Flickr gallery... CLICK HERE

On a more personal note... The WILDBOYZ: We ride together... We die together... Wildboyz 4 Life! Without having to go into detail... Its sad to say that there are still ignorant people who are prejudice and racist out there. I wish we all could have been there with you... It would have been different! I commend you guys for sticking up for what you believe in and coming to the aid of a friend. I am sorry it happened and I feel responsible since you guys came out to support me. I love you guys... Don't worry karma will get them!


Thank you guys for always coming out to support me! I really appreciate it and I hope you guys all had a great time! Who's down for Excelsior tonight? HAHA

FYI: Club Massive @ House of Blues is gonna be "CRAZY!" I've roped off a section of the main room for my exclusive VIP birthday celebration... $700 worth of food... and BOTTLES! HAHA

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hire the WILDBOYZ for your Parties!

Monday, May 14:
-Purple Haze 2 lost to a team we should have beat... I need to learn how to be more aggressive!
-Super Kronics and Purple Haze 1 won both of their games... GOOD JOB fellas!
-Ate at Apples Bee's afterwards w/ the team were I learned that TJ likes Veggie Pizza and he wants to eat Steak and Anus of a man's butt. Long story!
-Got Basketball tutorial from OJ... Thanks coach!

Tuesday, May 15 (Yesterday):
-Worked on Victory Nightlife's HIN: Nightshift online ads
-Picked up our *NEW* reLOADED fliers for Friday's Grand Opening @ Heat Supper Club
-Meet w/ Mike Soul from Heat Supper Club
-Victory Meeting w/ our Staff & Street Team
-Meet up w/ Leo, KJ, & Vinh at Hooters RB... George dropped by to watch the disappointing Warriors game.
-Went back to Leo and Raelynn's apartment to watch "Stomp the Yard". Its actually pretty good... I liked it!

Wednesday, May 16 (Today):
-Meeting w/ Frank from House of Blues for Club Massive this Memorial Day Weekend
-Weekly Body Rock Meeting at Seau's... Alex is working which means FREE sushi!!!

Apparently people want to hire the "WILDBOYZ" for dance competitions. Today, KJ told me Jimmy, the coordinator for 909's Ultimate Brawl in Riverside, contacted KJ and told him he wanted to hire the Wildboyz for backstage activities.

Last year, KJ and I were messin' around backstage wrestling and jump roping w/ everyone... I guess people thought it was entertaining and fun! HAHA I was also the person who did interviews and commentated the entire jump roping competition for last years DVD.

It was just funny to hear that people want to hire the WILDBOYZ as if we're some kind of party pumping crew... But I don't blame them b/c we do know how to have a good time. HAHA So if any of you are down to head up to Riverside this weekend to just have fun backstage and watch UrbanFX let me know... I need to get back to them today. I didn't plan on going but if others are down I'm down too.

To hire the Wildboyz for your parties please contact:

reLOADED Grand Opening:
Anyways, I'm really excited about this Friday's Grand Opening of reLOADED at Heat Supper Club. Victory Nightlife is making its return to the Gaslamp. We're expecting to reach capacity early! The venue is intimate and warm (HEAT). Who's down to throw in for upstairs VIP tables? We have $200 bottle specials for the month of May. If we have a group of 20 we can get 3 bottles of Absolut, Skyy, or Kettel One Vodka for only $30 a person. Not too bad! Let me know who's down!!!

To all the SDSU friends... Hang in there you're almost done! Time to party this weekend!!! You deserve it!

GOOD NIGHT... Its 5:04AM and I'm still up!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Purple Haze Games Tonight!

Join us tonight at AIU in Miramar for both Purple Haze & Super Kronics games.

Game 1: 7:30PM
Super Kronics vs. Above the Net

Game 2: 7:30PM
Purple Haze 1 vs. FAM

Game 3: 8:25PM
Piranhas vs. Purple Haze 2

We'd love to see all your pretty faces there... Come show some love to your boys in Purple... and Green too! HAHA

See you there!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Leo!!!

Thursday, May 10th was Leo's 26th Birthday. We celebrated by going to TGIF in Carmel Mountain for Happy Hour!

The Birthday Boy... I feel like he's starring at me! HAHA
I forget my bro's 21 now... Drew x Jen
Ports x Bui
Bermuda Triangle
Muff Diver... Get it boy!!!
How come I always get Blow Jobs (the drink) for my birthday? HAHA
Twins: Al & Al

Maa and my molester face!
Cake to the face!
Grr x Smile

View the rest of the pictures here at Leo's 26th Birthday.