Saturday, August 1, 2009

[Day 1] Damn that shit is HOT...

[Tuesday, July 28th] I've been contemplating heading out to New York ever since Tristan started working for United Airlines recently. FYI: He parted ways with Virgin America and is now working for United, which is actually better because they fly everywhere! Only problem is, since they're such a large airline company their standby list is usually longer too. But I can't complain because its still $FREE.99. Thanks Tristan!

Anyways, since both Ryan Garcia aka DJ Rygar and Melissa Reyes were both out in New York, I didn't have any events all week, and I haven't been back to NY in awhile, I decided last minute to take a spontaneous mini-vacation to New York! Richard Tran even joined me too since he also works for United and had the day off.

CLICK HERE to see my photos from New York!

We left San Diego at 6:15AM to connect to LAX before flying out to JFK.
We actually ran into D. Wade at LAX while heading to our connecting flight. I wish we would have asked for a photo. But anyways, we ended up flying first class from LAX to JFK. Holla!
We both knocked out for the entire 5 hour flight since we stayed up all night. I woke up to a tasty breakfast before we landed... I think I'm getting a bit spoiled!
We're here! Too bad the weather forecast wasn't looking so great. It was hot and humid when we got there, and it was suppose to rain all week. Boo!
First thing we did was meet up with Rygar and Melissa See (Rygar's girlfriend), who lives in the East Village, but they accidently got locked out so we were stuck outside for a good 45 mins until her other roommates came home. HAHA
We headed out early to the Staples x Airwalk event in SoHo at the OpenHouse Gallery featuring DJ Neil Armstrong (Jay-Z's DJ) and Uncle Chip (Elite Camp). I ended up running into many familiar faces, meet new people, and even got booked to do a photo shoot. Plus, there was a free hosted bar too!
The place was already pretty crackin' when we got there at 8PM.
Takin' it back!
Staples x Airwalk are teaming up to do a line of affordable shoes for Payless.
Rygar (600 Inc.) x Melissa (Its Design Related)... Aww!
I even ran into Diz Gibran (Soon You'll Understand) from LA, who was out in NY doing a few shows.
DJ Neil Armstrong x Uncle Chip
Wil (Karmaloop) was also in the building too!
I also got a chance to meet Vernie (Paris & Pascual) who is apart of the Hellz fam.
Fun times!
Dante Ross (SlamxHype) was also there.
Look who finally decided to show up?! HAHA
Chip x Mpos x Oliver x Jay x Rygar x TK x Richard
We were all drunk from the hosted bar by the time the event was over at 11PM. Where to next?
Chicken & rice on 53rd & 6th is supposedly "the" official chicken & rice cart!

We came up on hella gift bags! HAHA
Too bad no one warned me the red sauce at the chicken & rice cart was HOT as f**k. I put so much red sauce that I was seriously crying with my shirt off from how hot it was! It was painfully good though, but damn that shit is hot!!!
The night was still young so a few of us decided to walk to Central Park. We even made a pit stop at the 24 hour Apple Store aka the Cube on 5th Avenue.
I'm so glad I came out to New York! It was great to see and meet new people. I even got booked to do the 10 Deep photo shoot while I am out here. I'm super stoked about that because I actually really like all their clothes too!

Its crazy because Richard actually had work Wednesday afternoon so he was seriously only in NY for less than 24 hours. But he had a great time and we're already both looking forward to come back out here soon.

To be continued...

Friday, July 31, 2009

5&A Dime: Daily Driver Get Together

5&A Dime will to be teaming up with Alphanumeric and hosting their first "Daily Driver" car event at the 5&A Dime vshop on August 16th @ 10AM.

Their focus is on the DIY of the car world, the guys and gals that work on and drive their cars everyday. They already have a few cars from Group 5, O2 Motorworks and Fast Eddies but we're still looking for more. This isn't just a euro or asian car event, we will be accepting applications for all makes and models, but remember your car must be a daily stock vehicles!

Also, they ain't trying to have busted ass whips out front of the store so if yer shit looks wack don't even bother contacting them. This event is planned to happen every other month and everyone will have a chance of showing off their cars (unless your shit looks tired and weak) so don't get discouraged if you don't make it into the first event. If you would like to show your car please email:

See you there!

P.S. I miss the 5&A Dime fam! If you visit them please give them a hug for me! ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bongo Boy's Staple x Airwalk Recap

I got into New York on Tuesday with Richard Tran to visit friends and have fun! We checked out the Staples x Airwalk Lauch Party in SoHo Tuesday night. I surprisingly ran into many familiar faces while I was there. I even got asked to do a photo shoot for 10 Deep's upcoming collection in Brooklyn, which I'm doing on Sunday. Its only been 2 days but its been a productive 2 days.

Anyways, I'll have a full recap coming soon but I thought I'd repost Bongo Boy's video recap of the event. Check it!
I spy Richard? HAHA

Comic-Con x AutoFest x Sloshball

After two successful Comic-Con weekend events, I thought it would be fun to actually check out the show to see what the hype is all about. I headed down to the Convention Center with Alvin aka Alvinisms and we were both like kids in a candy store. There were tons of people at the convention in all kinds of fun creative and/or ridiculous costumes. I was seriously debating if I should've worn my Spiderman costume, but I think I'll save it for next year. I don't know why I never went the previous years, but I'm going to make sure I check it out every year.

CLICK HERE to see photos from Comic-Con.
CLICK HERE to see Alvin's recap on his blog.

