Thursday, December 2, 2010

[SD] Let me reintroduce myself....

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just booked my tickets to Hawaii for...

That's right everyone, I'll in Hawaii next week from Thursday, December 9th until Tuesday, December 14th to emcee World of Dance Hawaii!  Can't wait to reunite with all the ABDC Season 5 crews in paradise!!!

I am sharing a room with Myron Marten (WOD), Jun Quemado (TM), and Brian Puspos (So Real)... SMH! Who's idea was this... See you guys at World of Dance Hawaii!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GPPR: Holiday 2010 "Rudie Can't Fail"

Ladies and gentleman, after months and months of hard work at the GPPR Headquarters in Downtown Los Angles,  I'm proud to announce that GPPR's introduction collection "Rudie Can't Wait" for Holiday 2010 is now in select stores nationwide.
Born of multi-subcultural and diverse influences, GPPR seeks to create apparel for the everyday man to wear every day. The brand is personified by the four different facets of the modern man; The Gentleman, The Philosopher, The Pervert, and The Rebel. Each provides their own set of backgrounds and beliefs, creating an interesting and honest dynamic that serves as the basis of the brand.

Everyone starts somewhere, and while this concise yet straight-forward collection serves as an introduction for GPPR,it is definitely a season that will not disappoint. Entitled 'Rudie Can't Fail,' the Holiday line is dedicated to the British 2-Tone movement of the late 1970's and the working-class beliefs of the youth at the time. The black and white graphic language illustrates the GPPR ideology and ethos, echoing the 2-Tone messages of positive action and unity. Stemming from a constant immersion in Rude Boy subculture, ska & soul music and 2-Tone fashion, we decided it was an apt theme and message to the current cultural climate. The collection features a contrasting black and white color story as a juxtaposition to the aggressive graphics of the tees. Traditionally, black and white is used as a means of division; between classes, politics and races. However, as with the 2-Tone movement, the monochromatic color scheme was used as a means of unity between medium and message, preacher and choir. In a time when the world has given us just about every reason to turn against one another, as cliche as it seems, what we need now is unity. ‘Rudie Can’t Fail,’ seeks to lay the foundation for future GPPR seasons with a bold exclamation of our principles and beliefs. ‘Nous sommes le pouvoir,’ We are the power.

Holiday 2010 is our Message To You, Rudie, and as far as we can see, ‘Rudie Can’t Fail.’

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Which one are you Gentleman, Philosopher, Pervert, or Rebel?


I want: Trussardi 1911 Collection

I've recently started to grow an obsession with bags.  Its probably because I do a lot of traveling and live outside of a suitcase at times so I can appreciate a well designed and functional man-purse. HAHA  Anyways, I would love to travel instyle with the entire new Trussardi 1911 collection, but that require me to drop some serious $$$.  Throw this on the Christmas wish list too!

Trussardi 1911 continues to work heavily with camouflage patterns. Their new Red Camo Collection pairs camouflage uppers with red suede accents on travel bags, iPod/iPhone and iPad cases, suitcases, wallets and more. We like the contrast that the brand has used in the line, which has been created exclusively for You can also watch an interview with the brand’s creative director, Milan Vukmirovic, here.

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I want: Nike Sportswear NSW Destroyer

 ALthough I must admit the black/black version of the Nike Sportswear NSW Destroyer Jacket for their Holiday 2010 collection is sleek, I am feeling this grey/red version too!  I've been looking for a simple classic varsity jacket.  Let me add this to my Christmas wish list... HAHA! ;)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

"All I Want Is You..." Miguel Album Release

Sundays at My Studio is always crackin' with #MoreBelve! Here are a few photos from Lazo I pulled of the Livelevated's site from Miguel's "All I Want Is You..." Album Release Party last night.

CLICK HERE to view the rest of the pictures.

DJ Orator keeps the party live every Sunday!
Hi Meghan! :)
Congrats to Miguel!
Matt Kemp (Dodgers) x that dude from Wild'n Out... HAHA
Jenny x Vanessa
TK Nguyen x Jenny Ting x Bee Nguyen (Belvedere)
Sudana x Christine Mendoza
George Robertson (JL)
Julian (JL) is always with the pretty girls!
I'll have a blog recap soon...

