Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Keri HIlson: "Slow Dance"

Here's Keri Hilson's newest music video "Slow Dance" that was shot at My House (Hollywood). The video was directed by Chris Robinson. Our friends at JL Production, who we host Guys & Dolls with on Sundays, also did the styling and casting for the video too.

Reminder: Come out to Guys & Dolls this Sunday in West Hollywood and you'll find a similar looking crowd of beautiful people! Hit me up if you want to roll, but remember these few rules. HAHA

Here's a picture from last Sunday's event... Crackin'!
Via: Jerry Lorenzo

If you don't know now you know...

[ASR Friday]: Victory Nightlife x 5&A Dime x Mindz Alike

[ASR Saturday]: Victory Nightlife x Dub Frequency
RSVP to both events by emailing:

2009 MTV VMA Michael Jackson Tribute

At this year's upcoming 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, the show will be paying tribute to the greatest entertainer of all time... Michael Jackson! I've also heard that Janet Jackson will be opening the show to pay homage to her brother MJ. MTV has just released this commercial... I love it!

Tune in on Sunday to watch the 26th Annual MTV VMAs!

09.09.09 @ Kress for Myron & Mystere's B-Day!

[Wednesday, September 9] After our Lights Out High School ASB meeting, Mark Marcelo (Victory) and I meet up with Chachy (Comedy Store), James, and Stacy at Kress on Hollywood Blvd forMyron Marten (21XL) & DJ Mystere (Crowd Control) birthdays! I wasn't really in the mood for drinking since I was still hurting from the night before... HAHA. (Side note: I'm really debating if I should go on a 1 month detox, but I'm not sure if thats possible.)

CLICK HERE to see more photos from Kress.

Once we got there we ran into some familiar faces! Shout out to some of the illest dancers Jay Chris & JP!
Mica (21XL) x Chachy aka Mark Villa aka BF
Yay for the photo booth! HAHA... Stacy x James x Chach x TK
Happy birthday DJ Mystere!
Finally! Dude to some family emergency Myron didn't make it out to his own birthday party until after 12:30am. Mark and I were going to leave but we stayed until the birthday celebrant showed up!

Melissa Reign (Babe Blvd) x Myron x Janice x Jackie (DBR)
Damn, that Hennessey too! Go Jackie!
You guys are so cute! HAHA... Myron x Rishi (Usual Suspects)
How do you get your hair that color Jane?!
In the photo booth with Melissa x Jackie x Jane!
Aww... We're so cute!
Happy birthday Myron! 143 637!
Back in the photo booth with Myron x DoKnock (Super Cr3w) x Talia x Monique x Maya.
Myron Marten x DoKnock
Time to head back home aka Mark's apartment to get some rest... I don't have a car so I've been with Mark Marcelo 24/7 since Monday. HAHA

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Renato & Juli Nerida!

Aww... I love you guys! So happy for the both of you!

No Homer - Hip Hop Icons Simpsonized

Following up on the success of Lego Hip Hop Album Covers, Format Presents: No Homer - Hip Hop Icons Simpsonized. The set features Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Flava Flav, Eazy E, Andre 3000, Eminem, and Fat Joe alongside iconic O representations for each artist.

Lights Out High School ASB Committee

[Wednesday, September 9th] I headed out to dinner at Tart in Beverly Hills to discuss our upcoming Lights Out event at the Room with Ben, Mark, Mink, Jenilee, and Rhea. Since our last event was a Prom theme, we've decided to do a Homecoming theme this time around. Plus we're going to crown someone that night the Homecoming King & Queen! We've got other fun creative ideas that I'm really excited about too! You'll just have to wait and see...

CLICK HERE to view more photos from our Prom Committee dinner.

Jenilee Reyes aka @jenileereyes x Mark Marcelo aka @markmarcelo
Rhea aka @rheasunshine x Ben Wang x Mink aka @minkdeville
All the starters and entrees at Tart were tasty! Highly recommended!
Introducing the Lights Out High School ASB Committee: The Popular Girls x The Nerdy Asians... HAHA!
Now make sure you save Thursday, September 24th for the next Lights Out event! Its going to be so much fun... I can't wait!

Next it was off to Kress in Hollywood for Myron Marten (21XL) and DJ Mystere (Crowd Control) birthday bash...

Mercedes Benz 2010 SLS AMG

The Mercedes Benz 2010 SLS AMG gets an early leak ahead of its official unveiling next week as one of Benz’s defining pieces of automotive engineering is examined here. With inspirations coming from the iconic 300SL, the finely tuned machine is powered by a 6.3-liter V8, delivering 563 ponies and 480 lb-ft of torque to a rear wheel drive format. The engine is matted to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox which propels the car to a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds as it tops out at 197 mph. Available in late 2010, the car comes in with a suggested retail price of €177,310 EUR in Germany (approximately $257,000 USD).

This car is absolutely beautiful! I want it!

Keri Hilson's "Slow Dance" Video Release Party

[Tuesday, September 8th] I was back in LA on Tuesday. I spending the majority of the day at Corner Bakery in Beverly Hills brainstorming ideas for a few upcoming projects with Mark Marcelo (Victory). TIme to make it happen!

CLICK HERE to view photos from Tuesday at My House.

Later that night we mobbed over to Bread & Butter at My House for Keri Hilson's "Slow Dance" video release party hosted by JL Production & the Collective. But before we got there we all meet up at Mark's apartment in Miracle Mile for some prepartying fun...

What do you know about taking shots of Crown while showering? HAHA
Once we got to My House we started off the night with a round of Patron shots!
Hello ladies!
Mark (Blends) even came up from SD along with Tep and Fels. Damn the night wasn't even over yet and Mark was already chopping on an LA dirty dog!
Mark Marcelo x Dun
Dun x Tep x Fels x Lisa x Cheryl x Mark Marcelo (sorry but you gotta say his full name)
Ben Wang (Clae) contemplating ways to take over the world!
Jamie x Sheryl x Ro x Alison
We haven't partied together Ro (TM) in a while... Glad you came out!
This is the 3rd time I've seen Alison aka Friend in a span of 5 days!
Mink: "You wanna get f**ked up!?
TK: "Sure... I'm down!"
Mink: "Then get a Long Island!"

F**K LONG ISLANDS! HAHA... I think thats what got me!
TK x Mink (Hellz) x Patron
Johanna (Love Made) also came through last minute to catch Keri Hilson's performance.
Damn I look hella creepy here! HAHA... Drunk face!
Its Keri baby... Damn, we were right there during her performance!
Keri Hilson ended up perfroming 3 of her hit songs but at this point it gets blurry...
Keri Hilson is pretty damn fly! I'm a fan! It was fun times at My House once again! Make sure you come out to Guys & Dolls this Sunday in West Hollywood hosted by JL Production. Just mention my name at the door.

@TKoftheWildboyz: "Where the f**k am I?" <-- Next morning! HAHA