Friday, September 19, 2008

Throwback Friday!

Rhoda, Suzette, and I were just video chatting and we came across one of our favorite pictures of all time...
How many Roses can you find?
"Talk about bad photoshopping!" -Rhoda Laxa
Have a great weekend!


The other day I was at the Workshop in PQ hangin' out with Freddy and Vince, when we came across Vince Ocampo's blog (Chris' younger brother). Vince recently posted a YouTube video of him and his friend Kim on the Slingshot ride at the San Diego Fair. Its freakin' hilarious! We were dying while watching it.  Freddy said it sounded like Vince got stabbed in his opening scream/yell.  HAHA  Just watch the first 20 seconds and listen to Vince... I love you bro but this is too funny not to post!

Just check out the opening screen shot. You can see the terror in his eyes...

Now check out the video: (Listen to him at 12 seconds... HAHA)

Here's another video of my other friend Lambert and his mom Candice... Enjoy!

I'm still laughing...


TONIGHT: Happy Birthday Jay & Flo

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Jay, Lee, & Naanee!

Monday I cruised out to Dave n Buster to have a few drinks with Jay & Lee Montefalcon (EOC | Victory) for their birthdays. While I was there I also ran into Isiah, Mike, Arman, and Minus (PQ friends) who were having dinner with Naanee Legedu (Chargers) for his 25th birthday. We ended up all sharing a few shots...

Leighann x Leilani x Mike... Aww she's so cute!!!
Noriza x Jay x Lee x Nancy
I always get liquid cocaine when I'm at DnB... Its so nasty but whatever!
Christine x Jen x Lisa x Nancy
I ended up ordering 15 shots of patron for all the birthday celebrants and a few of the homies!
Celebrate the Good Life!
Naanee Legedu (Chargers #11) x Malcom Floyd (Chargers #80)
Afterward DnB a few of us cruised over to Mingsok Chung (I think thats how you spell it) for some tasty Korean food and soju.
Damn... Its only Monday!  HAHA
Bulgogi Bi Bi Bop is the shit!
Its Thursday, which means the weekend has just begun...

Who's down for Wave House tonight?

Bumsville Potluck Dinner

After another weekend in LA, I was headed back down straight to Bumsville for our family potluck dinner. I didn't eat all day Sunday so I was starving. On my drive back to SD, I was hungry and sleepy. I had to call people to keep me awake. I didn't get to Bumsville until 7PM...

Since Annabelle (Bumsville) did such a wonderful job bloggin' about our dinner, I thought it would be much easier to just copy and paste her entry over. HAHA I hope you don't mind! Be sure to check out the Bumsville Bitches blog too.

It was time to have more family bonding with some compadres of we thought it would be perfect to have a bunch of people over for dinner. Thanks to everyone that made it out...We truely enjoyed feeding all your stomachs and making you all go into food comas. We're gonna try to have get togethers a lot more often so that everyone can stay in touch more often and just get away from the rest of our busy lives to just relax, enjoy good company, and eat delicious food.

On the menu for the night, chips and a variety of different dips...ranging from pico de gallo, a house salsa, salsa con queso, spinich artichoke dip, caesar salad, chicken & eggplant parmigiana, mashed potatoes, spanish/green beans, spaghetti, rice crispy treats, brownie bites, banana splits, and key lime pie.

Geez louise, that's a lot of food. So gross. haha.

Michelle and I tworken it in the kitchen.
Terry worken the breasts.
Question of the night: "Why does it smell so good when you cook onions?"
First ones to pop the bottle of vino open.
I promise we're not a gang.
Guilly and Felli Fels!
Dinner's ready folks!!!

How's it tasting Klev?!
I think Guilly likes it.

Brandeezy in the house!!! Good seeing you buddy!
Our former roomie....TK...story always.

Michelle and Meeya...eating out by the bonfire.

Mis hermanos

Notice George using a spoon...sorry for the lack of silverware.
AR reppin!


Once again, thanks for coming out...we really do enjoy having all of you over. To everyone who wasn't present, we would love to have you join us someday...The gate to our yard is always open to you all ;)

Until next time...

Peace and chipped nail polish.

love your faces.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I heart One People!

Thanks to Scott and Brent from One People Project for lacin' me up with a box of fresh new gear!  I'm lovin' the tank tops!  HAHA

Check out the Fall 2008 line or visit their new site:

Here's a quick history about One People Project:

One People Project was established by brothers Scott and Brett Baldwin in the summer of 2006. Initially intended as a side project while attending school, the brand’s designs quickly attracted attention in their local community of San Diego.  The goal was to create a lifestyle brand focusing on quality, fit and feel, in addition to expressing themes of love, solidarity, and community.