Photographer: Jessica Milan

I came across this link to photographer Jessica Milan's work on Mosaic. I love her photos, or maybe its just the girls she takes pictures of... Either way I thought I'd blog it.

Check it out for yourself:

Damn, that second girl is wifey status! ;) HAHA

33 Days until the NYE2011: Block Party at HOB!

We're only 33 days away from the NYE2011: Block Party at House of Blues San Diego. Details for this year's celebration and presale tickets will be release this week. In the meantime, here's a reminder of the madness from last year...

Presale tickets for NYE2011 start at $20, then go up to $30, and then $40. Don't hesitate and get your tickets when they drop because this event will sell out too!

Commemorate another magnificent year with Victory Nightlife, House of Blues, San Diego's most celebrated DJ and dance crews, featuring another special midnight surprise! ;) I can't believe 2010 is already coming to an end... 2011 is lookin' real promising.

Inspiration: Kaws x Jay-Z

Look what came in the mail today... I love Amazon.

Black Friday: Nom De Guerre Jacket

I was really looking forward to doing some damage on Black Friday, but after I hit up Opening Ceremony, Best Buy, Target, and the Groove. All I walked away with was this Nom De Guerre jacket. Don't get me wrong, I love my new jacket, but I was really hoping to make it rain! HAHA

Oh well, I guess its a good thing... I guess. I'm a bit disappointed. But at least tomorrow my new Oral-B 5000 electric toothbrush is coming in! :)

Alvinisms: Angelo & Vanessa's Wedding :)

I've been so busy lately, or maybe I've just been lazy, but here's another guest blog from Alvin aka Alvinims from Angelo & Vanessa's wedding last weekend.  It was a wonderful weekend spent with my longest and closest friends, the Wildboyz.  These are the people I know that I'm going to be friends with for the rest of my life no matter what happens... We're family!

This quote basically sums it up: "The most beautiful discovery true friends make, is that they can grow separately without growing apart."

Alright, enough with the emo stuff... Here's the Alvinisms' recap of the wedding (apologizes for the spacing in this entry):

Rainy day wedding bells.

And purple socks.

No homo?

Vince, Cile, JR, and TJ during the service.

So chill this kid.

4 life!

I do time.

BTW, it was Junior's birthday that day so it was extra special. I wish I got the group picture w/ all the Wildboyz and Wildgirlz in it.

The wedding was at Scripps, the reception was in Temecula. So we had time to eat.....In N Out! Now that's west coast for you.

Even though about 20 suit and ties showed up it was already crackin!

Reservation for Mr. Benavidez?


Hungry hippos go here.

Wine stopper giveaways.

Candy giveaways!?! Sweeet! Like literally!

Open bar means it's time to mob.

All grown up.

2 of MCHS's best bboys.

The original 2 Egypt flying partners.

Kimtan and the man of the night.

Wildboyz married men.

Fishing buddies. Yes I wore Charger colors.

Enter the newlyweds.

I heart buffets.

I've known Nessa for over 13 years. I'm so happy for you both!

Krissy and KJ the other married couple.

Heather and I after some beers and Capt. Morgan.

Pick your poison.


Dance time.

Oh wait, garter toss time.

I won't say who caught it and got a joke pulled on him.

But it was hella funny when the DJ switched spots w/ the girl who caught the bouquet.


Put your hands up in the air. Waaay up in the air.

Someone spilled something on Ellen, but that don't stop anyone from dancing.

Auntie and Uncle up in this pic!

The Arnaldos and Jenny.

Smiles and funny faces.

Rosie and I.

The Neglerio family and a new member? Next up!


This picture is funny because just because the lights go on that doesn't mean you gotta stop.

Its like one of our old high school dance photos.

I just noticed that Mr. Mira Mesa and I wore the same colors.

The rest was a blur. Congratulations Vanessa and Angelo. We all love you both!

We ride together, we die together, WILDBOYZ 4 LIFE!