Monday, January 29, 2007

MTV's Dance Life

Saturday 01.27 - Excelsior was slower than usual this weekend b/c of ASR in Downtown. 5&A Dime, Local Hero, and the rest of the crew had an ASR event at Basic that night. I wanted to check it out but I was "working"... HAHA We still had lots of familiar faces drop by and I got a chance to catch up w/ some old friends.

Jimrod rockin' his Wildboyz t-shirt
DJ Bluballz, Anaballz, and Jon Jon.. So nice!
DJ Virus was reppin' on the turn tables... You can find him in the Legends Lounge at our upcoming HOB event.
Notorious BIG...

Sunday 01.28 - On Sunday Kimtan, OJ, & I rolled up to UCI w/ UrbanFX for Vibe 12. I was like "Welcome to Dance Life guys!"

The show was at UCI's Bren Center which holds up to 5,000+ people. There were at least 3,000 people in attendance, not including the cast of hundreds of dancers backstage. The line up included acts like CSSD, Jabbawockeez, Mavyn, Funks SF, and more.

The line was so long to get in... I'm glad I didn't have to pay $25 and wait in line... Got the hook up!

Nice shoes & Hats ladies... Not so nice poses though!
The view from stage right... We had good seats in the middle 4th row.

Mr. & Mrs. Evaristo from Gen2 are doing it BIG! Shaun is having a video reel & website premiere @ Florentine Gardens hosted by Myron in Hollywood on February 23rd. You might also recognize Aimee from the Apple iPod Shuffle commercials too.
Intermission Freestyle Session
Birthday girl Anne Marie Cotijas (actually spelt Cotigas) & Jay Chris of the Wildboyz OC
Congrats to TM for winning 1st place!!!
And the winners are: TM (1st), Kaba (2nd), & Pac (3rd)... Congrats to all the performers and the staff of LTD for another successful show. Afterwards my ride and Raelynn's ate at Denny's in Oceanside and played DS... I think Alfredo is hooked to0! HAHA GET ONE!!!

Monday 01.29 - Yesterday I was playing Super Nanny! I had to baby sit my cousins Francesca and William while my Aunt and Uncle were in Vegas for a Furniture Trade Show.

Guess where I took them to eat after school? Looks really fancy huh?

Its none other than McDonalds.... HAHA I don't know but Del Mar has the nicest McDonalds EVER! They even had gourmet sandwiches, burgers, and ice cream.
This is William... He's only 6 years old, has funny teeth, and loves planes. Here he is showing me his collection. His favorite plane is the one in his hand.
This is how I baby sit 3 little kids... Let them play Nintendo DS!
Later that night I took them to the Purple Haze double header. We sat in between both courts and cheered both our team on. One of our games was a blow out... We beat them by 20+ points and the other went into OT. One of the guys on the other team (#19) made a crazy 3 pointer at the buzzer to take into OT.

Every time the other team would shoot free throws we would all yell. I was yelling at the top of my lungs, "I PROMISE YOU'RE NOT GONNA MAKE THIS!" and they missed! HAHA We were crackin up on the side... In the end the good guys came out on TOP...

Come support Purple Haze every week... Its FUN! We always have the biggest cheering section!

Afterwards, everyone else went back to Willy & Shalihe's house to celebrate and play Nintendo DS. I had to take home my cousins and get them ready for bed... They said they had a good time and it was different from what they normally do. My Aunt didn't come home till 11:00ish but we stayed up chatting for a bit. I was gonna go to Willy's after but I was getting tired and didn't think everyone was gonna stay that late... Or else I would have came over w/ my DS and challenge everyone in Mario Kart. But I heard Myster was holding it down at Willy's house... 7 player Mario Kart! Good job!

Thank you for reading my blog! New Issue of the TK Times coming out soon!