Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday: Bone Thugs n Harmony @ HOB

Bone Thugs n Harmony performed at House of Blues San Diego last Sunday. My brother aka Drew has been asking me about tickets for weeks now since he's a huge fan. So I took him and a few friends as part of his going away present. Marien, Lauren, and Artressa from the Company (SF) were all in town too on vacation so I invited them to come out to join us for some spontaneous fun.

CLICK HERE to see photos from Bone Thugs at HOB.

Start off the night with the signature Patron shot...
Marien x TK x Artressa x Lauren... Last time I hung out with them was during Body Rock were I was knocked out on the floor of their hotel waking up to shots of Hennessey at 9AM. HAHA
Although only 3/5 of the entire Bone Thugs crew was there, they put on a great show! They had the entire packed house rapping along to every song...

My brother aka Drew x Shaun were rappin' to every song! They're hardcore fans!
Make it clap...
Its starting to set in that we're no longer going to be living together under the same roof... =( But I couldn't be more proud of him! I just wish we never had to grow up!
After the concert, Drew and Shaun left with their friends, while the rest of us headed over to Red C Lounge to meet up with Scott (OPP) for a few more drinks!
We ended up taking the girls to do a bit of sight seeing around SD. We stopped by Hotel Del in Coronado and got our feet wet along the shore. We told them about how Hotel Del is actually haunted... Does anyone remember the episode in Baywatch where CJ (Pamela Anderson) goes to Hotel Del? HAHA
Welcome to SD!
Our our way back from the beach, we all jumped into a closed off pool near Hotel Del where we ended up played Marco Polo. Only one round though... Sorry Scott! HAHA We continued the sight seeing by heading to the Pier at Embarradero where we played 10 fingers... Chris and I lost! HAHA Hella random but it was fun!

Afterwards we ran into Krazie Bone and Wish Bone at 7-11 around the corner from HOB. I think Krazie Bone was hella faded b/c he just waved and walked back to his hotel, whereas Wish Bone stayed around and chit chatted with us for a min.
It was a spontaneous night doing hoodrat shit that ended up with me loosing my boxer briefs outside the window of our car... If you see a pair of boxer briefs on 5th Ave their mine! HAHA

Saturday: Modus for Rogene's Birthday

Last Saturday we watched UFC 100 at Loraine's house with the Wildboyz, the Brothers, and apparently the entire Retuya family. HAHA Its funny because many of our (meaning the Wildboyz) younger brothers hangout too so we call them the Brothers.

After we watched Brock Lesnar's WWE antics, the house quickly turned into a mini EDC with Brandon behind the tables, beer pong, and jenga. These's fools are party animals!

CLICK HERE to see all the hoodrat pictures!

DJ Brandon and his hype man Doy! HAHA
Only the Brothers would turn an innocent game like Jenga into a drinking game... Its pretty genius though! Each piece had consequences on them... Fun game!
TJ = Yes Homo! HAHA...
TJ x Chris vs. Holly x Rhea
Jenga! Jenga! Jenga!
House Party!
Alvin, Fatch, Vince, Ollie, and I ended leaving early to head over to Modus for Rogene's birthday and the Curiculmn Mag 2 Year Anniversary party where we meet up with Rose and Cheryl.

Right when we got there I ordered 10 shots of Patron for everyone...
Cheers Rogene! Happy birthday bro!
Round 2: TK x Taniya x Ollie x Rogene
Round 3: Cassie x Mel x TK
17 shots of Patron later... FML!
I never even knew Rogene had a Sister! Nice to meet you Sister!
I found a missing person! I haven't seen this girl in forever! Miss you Meghan!
MCHS 1999 Homecoming Prince & Princess: Edwin x Rose... HAHA!
Vince x Rose x Cheryl x TK
Its been a minute since I've been to Modus on a Saturday. It was great to see all the familiar faces and catch up with old friends.

