Saturday, November 28, 2009

R&R: Rhythm & Recreation Video Recap

Thank you! Shout out to Garvin Ha for putting the video together! 143!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

[Black Friday] All Black Everything @ Confidential

Victory Nightlife and Brand New & Heavy presents an exclusive Black Friday event at Confidential in Downtown San Diego...
"All Black Everything"


Music provided by:
+ Iron Mike (The Upstarts)
+ Profile (The Upstarts)
+ Julz (Mindz Alike)

Playing the best in Hip Hop, Soul, Breaks, Funk, R&B, and everything else in between!

Celebrating the birthdays of:
+ Heather Lee
+ Eugene Guaran
+ Myron Wynn
+ Ron Cayanan

This is a preview to Victory Nightlife's upcoming 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. Get ready because Victory Nightlife is changing it up...

Black Friday VIP Bottle Service Specials: (not including 20% gratuity)
+ Grey Goose (750mL) $175
+ Grey Goose Magnum (1.75L) $325
+ Skyy Vodka $175
+ Jack Daniel's $200

Twenty One & Up | Doors open at 9pm | Early Arrive is a must!

Dress Code: All Black Everything (Fashion Forward)

Confidential Restaurant & Loft
901 Fourth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Hip-Hop Karaoke @ Thin/Onyx

For those of you that didn't know, every 1st Friday of the month at Thin/Onyx along with R&R: Rhythm & Recreation we have Hip-Hop Karaoke hosted by Ree, WB, and Armory Massive. Join us on Friday, December 4th for your chance to become your favorite MC!

Still wondering what Hip-Hop Karaoke is? Check the video!

Directed and produced by: Garvin Ha

Xbox Live Gamer Tag: TKoftheWBZ

I got the call... Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2! My life is officially ruined...
Add my XBOX Live gamer tag: TKoftheWBZ and lets play!

R&R: Rhythm & Recreation x Illmatic Showcase

[Friday, November 20th] Since Jomo has already blogged about this past Friday's R&R: Rhythm & Recreation at Thin/Onyx, I thought I'd just repost his recap. Thanks Jomo!

Shout out to DJ Marlino and Heavy Rotation for putting together the Illmatic Showcase, which will be going on every 3rd Friday of the month at Onyx. Thanks to Stay Fresh's Chris Cruz and DJ Zeb for coming through to guest host the event. I apologize for showering you guys with champagne! HAHA

@Chris_Cruz: When TK told me he has 5 bottles for me to come down and host, I thought I'd be drinking em, not wearing em! Great times!

CLICK HERE to view all my photos from R&R.

Take it over Jomo:
A lot of pictures from the Rhythm & Recreation event at Thin and Onyx. Much props to Toe-Knee for letting me use his pictures (his Flickr). To sum it up, we continued the party from Vegas, and brought it back to San Diego! We were non-stop, having a blast until they kicked us out. I don't think a lot of people got super faded; it was all genuine fun and love!


This is how tall I should be. Screw you 6-footers!

DJ Izzace reppin' from San Francisco!

Nice shirt Chris! Wait, what do you mean it's not a shirt?!?

DJ Mark Marcelo workin' double duty in Onyx and closing out Thin later.

KevMighty, Jayallthetime, Maka. FYS x EOC = The Superpowers.

Alison we need to carpool next time we both go down to SD dude.

Brandon x Julz. I love you guys, even though you can't blog for sh*t.

Guil, TK, Joe, Bin, and Edric are Tall Ass Asians.

TAA x SAA x Hannie photobomb.

Acts in Onyx included a dance performance for Blush. Killin' it.

Nice face Bin. You look scared sh*tless.

KJ x Sheila.

Felly Fel.

Gelly Gel.

Guil and Vince reppin' for Temecula, and gay marriage!

1 of the 5 bottles of champagne that was used for a shower. Poppin' bottles.

And a bunch of pictures from TK's camera. I need to cop that S90 myself already. We party hard in the VIP. This is how we do it!

I love this picture. So intense.

Bin wins again for best face.

Guil comes in second.

Oh what do you know about Cindy and Iggy being on Dancing with the Stars?!

Chances of champagne showers that night? 100 percent bitch!

Hannie x TK showing some support for DJ Izzace's new mixtape: On Deck Volume 7, featuring a special performance from the People's Champ, MANNY PACQUIAO! Cop yours NOW!

Are we in SD or Vegas? I swear I haven't seen Thin so crazy since Agenda/ASR weekend '09!

No night is complete without 4th meal (unless you're completely wasted and just pass out). Humberto's for some late night grubbin'.

"I don't write rhymes, I write checks." -Diddy.

What the hell is on your stomach?

Shaniqua! ::finger snaps::

Alright on three. One.... Two... THREE!.... (What did we cheer??)

Oh yeah. Why did I come down to San Diego? For some R&R with the homies. Good times everyone!

Via: Jomo's Blog

Upcoming Victory Nightlife Events:
11/27: All Black Everything @ Confidential
12/04: R&R: Rhythm & Recreation + Hip Hop Karaoke @ Thin/Onyx
12/12: TBA @ Confidential
12/18: R&R: Rhythm & Recreation + Illmatic Showcase @ Thin/Onyx
12/26: TBA @ Confidnetial
12/31: NYE 2010 @ House of Blues