Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Block Party Ticket Update

As of 6:26PM Thursday, July 2nd, we've sold exactly 643 presale tickets!

$5 presale tickets are only available now online at or at the House of Blues Box Office (6th Avenue) until Midnight tonight.

You can still RSVP: to get in for discounted admission:
$10 from 9-10PM
$15 from 10-11PM
$20 General Admission

Don't miss the BIGGEST Pre-Independence Day event in San Diego... Its gonna be a WILD one!
Come wish my Brother aka Drew farewell as he leaves for San Francisco in a few weeks!

QOTD actually Speech of the Day!

Every morning I try to post something inspirational or motivational on my Twitter. Flo just sent me this Commencement Speech by Steve Jobs in 2005. Its an awesome speech with a terrific message! Watch it!

"You cant connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards..."

"Stay hungry, stay foolish!"

Thanks Flo! Now lets make it happen people!

Drake "Best I Ever Had" Video by Kanye West

I hear this song at least 6 times a day and its still not old to me! I'm such a huge fan but Drake's recent performances at the BET Awards was disappointing. He just sat down the entire performances, plus he even had like 18 year old (if that) groupies on stage with him. WTF? I was hoping his debut video of "Best I Ever Had" directed by Kanye West would be much better... You judge for yourself!

I don't know... I am not a fan of this video either. They totally went a different direction than what I expected but I do like boobies! HAHA

Lets go DRAKE!

EDIT: Oh yeah, I totally forgot he had a torn ACL thats why he was sitting down during his performance. But still the video is whatever...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Press Release: Friday, July 3rd Block Party @ HOB

Victory Nightlife presents

Friday, July 3rd - Independence Day Weekend
No work or school the next day!

The Block Party returns featuring three rooms of Southern California's top DJs and dance performances. Celebrate Independence Day with an out-of-this-world experience with glowing giveaways & a special midnight surprise.


[SALVATION ALLEY]: Classic Party Rockin'
DJ J-Time Mindz Alike
DJ Akrite Mindz Alike
DJ Edroc Mindz Alike | 5&A Dime
DJ Julz Mindz Alike | 5&A Dime

[LEGENDS LOUNGE]: Electro • Nu Disco • Dubstep
Nicky Savage Blends | Dirty Money | Hangover
ft. MC Nic Nice
Kinetek DC Life Collection | Ghettron
ft. Skyler Mic

[MAIN STAGE]: Top 40 • Hip Hop • Mash-Ups
DJ Impakt Mass Appeal | Birthday Boy
DJ A-Plus M.I.T.T. | Birthday Boy

Hosted by TK of the Wildboyz | Professional Photo Booth by Razo

Performing live: Culture Shock SD & David Ross' The Project


[TICKETS] Get your LIMITED $5 presale tickets now from one of our many pre-sale ticket outlets:
+ 5&A Dime (Downtown)
+ Willy's Workshop (Rancho Penasquitos)
+ UNIV (Encinitas)
+ House of Blues Box Office (Gaslamp District)

Limited $5 presale tickets guarantees your admission and express entry! Reduced admission thanks to the Victory Nightlife Economic Stimulus Package.



[GENERAL INFO] Doors open at 9PM • Must be 21+ to attend • Dress Code is Casual

For VIP Bottle Service & Guestlist please contact:
+ $500: 2 Bottles of Skyy Vodka + 8 Complimentary VIP passes
+ $540: 2 Bottles of Jack Daniels + 8 Complimentary VIP passes
+ $700: 2 Bottles of Patron Gold + 8 Complimentary VIP passes
FYI: Prices do not include gratuity.

For more information:

Just in case you missed the last Block Party event, here's a photo recap:
Caption: "Crackin'!"

Its time...

[Friday] R&R for Teknikscian x Dwen's Birthdays

Friday we celebrated Mr. Mike Richardson aka DJ Teknikscian's birthday at R&R: Rhythm & Recreation at Sway Nightclub. Mike got a room at the Keating Hotel for the night... Bow chicka wow wow! HAHA

CLICK HERE to see the rest of the photos from R&R.

I love the Victory Nightlife fam!
A few of us decided to come suited up for Mike's birthday... Sup gentlemen! Eric x Calvin x Ivan x Mke x Mike x TK x Myron
Alysia also came through with her new "guy friend". HAHA I miss you... Lets do lunch soon!
Dwen x Kaye x Verna came through to celebrate Dwen's birthday. I haven't seen them in forever! Back in High School Dwen x Kaye use to call me "Stickboy!" HAHA
Rochelle x Mckinney x TK
We got sparklers and champagne for the birthday boy... Happy Birthday!
I love you Mike! Yes homo according to this picture... HAHA
Fels x Jeremy x Jen
Happy Birthday Dwen!
We pop champagne!
I think I had one to many patron shots that night... HAHA
For some reason Downtown wasn't that crackin'... But we were maintaining throughout the night!
Calvin x Roach x TK
Aww... I love them!
So nice!
Thanks Jessica (Choreo Cookies) for coming out... See you Friday at Block Party!
Verna x Steven (TAA)
It was fun night with too many shots of Patron... I don't know what I was thinking afterwards trying to drive up to LA at 3AM. I made it up to San Marco's and decided to take a nap in some random parking lot until 6:30AM...

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[Thursday] RIP MJ, FF, & EM

I rode the Amtrack Pacific Surfliner down to San Diego on Thursday for the first time. On my way to Union Station, I almost died twice in a matter of a block thanks to someone's crazy driving. HAHA Shit was scary but hilarious at the same time. Thanks for the ride Sis!

