Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jomo: R&B Karaoke at Thin/Onyx!

On to the party at Onyx/Thin where we celebrated Scotty Holloway's birthday, watched Girard serenade the crowd at Hip-Hop Karaoke with his rendition of I'll Make Love To You, and got CHOCOLATE WASTED!Well, at least I was chocolate wasted.

Check the bottom of the post for video of Girard (
Toe-Knee & Hannie on back-up vocals).

Thanks for the drinks Klev!

My chocolate wasted partner Hannie.

Toe-Knee's cousin Tony from London. Welcome mate (that's Aussie...)

Champagne showers. Happy birthday Scotty!

Hip-Hop Karaoke!

Nice Joel!

Hustlin' the hustler. TK got a great deal!

Birthday boy with the ladies. And Guil...

Cute cute na-man!

Closing the night at La Fachada. I miss the truck out front though... :(

This doesn't look like my al pastor california burrito. :(

Deep-throat king.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If I were 7 years old...

Who wants to go?

I wish I could check out the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, but too bad its in Connecticut...

Monday, July 5, 2010

JD: What the Hellz Adobo Cook Off!

[Tuesday, June 29th] Here's our Adobo Cook Off, which we U-Streamed between Lanie Barcena aka Miss Lawn (Hellz Bellz) and Mark Marcelo aka DJ Mark Marcelo (Victory). Here is JD McElroy's blog recap of the festivities... Thank you sir!

LETS GET READY TO COOK!!!!! In the left corner DJ Maaaaaark Maaaaarrceeeeeelloooo! and in the Right Corner Miiiiiiissss Lawwwwwwwn! The Challenge - Adobo! Who will win??? The judges won because we got to eat ! Hahaha!! Check the ustream of us acting a fool. After the full belly me, TK and Jenny Kita headed over to check out some performances at the Carnival! Avalon was a packed for a Tuesday night! Ran in to the homies Jabbawockeez, Super Crew, Sho-Tyme, and LXD. Was great to see such talent in one toom. The last stop was Marbella to say happy bday to Ryan from Quest Crew and watch Far East Movement preform. Mics got messed up because of cake that was thrown on Ryan so the show was cut short. But we still had a great time!

DJ Mark Marcello x Miss Lawn
Ustream time!
Looking good guys...
Its ready to eat...
jD x Tk x Gino x Bam x Nicole (The Judges)

Time to grill up some oysters!

and the winner is.... The Judges! No but really Miss Lawn won! Mark did his thing don't sleep on Mark's cooking!!!
What up Carnival!!!
Jon Cruez (Doknock Sup3rcrew) x Phi (Jabbawockeez) x Jayson Wright
Ben x Chris (Jabbawockeez)

jD x Steve (Quest) x TK

Happy Bday Ryan (Quest)!
Far East Movement!
Via: JD McElroy