Saturday, May 17, 2008

Victory Meetings

Its been awhile since we've had a Victory Nightlife meeting.  This past Thursday the majority of our crew meet up in Mission Valley to discuss all of our upcoming events.  I also introduced the new revised logo, t-shirt design, business cards, and other top secret info to the team and they were excited about the direction Victory is headed.  Let's make it happen!  Victory Nightlife: Celebrating the Good Life!

Since we're always looking to expanding our growing Victory Nightlife family, we even have babies who come to the meeting.  Hi Izabella!
You can always count on Bayani to contribute random comments throughout our meetings... HAHA
Welcome Darwin and Ian (left) to the Victory Nightlife family...
After our meeting we relocated to Dave n' Busters (aka Asian Night) for happy hour before heading over to Altitude to support DJ Bluballz (Commissary | Wildboyz).  Check out Edwin collecting all of our IDs for Round 1.
Michelle is one lucky girl!  HAHA  Cheers to "the Good Life!"
Rhoda and Josephine also dropped by to with a few of the Wildboyz.
Round 2: Liquid Cocaine on Victory Nightlife!
Check out everyone's reaction to the liquid cocaine shots... HAHA
Edwin and I took 3 shots of liquid cocaine... Not recommended!  HAHA
Here are the rest of the Wildboyz and friends playing pool.
3 rounds later we mobbed over to Altitude on the 22nd story of the Marriott to check out DJ Bluballz on the 1s and 2s.
April x Ollie
Jen x Bayani x Michelle
Eric x Annabel
My favorite lebian couple: Alysia x Nikki
Des x Kimtan
We decided to meet up with some of the other homies at Bar D afterwards.  Twins!
Bar D Thursdays ft. DJ Iron Mike and special guest DJ Julz.
Terry x Jamie x Roseanne... Guil WTF are you doing in the back?
Then it was off to Santana's off Scripps Poway Parkway where we ran into my brother and a few of his friends.  TK x Rachel x Rick
The brothers...
...more brothers.
Overall it was a fulfilled night bar hopping with the Victory Nightlife family and friends.  Look out for us tonight as we invade Prospect Bar & Lounge for a special fundraiser for StudioFX.  I'm buying drinks from 9-10pm so come out early and enjoy the hosted vodka bar!  143!Email me at to get on the FREE (before 11PM) guestlist! Spread the word!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jessica Alba wants to challenge you!

I was video chatting with Jessica Alba last night and we challenged each other to a starring contest, which inspired her to make this video. Do you think you can beat Jessica Alba in a starring contest? Try it!

I think I'm in love! She makes me what to sing, "You got me so hypnotized the way your body moves round and round..." HAHA

I'm finally getting it off..

After 4 weeks, I'm finally getting my bright purple cast taken off.  I'm probably gonna get a walking boot but as long as I can walk around its all good.  I just wonder how crusty it is under there.  HAHA

Who wants to get a pedicure with me today?  HAHA

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's UrbanFX man! It's UrbanFX!

Here's a preview of UrbanFX's new medley that they debuted at Boogie Wars in Las Vegas this past weekend. Although there wasn't any lighting, a stage, or great video quality... I love this medley. Its an entertaining and fun club mix perfect for Vegas (and perfect for UFX). I can't wait to see it at House of Blues for Club Massive with professional lighting and sound. There's an actual theme that carries out a story with a great mix paired with awesome dance moves... HAHA! Great job UFX! 143!

p.s. I miss dancing!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Project Management

So I've been chillin' in the Bat Cave the past few days sitting in front of my computer working on different upcoming projects.  I've been able to be really productive and getting everything organized for the summer.  My summer plans include trips to San Francisco (July 11-13), Las Vegas (August 8-10), New York (TBA), Seattle (TBA), London (July), and more...

Who wants to come with me?

Also, I finally getting my cast off this Friday after 4 long weeks of crawling and hopping around the house.  I can't wait!  I wonder how skinny and crusty my left leg is.  HAHA  Its perfect because I'll have sometime to rehab before all the chaos of my birthday month, which reminds me...