After a year of hard work, One People Project delivered their first season to various reputable storefronts such as UNIV, Greyone, 5 & A Dime, and Versus. Two seasons later, One People Project has developed into a full cut & sew clothing line producing shorts, denim, pants, and hats, in addition to tee’s, sweatshirts, knits, and jackets.

"One People" = "One Love," and the "Project" is the vehicle to spread the message.

Creme de la Creme The Mixtape Trailer...

Our friends at Dub Frequency are releasing "Creme de la Creme The Mixtape" featuring exclusives + brand new tracks from The Cool Kids, Pacific Division, Kidz in the Hall, Mickey Factz, Hollywood Holt, U-N-I, Blu, Dom Kennedy, Donnis, Mic Terror, Chris Young, BMB, Freddie Gibbs, Carter and Vyle. The exclusive mixtape to drop everywhere on Tuesday, September 23!

Check out the trailer:

Be on the look out for the mixtape release parties...

I miss taking photos with my 40D...

Who wants to go shoot photos this week?

Week 4 of 5 in LA... I think I'm addicted!

I'm almost caught up on my blog. I'm gonna try to make it a quick and rapid fire entry. So on your mark... Get set... Lets go!

CLICK HERE to view photos from my weekend in LA.
CLICK HREE to view photos coverage from Highlands & LAX on Babe Blvd.

A few of us mobbed out to Red Circle and Bar D that night to have a few drinks.  Check out Danny (Alphanumeric) with his magnum face.
Calvin x Iron Mike x JR
Irons showin' off the new style... HAHA
Irons (Upstarts) x Danny x Profile (Upstarts)

I rolled up to Hollywood once again to celebrate with all the Virgo birthdays at Highlands.  I meet up with a few friends at Chachy's and we pre partied before heading out... We even convinced Annemarie to come out for a second week in a row.  HAHA
Chachy x Annemarie x TK x Michelle taking shots out of coffee mugs...
Once we got to Highlands, we rolled in with 30+ people including my cousins from LA, which I haven't seen in months.  When we stepped in I was immediate greeted by fellow San Diegan, Ms. Lisa Kai.
3 Amigos aka MWCG... HAHA
Sheryl (BFF) x Alison
I wonder who those girls are... MUAHAHA
Happy Birthday to Mr. 21XL himself... Myron Marten!
What the Carandang!?  HAHA  I haven't seen Maribel in years!!!  What a pleasant surprise!
Chachy showing love to the birthday girl... Ms. Samantha Duenas!
Kenji x Myra from Team Menace in Seattle, WA
WOD Tripod
Thanks Cathy Ann for the drink!
EOC x Apple... HAHA  Jay x Redmond x Lee
Christine aka Wabs x Sammie
DJ John Magic (HIN)
We are family!  Bee x Van x Kong = Cousins
Harold (Doing a Jabbawockeez impression?) x Fredo x Chris (Jabbawockeez)
V Necks... Chachy got that extra V neck to the nipples... HAHA
Happy Birthday Tina (21XL)!
James aka Crazy Guy x Stacy
Everyone loves Rishi (Usual Suspects LA)
World of Dance: Kissa x Kevin x TK... No Homo!
Happy Birthday Bee!
It's a celebration... Bitches!
No homo...
Patron shots for James x Annemarie x JayChris x TK... Happy Birthday JayChris!
I haven't seen Helen Ly in over a year but we caught up and did a bit of dancing...
Steve Bitanga x Melissa Reign = Babe Blvd
We didn't leave Highlands until 3AM... Luckily for us Thai Patio is still open so we all cruised over there to have a bit of Thai.

That morning Jomo and I went cruised over to Chino Hills to pick up my car at Annemarie's house since she drove it back home.  We decided to all pay Kellie a visit at her new place in Diamond Bar.  We ended up staying the entire day there just hanging out while I told stories... HAHA

Yummy KFC!
Baby pushing Baby!
It was nice to just relax and catch up at Kellie's.  Its been awhile since we've all hung out.  Fun times!

Afterwards I headed back up to Hollywood to meet up with Megan to hit up LAX.  We meet a few superheroes and villans on Hollywood Blvd.
Where's your halo?  HAHA
Megan x Alan (Usual Suspects LA)
The Family: TK x Myron x Indo
Sammie came out again to celebrate her birthday once again... You should have heard her that morning.  HAHA  She sounded like an old groggy man on the phone when I called her...
I'm not sure what they're doing...
On the way back to Thai Patio, I saw Ben Baller in a beautiful Ferrari.  I wonder if he really owns that car...
Thai Patio Round 2:

It was another eventful weekend in Hollywood with great friends!  Thanks everyone for the hospitality. 

I was debating if I should go up to LA once again for Myron's actual birthday bash at Avalon but I might have to throw in the towel because I'm going to Street Scene in Downtown SD.  Plus, I'm hosting my own event on Saturday at Prospect Bar and Lounge (La Jolla) so I want to be there... I miss San Diego!  HAHA