Saturday, October 3, 2009

Its Christmas again!

[Thursday, October 1st] Steven (TAA), Mark Marcelo (Victory), and I headed to California Chicken Cafe off of Melrose for lunch. Its one of the best tasting healthy spots in LA. This place is always packed too!
We made several stops off Melrose to do a bit of shopping including A.P.C., where I finally picked up a pair of New Standard denim. Time to start breakin' these bad boys in.
We also stopped by Opening Ceremony's LA spot, I love the brands they carry but I wish I could afford them! HAHA One day...
Random: Hello Kitty x Steven
Random: WTF?
It was off to Urth Cafe next, where Entourage is usually filmed, to grab some coffee and hang out for a bit.
Steven showing his Zoolander look!
Michelle (production manager for Pastelle & Ransom) came through to hang out with us too.
Michelle is super cool and you can tell she's a hardworking hustler!
Ben aka Boner Ben (HAHA) gave us all a pair of Clae's as if he was Santa Claus! Hoe hoe hoe!
Its like Christmas all over again! HAHA
Whitmen: Deep Navy Patent Leather
I love free stuff! =)

Finale of Cruel Summers at the Roosevelt Hotel

[Wednesday, September 30th] Steven aka Bin (TAA) decided to come up to LA since he was off for the rest of the week. We headed out to the finale of the Collective's Cruel Summers at the Roosevelt Hotel. It was chill night spent kickin' back poolside choppin' it up with friends. It was a nice change of pace...

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Thanks for the first round of drinks Steven!
"Your finger nail do like this..." - Anjelah Johnson (If you haven't seen her nail salon stand up impression you gotta watch it here. Best ever!)
Don't be shy "Pink & Polka Dots!" HAHAHA!
Damn you guys didn't get the memo? TK x Peter (Incase)
Ben Wang (Clae) x Arsen (Hall of Fame) x Doug (Collective) x Jerry (JL)
Misa Campo (Babe Blvd) x Talia Sunset (Babe Blvd) x Mink (Hellz)
Patron time!
Wait... Did you guys see Steven x Mark Marcelo in that last picture? HAHA
Off to Kitchen 24 for another After School Special, for the 2nd night in a row!

Paranormal Activity: Who's down to watch it!?

Last night Alredo (Culture Shock) was telling us how we must see Paranormal Activity because it seriously the scariest movie he's ever seen. I'm definitely always up for a good scare, but after reading over Thomas Phantom's blog about it, I'm starting to have second thoughts. Here's a few experts from the Phantom blog:

If you haven’t heard about PA… its already being called the scariest movie to ever play on the big screen. Small production, $15K budget, shot in 7 days, no-name actors, a little Blair Witch flair to it. Its slowly being released in cities with high demand (demand it on their website) thus almost guaranteeing sold out shows.

Soon after moving into a suburban tract home, Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Sloat) become increasingly disturbed by what appears to be a supernatural presence. Hoping to capture evidence of the haunting on film, Katie and Micah set up video cameras in their home, but they are not prepared for the terrifying occurrences which follow.

After being a bit pumped up to see this… I’m having second thoughts after reading some user reviews off Fandango (HAHA I get scared easily). I’ve pasted some excerpts here…

“At the start of the movie, you can’t wait for the night scenes, by the end, you want a break from the night scenes.”

“When the movie ended, people were running out of the theatre and others were crying. Best Scare flick ever…”

“So I hate scary movies in the first place, and I have trouble sleeping after watching them, but this movie was completely different. In fact, I haven’t been able to sleep in my bed for the past few nights- I sleep on the floor, on the couch; basically anywhere that doesn’t have bedsheets.” (WTFFF)

“When they say in the preview that people walk out “visibly shaken’ they weren’t lying.”

“The entire audience was right there sitting in complete silence watching the events unfold. Until something scary happened on screen, and then it was screams galore! lol. But the ending!!! Ugh! My all time FAVorite ending of any scary movie I’ve ever seen. Wow! I don’t think there was one person who didn’t react to this ending”

“There’s certain movies in history that will affect people forever. Take Jaws for instance. Because of that one movie, people are STILL afraid to get into the ocean and swim. THIS movie is the same way. Turning your lights off and going to bed will never be the same again for me. This movie truly stays with you. It’s kind of a strange thing to recommend to someone to go see this movie because it’s kind of like saying “Hey, go play in heavy traffic! It’s really fun, but you’ll probably get hit by a car and be permanently damaged!” But trust me, go see this movie, ESPECIALLY if you like scary flicks. And go see it with a big crowd. Everyone terrified together makes it even more awesome!”

I’m going to end on that one.

Via: Thomas Phantom

So who's down to go watch it?

LOHS ASB Meeting at Mr. Pizza

[Wednesday, September 30th] We had a Lights Out High School ASB Committee meeting at Mr. Pizza in K-Town (LA) to discuss plans for our upcoming Thursday, October 22nd event with Made Jewelry. Save the date now for "Open House" at the Room!

