Saturday, January 24, 2009

TONIGHT: Alphanumeric x 5&A Dime

We're back at Thin & Onyx... Again!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Standard

I need to do some catching up on the blog. I'm seriously partied out! NOT! I've had events everyday since Wednesday. I'm so tired... I've only slept about 12 hours in the past 3 days. Last night's Diamond x DVS shoe launch party was hella crackin'! I'll upload my pictures and have a full recap coming soon.

CLICK HERE to view photos from LAX/Standard.

Anyways, last Sunday while I was in LA, I headed over to the Standard for the dF pool party. We popped champagne, munched on mini burgers, took a dip in the pool, jammed out to some electro, and sipped on some drank.

"We poppin' champagne like we won the championship game"
Kimtan x Denson x Chachy
Roomies: Chachy x Melissa
TK x Ben (dF)
The sliders aka mini burgers and fries were delicious!
Jessica x TK
Check out the pool...
It was already night time by the time we decided to take a dip in the pool but fuck it... Do the dolphin!
"We fly high, no lie, you know it... Ballin'!"
Sheryl and her sister, Jamie also came by towards the end of the night.
We ended off the night rockin' out on the dance floor. Get it boy!
Kimtan and I headed back home to San Diego afterwards... It was a short and sweet trip to LA.

TONIGHT: Diamond x DVS Shoes @ Thin & Onyx

House of Blues last night was lots of fun! Time to do it all over again tonight at Thin & Onyx for the Diamond and DVS Shoes ASR Party. Hosted Vodka Bar from 9-10PM, but you must RSVP at 

We'll be poppin' champagne tonight! Don't forget Pac Div will also be performing live! See you there!!!
I'll be at Agenda most of the day doing interviews for 5&A Dime so come by the shop and kick it!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Arrival @ 923

Last night, Segue-Mag hosted an event at Bar 923 to welcome in all the ASR/Agenda attendees.  It was a loungy chill atmosphere, with $4 drinks, great music, and good company.  Thanks to those of you that came out to support.

CLICK HERE to check out a few of Michael Albritton's photos on his flickr.  Thanks Mikey for the pictures!

Thanks to Greg (GM) for allowing us to host the party at 923.
Here's a few of the friends grabbing dinner at Bare Back Grill which is connected to 923.
Bumsville Bitches and Bachelor!
DJ Kinetek (DC Life)
TAA plus our honorary member, Jay (5&A Dime).  Oh yeah, and Bert (Alphanumeric)!
Wilfredo x Jenn x Willy Santos (Birdhouse)
Thanks for the round of Patron Jenn!
Ollie (Segue) aka Orrie aka My Male Best Friend... HAHA
Alvin x Chris x Fatch x Ollie x Jon
Jessie x Mikey
Damn, Scott (One People Project) looks crazy here!  HAHA
Even the Hellz Bellz dropped by for a quick second smelling like crab!  HAHA.
I know its an ASR/Agenda party but man did we have lots of dudes... HAHA!
Afterwards, a few of us headed back to Bumsville to chomp on some Mac n Cheese!
See you all tonight at House of Blues for the Crooks & Castles and Hellz Bellz party!

The Official Agenda Trade Show Party

You know its gonna be wild when we got Crooks & Castles, Hellz Bellz, and Victory Nightlife together at House of Blues! Kick off your ASR/Agenda weekend with us tonight! 

We've got NYC's very own DJ Pase Rock from Dim Mak Records mixin' live on the main stage.  You've seen him spinnin' at the "Banana Split" in Hollwyood with DJ AM and DJ Aoki.  He'll be playing bmore ghetto house and thug-hop.  Don't miss it!  

Let the partying start now...  RSVP at  General admission is $15, and guestlist is $5 off before 11PM.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Its going to be a LONG weekend!

I can't believe its already been a year since Joe, Ben, and I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel for ASR/Agenda.  Thats was the weekend that started all of the chaos I'd like to call 2008.  Thats when it all began... I remember being in Downtown all week for all the parties then going up to Irvine on Sunday for Vibe Dance Competition.  I'm about to do it all over again... This time I'll be hosting 4 events (Wednesday - Saturday), then heading up to Irvine on Sunday to check out Vibe.  Its gonna be a long weekend!  But I know its gonna be fun!