Please RSVP ASAP with your dinner course selections to  I hope everyone can make it out.  We have Latanya Lockette serenading us during dinner with her soulful R&B.  There's going to be a professional photo booth, so make sure you dress to impress, and we have a video confessional for birthday shout outs.  Plus we got DJ Mark Marcelo and Teknikscian spinnin' for the after dinner party.  Tell your friends!

I know everyone thinks I have too much going on for my birthday but the important events are:

1.) TK's Birthday Dinner @ Jade Theater (Thursday, May 29th)
2.) Club Massive @ House of Blues (Sunday, May 25th)
3.) Bash at the Beach @ Wave House ( Saturday, May 24th)

I'd love to see you guys at each of these events... Trust me we're gonna have a great time!

Anyways, here's a preview of some of the things I've been working on.  First, the new Victory Nightlife marketing plan.  I've also created a new logo which is simple and clean.  Be on the look out because Victory Nightlife is evolving.  This year marks our 1o year anniversary and we hope to bring you another 10.  We're launching our new myspace layout designed by Harold (UrbanFX) in the next 2 weeks.  Let me know what you think of the logo...

Victory Nightlife Staff T-Shirts
Check out the *NEW* Club Massive at House of Blues Memorial Day Weekend flyer designed by Ryan at SGX Media.  $10 presale tickets are already on sale so don't hesitate and get them now for guaranteed admission and front of the line privileges.  CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets now!

FYI: We have tons of upcoming events but I'm excited to announce we'll be hosting an event at U-31 (North Park) on Thursday, July 10th for DJ Mark Marcelo's (Mindz Alike) upcoming mix CD release, "Scrunchies n' Headbands" which is a 90's mix that all the ladies will love.  We're also working on getting local shops and brands involved with the event as well so its gonna be BIG.

Check out Mark Marcelo's myspace for a sneak preview of the mix:

Secondly, I've been working on Body Rock Dance Competition coming Saturday, May 31st.  The guys at the Fizix in San Marcos have teamed up with us to design special edition Body Rock x Fizix x Wildboyz t-shirts that will be sold for only $20 the day of the show.  Check it out!

Body Rock seating is assigned so go get your tickets ($13, $16, $19) now at StudioFX, Culture Shock Dance Center, Studio 429, or at

I've also got a few other projects I'm currently working on but I don't want to let the rabbit out the hat yet... You'll just have to wait and see!

Congrats to Suz

Welcome to the wonderful world of Apple!  HAHA  Congrats to Suzette who picked up the top of the line Black Apple MacBook today.  I can't believe it comes stock with 2.4GHz, 2GB memory, and a 250GB hard drive.  She cruised over right after to get some programs and get a quick Apple lesson.  Apparently her computer smells nice because its new... HAHA
Happy Girl!
Afterwards we celebrated by going to Pho Hoa Cali in Mira Mesa to get some Vietnamese food.  Thanks Guil for treating us out!

Here's Jay (DJ Murdah1) in New York video chatting with  Suzette and I in California.  I love video chat!  HAHA
If you have any questions about Apple computers let me know... I'm pretty knowledge about about the subject (or at least I'd like to think I am). 

We also stopped by Black Mountain Bikes after lunch.  I haven't rode my bike in 6 months!  SAD FACE!  I miss riding so much... I can't wait to get my cast off so I can go riding.  

Who's down?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer ft. the Movie Guy

The Metal Gear Solid game series has been among my favorites of all time. I remember spending my entire high school sophomore year (1998) Thanksgiving break playing Metal Gear Solid on the first Playstation. 

The series is famous for its lengthy cinematic scenes and intricate storylines as well as its exploration of the nature of politics, warfare, censorship, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, loyalty, reality, subjective vs. universal "truths" and also other philosophical themes.

The most anticipated PS3 game, Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out June 12th.  Check out the newest trailer featuring "The Movie Guy".  HAHA  Its seriously like playing a movie.  Enjoy!

5&A Dime is having a SALE!

Get a FREE hug from Jeff (5&A Dime) if you mention you saw this ad on my blog.  HAHA

TOMORROW: Mike Song of Kaba Modern

Join Mike Song from Kaba Modern at StudioFX tomorrow night for Master Class!

Click flyer to enlarge.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pimp Slap

I was browsing the web and came up on some photos from showing Suge Knight knocked the f**k out!  Apparently these photos were taken Saturday night at Shag Nightclub in LA.