Anyways, as soon as I hopped on the train, I opened up my laptop to log onto Twitter to find out about the news regarding Michael Jackson's hospitalization. I spent the entire 2 hour train ride constantly refreshing CNN, Twitter, and TMZ trying to figure out what was going.

I'd already heard about the passing of Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon that morning, but the news of Michael Jackson's death was devastating. I've always loved Michael Jackson... Its one of those day's you'll always remember where you were exactly when you heard about the news of MJ's death. =( I was complete shocked and sadden...
The train ride was actually really comfortable and relaxing. Each seat had individual outlets and there was an amazing view of the coast for part of the way. I could get use to this... I wish I could have enjoyed the scenery more but I was glued to my computer.
Thanks Alvin for picking me up from the Solana Beach station...
Later that evening we had a Victory Nightlife meeting regarding our upcoming Block Party at House of Blues, which happens to be this Friday! Get your $5 presale tickets now for the BIGGEST Pre-Independence Day massive in San Diego!

Meet the Victory Nightlife Family:
We roll deep!
Here's a preview of what we'll be doing at Midnight... Fist pumping! HAHA
A few of us headed to Tapioca Express off Convoy for dinner that night.
It was another busy day that started off in LA and ended in SD! But I'm getting use to it because I'll be doing more back and forth commuting soon.

RIP Michael Jackson... We miss you!

To be continued...

[Wednesday] Transformers x Grove x Roosevelt

I started off my Wednesday by heading up to Runyan Canyon in the Hollywood Hills for a morning workout. Not a good idea since I was still dehydrated from the night before and I didn't bring water. However it was nice and relaxing way to start off the day...
Once I got back to North Hollywood, Steven, Jenn, Melissa, and I headed to Universal City Walk to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at AMC but they were all sold out of the IMAX showings. =(

Transformers was a two and a half hour movie filled with racist robots, tons of explosions, Optimums Prime kickin' ass, Megan Fox, cheesy jokes, constant action, and more Megan Fox. Overall, I enjoyed the movie but I still liked the first one better. Don't get me wrong... I enjoyed it, but just don't expect too much.

Transformers: 3.5 out of 5
Afterwards, Steven and Jenn headed back down to SD because they were being party poopers! HAHA. So Melissa and I headed to the Grove to do a bit of shopping before meeting up with everyone else for dinner.

While we were at Nordstrom, we made friends with Alley, Bobbi Brown make-up artist and birthday girl. She asked if Melissa and I were brother and sister... HAHA! What's weird is that isn't the first time we've been asked that question.
Alley was super cool! She even let me do price checks and play with the red laser! HAHA... I wonder how much she cost!? HAHA.
Mark Marcelo, Chachy, and Ben Wang met up with us to have dinner at the Farm next to the fountain at the Grove. It was nice...
Farm Steak
There was even a beautiful water show during our dinner!
Later on that night, it was off to the Roosevelt Hotel for the outdoor poolside party.

Chachy x Melissa x Alex x Peter x TK x Mark Marcelo
Round of Long Islands!
It was my first time at the Roosevelt and I liked it. Its definitely a chill Wednesday night spot. I can't wait to move...
Here's a rare picture of Ben Wang laughing... He's usually emotionless!
Sister x Brother... HAHA
Looks like I'll be seeing more of Peter soon... I'll fill you guys in soon! ;)
I spent most of the evening just choppin' it up with friends. Looks like I'll be moving up to LA sooner than later...

I ended up spending $120 at My House on Tuesday and another $160 at the Roosevelt. FML! But you only live once... So f**k it!

To be continued...

Kanye West: Street Lights

"See I know my destination, but I'm just not there"

Directed by: Javier Longobardo

Monday, June 29, 2009

[Tuesday] Montalban x My House

Its been such a long week and I'm still in recovery mode. I apologize for being so behind on the blog. I was just going to call it a night but I thought I'd at least get one post up.

This past Tuesday, Steven (TAA) and Jenn rolled up to LA with me to run a few errands and enjoy the Hollywood nightlife. We first made a pit stop at SGX Media in OC to pick up our new Block Party posters and visit Myron Marten (21XL). I am really happy with the posters we have. If you want to help us by posting them up on your blog/site, please hit me up!
We then stopped by Blends Costa Mesa to drop off posters and visit Nobu and Nic Nice, who will both be at Block Party this Friday.

Afterwards, we headed up to Hollywood to meet up with Ben Wang (Clae) to grab an early dinner at Street. Its a new spot but the place was packed...
The wait was over an hour, so we headed straight to the Nike Theater at the Montalban for the Bjork concert instead. I'd like to go back to Street another day though... Who's down?
Live Strong!
They were showing a Bjork concert inside the theater.
After the showing, we all hit up the open bar sponsored by Belvedere Vodka... Holla!
People were going crazy over these Bjork posters... Calm down people!
The Hellz Bellz family was there too!
We left for My House (the club) at around 10:30PM to meet up with Anne-Marie and her cousin, Kristle. I haven't seen Anne-Marie in forever so it was nice to catch up...

Uhhh, sorry Steven for chopping off your face in this photo! HAHA
They were both lovin' Chris Evans (Push | Fantastic 4)!
The spot was crackin' as usual with tons of beautiful people and the ratio was almost 8 to 1 in favor of the females! =)
I think right after this I tackled her to the ground and started karate chopping everyone! I don't know... I'm just a weirdo!
It was just the beginning of a long week! Good to see everyone!


To be continued...