Mr. Pizza was pizza (of course) with a Korean twist. This is the seafood pizza, which I didn't try but I did have 6 slices of the Potato Gold which is bizarre and amazing! HAHA Their pizzacame with sweet potato crust which was pretty good too! Overall, it was a unique fusion of pizza and Korea!
The spaghetti with a crispy outer crust was fantastic too!
There's usually constant distractions and ADD moments throughout our meetings but we at times we're pretty productive...
There's some serious paying attention going on here...
I wonder what Mark was talking about... This is probably when my ADD kicked in! HAHA
Remember to save Thursday, October 22nd for our "Open House" at the Room hosted with Made Jewelry! I can't wait...

Friday, October 2, 2009

T-Pain x Obama x Auto-Tune

Girls Night Out with Mario at My House!

[Tuesday, September 29th] After being productive all day, I headed out to Bread & Butter Tuesdays at My House for the Mario BET Live Tour After Party. Since Katrina (LA Clippers) and Jenny both flaked on me on Sunday they decided to mob out Tuesday with all their beautiful lady friends. Plus, Joanna (Love Made) rolled out in a 5 seater with 7 girls. HAHA I didn't know I was going to play host for Girls Night Out with 13 girls... SMH! Its a tough job but someones gotta do it! HAHA

CLICK HERE to view all the photos from Tuesday at My House.

Ariel (LA Clippers) x Jenny x Katrina (CLA lippers) x Jessica. Happy birthday Ariel... Hope to see you Sunday at Guys & Dolls!

I got the first round of Patron shots for Girls Night Out! HAHA
Jessica don't choke on your Patron shot!
Katrina aka former Charger Girl x Jenny aka Mulan at Disneyland... HAHA!
Since I was with so many girls, people probably just thought I was the one gay friend. HAHA
I don't mind... HAHA! No homo!
Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Penn! So nice!
It started off a bit slower than usual but by 12:30am the place was CRACKIN'!
I was wondering what Talia was smoking because it looked like a laser pointer but its actually an electronic cigarette. Kinda cool in a high tech geeky way...
Addie x Joanna (Love Made) x Janice
Don't ever try to match me again Talia! HAHA
Chris Rock is in the building! HAHA... JK!
When Mario played his new single Break-Up featuring Gucci Mane everyone got super hype including me! I love that song! HA
Come on girls... Its time for Kitchen 24!
I definitely don't mind rolling out with a 13 to 1 ratio... HAHA! Thanks for letting me play host to Girls Night Out! Hope everyone had fun! See you guys all at Guys & Dolls on Sunday!

Esquire's Sexist Woman Alive

Esquire Magazine recently named Kate Beckinsale as the 2009 Sexiest Woman Alive. Definitely no arguments here! Kate has moved from Underworld to simply her underwear in this video for Esquire's latest issue "The Sexiest Woman Alive." I hope my future wife looks this good at 36 years old just posing around the house... ROAR!

Via: Dub Frequency

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Victory Nightlife x Tribe of Kings x Armory @ HOB!

Happy Birthday Mark Marcelo!

[Sunday, September 27th] For the past several weeks, Mark Marcelo and I have been secretly plotting ways to conquer the world one city at a time. We've been so busy working/partying up and down the California coast that I almost forgot its was Mark's actual birthday on Monday. Since I was back in LA on Sunday to host Guys & Dolls, I tried convincing Mark to come out so we could do a midnight birthday countdown but he kept complaining how tired he was... Boring! HAHA I ended up having to bust out the Jedi mind tricks to persuade him to change his mind... It worked! Time to party... I mean "work"! HAHA

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Guys & Dolls on Sunday.

Mark Marcelo x Talia Sunset x TK
@taliasunset x @minkdeville
We jump started the night with a round of Patron with Talia x Tiff x Mark x Mink!
Jazzy Kim (Mosley Tribe) aka my Asian Pop Princess also came through too! Don't be scurred... HAHA!
Ben (Clae) what are you looking at? HAHA
Its Midnight! Lets get them sparklers and bottle of Grey Goose ready for the birthday boy aka Mark Marcelo! Am I the only one excited because you don't look so excited in this picture Mark... Awkward! HAHA
No homo!
Oh shit, is that Meagan Good!? Holla!
Mark Marcelo was getting mad love from all the ladies all night!
Even from me too! 143!
Antoinette Taus (SOP0 x TK x Jenilee (LOHS)
You never come to SD anymore Tiff! =(
As usual Guys & Dolls was hella crackin' with folks!
Check out the drunk birthday boy who can't even walk straight...
Happy Birthday Mark Marcelo!
It was then off to Bosa Nova for the Pesto Pasta to end the night!
Thanks again to Jerry Lorenzo and JL Production for everything! See you all this Sunday at Guys & Dolls in West Hollywood! Hit me up if you want to come through...

Bar Tab: $380
Dinner: $30
Mark getting kissed by Meagan Good: Priceless!