"As we first reported, Suge was at Shag nightclub when he began arguing with a man he had been talking with. Our spy overheard Suge say, "I want my money!" Suge and his peeps beat the guy to the ground, but the man landed a right hook on Suge's face, knocking him out for around three minutes.

We obtained these photos of a bloody Suge just after the incident.

Suge was taken to the hospital where LAPD officers arrived, but he refused to file a report."


2Pac must be lovin' these photos... HAHA

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy AN DIEP Day!

I just wanted to wish my mom aka An Diep a Happy Mother's Day!  I love you!  You're the best mom... EVER!

CSLA Benefit Show

I started off my Saturday by picking up Demi (my cousin) and meeting up with some of the friends (Jr, Cecile, Rhoda, & Steve) at Panera Bread in Mira Mesa.  I was hella hungry so I got a Chicken Chipotle with chips and a Caesar Salad with an apple.  We ended up chillin' there just chit chatting for a long while.  MMM17.
Steve x Jr x My left toes... 
After chompin' I headed up to Long Beach for the Culture Shock LA Benefit Show: A Beautiful Struggle.  Thanks to Stacey (CSLA) for inviting Myron (21XL) and myself out to the show.  I also brought "Stinky" aka Demi too.  We all sat together in our VIP handicap seats... HAHA

CLICK HERE to see all my photos from the CSLA Benefit Show.

The show wasn't your typical dance competition or showcase, it was more of a Broadway style production with a touching story line about four individuals who dare to create art in a time when artistic expression has been outlawed.  They even had a walker routine that Stacey said reminded her of me... HAHA
That's Stacey in in her b-boy stance in the front right... 
Intermission: The venue was packed!
During intermission Demi was excited she got to meet 3 of the Jabbawockeez (Ben x Eddie x Saso).  Ben told me it was chaos at Jet (Las Vegas) last night.  I wish I was there too!  I only got 6 more days in this cast!  Can't wait...
The Armory crew (Hektik x Felt 1) were in the house selling Jabbawockeez t-shirts too.  Thanks for the t-shirt!
Everyone was surprised to find out that Demi was only 13 years old because she's already 5'4".  We got that giant gene in our family.  HAHA  Check us out in front of the new Boogiezone backdrop.
New Boogiezone flyers... If you're not a member yet what are you waiting for!?  Log on now!
Back to the show...
I was surprised with the elaborate production of the show.  There were also many talented young kids who acted, sang, and danced.
This girl gave me goosebumps with her vocal skills.  I love the children!!!  HAHA
Props to Culture Shock and Future Shock Los Angeles for an incredible show!
After the show the World of Dance Tripod reunited (TK x Stacey x Myron)... Great job Stacey!
Culture Shock... Shock... Shock SD (Tina x Claudia x Des x Saso)
JewelRIA (Sean x Ria) selling custom made jewelry.  You can check out all of her designs at
Demi also got to meet one of her idols from Kaba Modern... Ms. Yuri Tag aka "my crush"!  HAHA
Here I am with my idol, Arnel (who is also Kaba Modern's manager).
Demi x Kaba Modern (minus Mike & Jia)
Yuri x Law x Demi x Cindy x Tony x Mike
Afterwards we went to Downtown Long Beach to meet up with a few friends and eat before we parted ways.
At first we went to a spot called Taco Beach... We managed to get Demi in even though it was a 21+ bar.  HAHA  We didn't end up staying because there was a live band and it was just too loud in there.
She's not suppose to be here!  HAHA  Don't tell your mom I took you to a bar...
So we (Myron x Kevin x Stacey x Jeff) ended up eating at Hooters.  I love Hooters!  HAHA  We all split 50 wings and each got our own individual items.  Fun times!!!
It was Demi's first time eating at Hooters.  She gave it two thumbs up!  HAHA
Demi had an eventful day: She got to see a show in Long Beach, met 3 of the Jabbawockeez, got a free Jabbawockeez shirt, talked to Yuri, took pictures with Kaba, got to see the Long Beach Downtown nightlife, went to her first bar, ate at Hooters for the first time, and on top of that got to hang out with her favorite cousin all day!  HAHA

Now that's a good day!