Thursday, January 18, 2007

Family & Friends

Our last day in Vegas was on Monday.

My aunt, uncle, and I gambled for 6 hours Sunday night from 10PM - 4AM. We mainly played pai gow poker at the $25 tables. I was only betting $25 a hand most of the time, while my uncle was betting a few hundred. He would kick me a few hundred every now and then when I was down. I was down $380 at one point but I won most of it back by the end of the night. My aunt and I were crusin' around playing different games: Caribbean Stud, Roulette (always bet on black), and blackjack. FUN TIMES!

Here are a few pics from our last day in Vegas.

Denzel serving us drinks... One coke please!

Venetian Lobby

My mom flossin' her new Chanel purse... Ballin'!!!

Best Mom in the World!
Denzel's Headshots
Mean Muggin'
Future Wildboy!
I'm really glad our family got together and went to Las Vegas. My mom said, "I had the best time ever!"

On our way home, my grandma told me the amazing store of how she, along w/ 4 children, escaped Vietnam in 1979. She explained to me how my parents first met and how life was like in the refugee camps. I can't imagine moving to a new country, with no money, and without knowing the language. Our parents have all come very far... Thank you guys!

During our Vegas trip I let my mom listen to Lionel Richie songs on my iPod and she was loving it! I originally wanted to get her one for Christmas but my aunt told me she probably won't use it. My mom needs some music in her life b/c music makes you feel young again and it bring back memories. So yesterday I went to Fashion Valley w/ Myster and got her a 2GB iPod Nano. I also ended up getting myself an iPod Shuffle. Its the coolest thing ever!

My iPods:
Black Video iPod 30GB
Black iPod Nano 4GB (Myster)
Silver iPod Shuffle 2GB
Silver iPod Nano 2GB (Mom)
White 3rd Gen iPod 15GB
I think I've owned every iPod but the first generation... I LOVE APPLE and you should too!

Today was Mr. Wilfredo "Fatch" Santos' 25th Birthday... We all mobbed to Callahan's in Mira Mesa. Happy Birthday bro! I love you!

Eww... Cake to the face!

George is a muff diver...

We're also celebrating Jr's Birthday this Sunday at Skate World (Linda Vista) from 7-9PM for the Bboy Bounce w/ J-Razcal. Check it out!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Day Two

I woke up yesterday morning to this little monkey jumping on my bed. Yippy!!!
The entire fam cruised around the Venetian's shopping center most of the afternoon.

Ann Diep reppin' Rocawear

Check out my amateur photography w/ my Canon SD600 and my mini tripod.

We ended up going to the Rio to eat dinner at the seafood buffet... I know many of you are like, "you don't even eat seafood", but there is other stuff there too. I love the RIO... So many memories!
Aunties Gone Wild

At the Wynn... Soon to be called the "Nguyen" (pronounced New-Win)
So we were shopping at the Wynn and my mom saw a purse she really liked at Chanel. So I did what any loving son would do and charged it! HAHA I can't believe how much these purses cost... $1180 w/ tax. But if anyone deserves it... Its my MOMMA! Look at her... She loves it!!!
After 5 Jack & Cokes, lossing $280 playing blackjack alongside my crazy aunt aka MommaZel, Drew and I cruised the Las Vegas strip.

We got back to the Venetian at 4AM and ate at their late night cafe. It was a night of brother bonding... HAHA