CLICK HERE to read the post from last year's ASR/Agenda.

Agenda Trade Show.  I'll be hosting the Official Agenda Trade Show Party along with Crooks & Castles, Hellz Bellz, and Attic at House of Blues on Thursday!  Its gonna be wild!
Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Joe (Avnt Grde) and Ben (Dub Frequency)!  HAHA.  No homo!
Joe got ignorant last year... He's knocked out!
I love this picture and I miss Kim Neri!
Here are KJ, Myron, and I posing as Miguel's bitches!  Aren't we cute!?
Alright its time for me to head to Downtown to Bar 923 on 6th Ave. for the Segue Mag event.  I hope to see you all there!  Be safe this weekend!

TONIGHT: Arrival @ 923

Twice a year, the ASR and Agenda Tradeshows make their way to San Diego. With that said, Segue would like to invite all attendees and dwellers for a drink or two at our new favorite spot, Bar 923 (On the corner of 6th and E street). I know its a Wednesday, but I figured that since its a year of change, I thought that we can make Wednesdays the new Saturday night. Besides, Uncle Junie of 5&ADIME, Virus of Battlestar and Kinetek of DC LIFE will be playing the tunes. Kinetek also promised to play earlier Mo’Wax records… so this will be good. No cover, no dress code. Hooray for change!

Source: Segue-Mag

MITT CD Release Party at LAX (Hollywood)

Saturday night, Kimtan and I headed up to NoHo to meet up with Chachy and Melissa. We were headed out to LAX for the Models in the Trunk (MITT) CD Release Party. It's been over a month since I've been in LA, so it was nice to see the LA fam. Mike (aka DJ Teknikscian), Ivan, and a handful of there SD heads were also there too. I didn't plan on getting so intoxicated but sometimes you just get caught up in the moment! It was fun times like always!

CLICK HERE to see pictures from LAX and the Standard.

Here we are at the condo catching up and getting our prefade on... I should just move up to LA already!  Soon...
All 8 of us continued the pre-party in the Toyota Highlander!  Chinese Fire Drills on Hollywood Blvd!  HAHA
Kirkland Vodka isn't the same as Grey Goose, someone lied to you Chachy, but I guess it got the job done. We do not promote drinking and driving... but its cool if you're not driving!  HAHA
I love DJ Teknikscian (Mass Appeal)!
Usual Suspects LA was hosting the MITT party at LAX.  Crackin'!
Thanks Chachy for the 1st Round of drinks... We love you!
Here's our group photo from Steve Bitanga (Babe Blvd) on the Usual Suspects site
Aww... I love you BFF!  This picture is cute!
Kimtan x Karen x Tin x Sheryl x Chachy x TK
I think someone's going to have to cut off our alcohol soon...
I spy Dennis (Babe Blvd) and the other Melissa R. aka Melissa Reign.
Meet my Husband aka Myron and Boyfriend aka Chachy!  HAHA.  No homo!
Why do you look so sad Karen?  We'll find your beanie!
Allen (USLA) x Helen Ly x TK... Thanks for coming out to see me Helen even though you were so tired.  We didn't even get to hang out, I think I was too drunk!  HAHA
Ibay and I are ready for Cabin Fever in February!  Who's down?
Look at the excitement on our faces!!!
Kimtan x Teknikscian x Ivan = SD we represent!
This is what it looks like to be 6'3"... HAHA
Melissa x TK
Hung (Babe Blvd) x TK = Vietnam
We ended the night with some LA dogs... Yummy!  Bacon wrapped hot dogs!  I love em!  Afterwards we headed back to the condo.

Kimtan is a gentleman, always willing to help out the ladies.  I am not sure about Denson though because here he is stealing the center piece decoration in the hall way... HAHA
Everyone was donzo! We even had someone throw up in the living room. I won't say her name but she lives there! HAHA.

To be continued...