Afterwards, it was off to Santana's Mira Mesa for California Burritos! Crackin'!
Ended the night looking for Vince, who wandered all the way to Mira Mesa HS (which is like a mile away from Santana's) while howling at the moon! You drunk... HAHA

Happy birthday Rogene! Fun times!

Lydia Peak sings Happy Birthday!

This video is old but Joey (21XL) just uploaded it so I thought I'd post it up anyways...

Thanks to Lydia and the 21XL fam for the birthday love! Fun times... Keg stand!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Block Party Photo Booth Pictures!

I know its weeks later but I've finally posted pictures from the photo booth taken by Ronnie at the Block Party on Victory Nightlife's flickr account. Check them out and tell your friends!

The next Block Party at House of Blues is Sunday, September 6! Save the date...

CLICK HERE to view all the photo booth pictures.

I'm still waiting on event coverage photos... Should be up in the next few days! Thanks for the patience!

[Friday] R&R: Rhythm & Recreation @ Sway

This past Friday, I headed back to San Diego after spending the majority of the week in Los Angeles, for R&R: Rhythm & Recreation at Sway Nightclub. Thanks to Franchise Presents for co-hosting the event with us. They definitely brought out a beautiful looking crowd... I look forward to doing more events with you all. THANKS!

CLICK HERE to view all the photos from Sway.

Shout out to Ashley Robles & DJ Rage holdin' it down at the Merk.
I came fitted in my James Bond bow tie outfit... HAHA! First round of shots with Scott (One People Project) x Joe (Lovewright Co.) x Cindy
Ashley Robles x Jodonn (Victory) x DJ Rage
We had Vietnamese Royalty in the building: The Prince & Princess of Vietnam aka Kimtan x Kimmy!
Christina, Kimmy, and I had a drink for Kimmy's pre-birthday celebration! We'll be celebrating her birthday this Friday at Thin/Onyx! Lets do it!
Jodonn (Godfather of Victory) and his wife, Jocelyn, came through to celebrate her birthday by poppin' bottles in the VIP! Happy birthday!!!
DJ Mark Marcelo aka My Life Coach... HAHA! Oh yeah and some other dark filipino in the back... ;)
Victory Nightlife x EOC x Mindz Alike
My favorite lesbian couple came through: Alysha x Nikki... HAHA! Sup Al!
Hi Nikki!
Lets do another shot with Little Foot aka Julie!
Scott x Julie
TAA (Tall Ass Asians): Guil x TK x Joe x Steven... I miss you guys!
We're all a hot mess...
Thanks to DJ Izzace for coming through from SF to lay it down on the 1s and 2s... See you in SF soon!
Aww... I love them! Cindy x Joe
No fighting please!
Off to Santan's for some Mexican food... Holla!

Don't forget we'll be celebrating with a hosted vodka bar from 9-10PM at Thin/Onyx. You must RSVP at See you there!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hellz Special Delivery & Short Film

The days of summer might be drawing to a close, yet the evening hours relent. Hence, the perfect time for LA based contemporary fashion brand Hellz to introduce their “Kicks After Six” capsule delivery. A concise yet bold collection, this limited 6 piece line extends Hellz’ ongoing graphic themes incorporating the idea of empowered defiant women that exude nothing but vicious confidence.

Hellz Creative Director, Lanie Alabanza-Barcena expounds, “Inspiration for the graphics were drawn from familiar faces of fashion icons and iconic fashion brands who celebrate them."

Directed by: Stuart Mar & Grant Wenzlau
Produced by: Epiphany Media, LLC

De La Soul's Anniversay Concert @ Wavehouse!

Next Saturday, July 25th be sure to come see De La Soul's Special 20 Year Anniversary Concert at Wavehouse in Mission Beach featuring San Diego's own DJ Hektik (Armory Massive) mixin' live!

CLICK HERE to purchase your presale tickets now!

Here are a two of my favorite De La Soul jams:

P.S. If you guys see a guy with white guy with a beard whose name is Shane (Venue Director), give him a hug! Tell him its from TK! HAHA