Saturday, February 16, 2008


I know I've drank too much when I wake up at 7:16AM from dehydration.  HAHA  Damn.  Last night was too much fun!

We celebrated the 25th birthday of Eduardo "JR" Laguna with a surprise birthday dinner at  Shogun last night.  We got the VIP treatment thanks to Vince, Andrea, Steve, and Shing.  143!
Vince's On Broadway VIP Card.  I want one!
Free drinks all night for everyone!  =)

I can actually see the father-son connection... HAHA  
That is JR's sister behind my shot... HAHA
Table 1
Table 2

Dude I seriously felt like I worked at Shogun last night... I was serving drinks and food.  Sorry Vince, I accidently spilled on you.  HAHA  Real shit though if you go to Shogun you need to visit this guy!
The Lagunas!

Sup G!
Eduardo "JR" Laguna

UrbanFX Alumni
Good planning Sister Bear!
Wildboyz 4 Life!
We rep the WBZ!

The Laguna Entourage!

Thanks guys!

After Shogun, a few of us went house party hoppin in Mira Mesa!  I haven't been to a house party in a long time.  Since Dudley was having a going away party we decided to crash it with the brothers.
2 Brothers.
We also hit up the Ska8mafia party down the street.  TK x Jamie Palmer
Jimmy Cao = Best Vietnamese Skater... EVER!  HAHA  

The End!  Happy Birthday JR!

CLICK HERE to view all the picture from JR's Birthday!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Closet Weirdo

Happy Birthday Jr Laguna!

Glow in the Dark

I got 8 tickets for the Kanye West Glow in the Dark Tour ft. Rihanna, NERD, and Lupe Fiasco.  

4 General Admission Floor ($79)
4 Seated Lower Lodge ($60)

Tickets go on sale today at 10AM on!

Sinceer on Channel 933!

If you missed it this morning, Sinceer from Season 3 of Flava of Love was on AJ's Playhouse on Channel 933 to talk about both the show and our upcoming Broken Hearts Ball this Sunday.

143 Day!

I got an early morning Valentine's Day gift in the form of a 6'3" Predator yesterday.
Jay Chris (Chill Factor) of the Wildboyz Orange County.  HAHA
Jay Chris and I had the perfect Valentine's Day surprise for his Valentine, Ms. Lovelyn Layug.  Before my meetings yesterday afternoon I dropped off Jay Chris at the new Illuminations inside the Otay Mesa Mall to surprise Lovelyn.
At first, I pretended to stroll in nonchalantly as if I didn't know she worked there.  She was on the phone with Jay Chris, who was supposedly in Texas for a performance.  She was super surprised to see me in Otay Mesa because I rarely go down past the 8 freeway.  HAHA  She was like I'm talking to Jay Chris in Texas right now.  So I took the phone from her and started to chat with Jay Chris.  Then BAM!  SURPRISE!
Jay Chris walks through the door!  Mind Explosion!!!  HAHA  Trust me it was a much better surprise in reality than described in my blog.  Trust me it was good!  Assist to TK!

This year I spent my Valentine's Day with my favorite woman in my life... An Diep aka my Momma.  I had 2 front row tickets for Cirque Du Soleil: Corteo in Del Mar.  My mom thought it would be like your traditional circus, but wow was she in for a pleasant surprise.

We're here!
Mom x Son
We were so close to the action that I almost got kicked in the face by one of the performers twirling on a chandelier.  I managed to sneak in a few pictures.

The show was incredible!  My mom absolutely loved it!  FYI: My mom is a wannabe Jabbawockee.
We also ran into my BFF Moe Zarabi and Jen.  Moe misses me!  HAHA

Paparazzi shot of Aldryn and Christina!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  143!