Thanks to Melaine, Alexis, and Milady (not pictured) for getting us passes to Comic-Con! Here they are at the Paramount booth with Bob from Monsters vs. Aliens.
Captain TK of the U.S.S. Enterprise! HAHA... Turns out one of these green Star Trek babes was an old classmate, Gypsy from MCHS. Random! HAHA
WTF? Is that Pikachu?
Storm Shadow x Snake Eyes = My Favorites!
Can't wait for Iron Man 2!
They had tons of really detailed collectors figures on display... I wanted them all!
Cobra Commander is the man!
Jessica Burciaga (Playboy) x Matt Cohen (Haterproof) x Kassim Osgood (Chargers) x Dale (DredCarpet) were all at the Wizard booth.
Now this is the Pikachu I know and love... HAHA
I've always wanted my own Batman suit... One day when I have the money I'm going to have a display like this at my house.
Damn I want these Cobra costumes, especially the Cobra Commander one!
While we were there we ran into a few familiar faces including Klev x Judy x Baby Boy x Gian!
Gian ended up picking up an old school Optimus Prime toy. Nice pick up!
On my way out we saw Master Cheif (Halo) sagging... HAHA!
It was a beautiful day in San Diego!
The next pit stop was to Qualcomm Stadium for Extreme AutoFest to meet up with Rishi (Usual Suspects LA) and the rest of the Babe Blvd crew.

I love you Dennis (Babe Blvd) x Rishi!
Tracy Nova and I were both trying to figure out what happen to us at Level 3 on Thursday because we both got so hammered. HAHA!
Misa Campo, you still owe me a date since you couldn't make it down for my birthday! HAHA
Shout out to Tine x Lester for holding it down for Victory Nightlife and World of Dance San Diego at AutoFest. I hope you guys didn't get too dark! HAHA
We stayed at AutoFest until it ended at 6PM, then headed back to PQ to play kick sloshball with the Wildboyz x Brothers!

The golden foot of Christopher G. Ocampo!
Wildboyz: Chris x JR x Alvin x TJ x Freddy aka the Legend!
I didn't take any action shots but it was more fun times with the Brothers! I love how the Wildboyz x Brothers have all been hanging out 24/7 for the past few weeks now, but I'm sad my brother is leaving for SF on Sunday! =(
The Wildboyz mobbed back to my house afterwards to play Fight Night Round 4. It was just like back in High School when everyone use to kick it at Headquarters aka my house! I'm the Fight Night Champ! Who wants a piece of me?
What a perfect way to end a long and productive week then at home chillin' with the friends watching Entourage. Life changes. Friends don't. I love it!

Updates from New York coming soon...

Saved By the Bell Reunion Update!

Thanks to the Hellz Bellz blog for the updated scoop on the Saved by the Bell Reunion! There's been a lot of buzz recently after Zack Morris appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show, but now it's official! Like Raaachem said, "Meet me at the Max!"
Is Lisa Turtle really throwing up gang signs in that 1989 picture? HAHA

POPCULTOUR @ Thin/Onyx for Comic-Con!

[Saturday, July 25th] I started off my afternoon by heading first to Mission Beach for Cheryl's going away beach party before heading to Downtown for our Popcultour Comic-Con event with DubFrequency.

CLICK HERE to see more photos from Saturday.
CLICK HERE to view Visual Adhesive photos from Saturday.

Cheryl (Wildgirlz) is moving up to LA at the end of the week for work. I'm excited because hopefully we can be neighbors when I finally move up there! Good luck Cheryl! Check her and Rose out in this picture doing their best Baywatch impression... HAHA
Cheryl is obviously happy to be moving to LA...
Volleyball with the Wildboyz x Brothers! Our team dominated!
Have you guys met my other brother? Phil Duong... HAHA!
I wish I could have stayed at Mission Beach longer to chill with the friends but I had to be in Downtown by 9PM for our Comic-Con event presented by Coke Zero. It was crazy because when I got to Thin/Onyx at 9PM there was already at line of 30+ people outside. We had an early crowd and it was packed all night!

Jenn x Ruby x Jessica x Linda (dF)
Congrats to Jackie and Peter on their wedding...
They celebrated by poppin' 8 bottles in the VIP! Ballin'!!!
We also had various artist doing live art throughout the venue too!
Hollywood Holt was there to perform and DJ! Mad cool people!
Both Julz (Mindz Alike) and Nicky Savage (Blends CM) ripped it downstairs at Onyx! I think it was the best set I've heard Julz spin. He had everyone getting down on the dance floor! Good shit birthday boy!
Murs (Living Legends) performing in the back room at Onyx!
Mark Marcelo (Mindz Alike) x Des
Winson (MTV ABDC) was also in town for Comic-Con so he stopped by the event. He is the publicist for MTV's ABDC, which kicks off season 4 soon. I'll be at the taping! =)
Hollywood Holt not only raps, break dances, but he also holds it down on the turntables!
Nicky Savage was rockin' out upstairs at Thin... He's a beast!
More shots with Melaine x Alexis x Andre (Franchise Presents) x Andre's GF...
Dub Frequency's very own Ian x Matt
Yay for fun times with fun people!
After party at Humberto's in Downtown with the dF fam and friends!
Thanks to Jesse and Ian from dF for anther successful one off event. I look forward to our next venture! Thanks to everyone who came out... It was definitely crackin'! See you guys all in Vegas for Slightly Dangerous August 7th - 9th with the Victory Nightlife x Wildboyz fam!

To be continued...