Saturday, May 10, 2008

27 Candles

Happy 27th Birthday to Leo Portillo of the Wildboyz. Leo is currently making us proud in Texas serving in the Air Force. We all miss you! Can't wait till you come back home so we can throw you a Welcome Back Party... HAHA. Have fun and be safe bro!

Wildboyz 4 Life!

Guitar Hero DS

I'm not a big Guitar Hero fan but I thought this was cool.
I want one for my DS!

Friday Night Shakedown

Friday was another laid back day for me.  I've been trying to save my energy for Saturday because I'm going up to Long Beach for the Culture Shock LA benefit show.  Thanks for all the get well messages.  My sore throat is almost gone and I'm getting my cast off next Friday.  I can't wait... I'm getting treated out to a manicure and pedicure on Friday.  HAHA

Anyways, I crutched over to the Apple Store at UTC today to visit Redmond (Victory Nightlife) because he had a few programs for me.  We also grabbed $5 Subway foot longs during his lunch break and chit chatted.
I also ran into my favorite Mexican who was also working at Apple... Ms. B-Kris!  HAHA
Before I headed out I video chatted with my "crazy aunt" aka Momma Zel and Denzel while they were in Saigon, Vietnam.  I miss Denzel.  He's so cute!  Check it out we both got the same hair cut today... HAHA
That night we had an event at Deco's with Rob Zoomy and ZXR.  It was slow night for us, but its all good because we got tons of other events coming up.  Here's DJ Julz (Mindz Alike) spinnin' in the front room.
Since I'm still on crutches I just chilled with some of the friends on the beds in the VIP area.
Paul the Promoter (Endless Nightlife).  Paul admitted to me that he reads my blog.  HAHA  Thanks bro!
Vietnam in the house!
It was a sober night for me because I had to rest my sore throat... I still had a good time catching up with people.
DJ Mahjestik (Mass Appeal/Z90.3) holdin' it down in the outdoor patio.  "Love is love B!"
The back open air patio is always crackin'!
I called it an early night because I wanted to get home and rest up.  On my way to the parking structure, I ran into a few people jammin' out with one of the street musicians.
Looked like fun so I joined in on the festivities too... Hella random!  HAHA
More random strangers joined us too... WTF?
Aprille and Kim met up with me for a quick minute.  I miss them!
While I was heading back to the car I ran into April and Donette who happened to be on their way to April's favorite Downtown spot... Visions!  HAHA  She's gonna be so mad at me for putting that in my blog because she specifically said, "Don't put this in your blog TK!" HAHA  I love you April!
I ended the night with a 1 lb. California Burrito with sour cream and guacamole at Santanas.  Goodnight! 

I just found out that "goodnight" is one word.  Did you know that?  I mean if you say "Have a good night!" then thats two words but if you say "goodnight" then its one.  I swear I never knew that... HAHA  Learning new things everyday!  THANKS!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Guess my phone bill...

Check out April's AT&T phone bill:
Minutes Used: 5,505
Text Messages: 1,768

Thats a new personal record!

FYI: No my phone bill isn't $11.85, thats the extra usage charges on top of my regular plan.  I wish it was only $11.85.  HAHA


For guestlist email:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

G-Shock 2008 Release

G-Shock turns 25 this year too! If you guys are looking for a perfect birthday gift for me... Any of these will do.  Hook it up!  HAHA
Entering its 25th year of service, Casio G-Shock has become a dependable and trustworthy purveyor of durable timepieces at reasonable prices. Although a bigger phenomenon amongst Asian markets, nevertheless the G-Shock has managed to stay contemporary with new styles to compliment its reliable classics. This months releases include the G-Shock Project Team Tough Special Edition, Glorious Gold Pack, various G-LIDEs (including the much talked about In4mation collabo) and the futuristic looking G-8100.

Source: Hypebeast

REMIX ft. Choreo Cookies

ZXR, Victory Nightlife, Dred Carpet, and Impact Productions are teaming up to jump start your Memorial Day Weekend at Belo Nightclub. This is also the first of many events for my Super Sweet 25th... HAHA

Featuring a special live performance by Choreo Cookies aka my favorite dance team! HAHA Check out this video of Choreo Cookies at Traffic 2007.

I love this kid!

Just the other day Josephine, Cheryl, Robyn and I were talking about this videos. It's probably one of my favorite videos on YouTube. I am sure many of you have already seen it but hopefully if you're having a bad day it can bring a smile to your face. Enjoy!

I can already hear Josephine laughing... HAHA

Lotus Thai Cuisine

Tuesday I met up with Rob Zoomy (ZXR/Club Deviate) at Lotus Thai Cuisine in Downtown.  Rob Zoomy is one of the pioneers of the Asian nightlife scene in San Diego.  I always learn a few tricks of the trade when I'm with Rob.  

We meet up to discuss all of our upcoming events.  Trust me we've got a ton of events lined up for Summer starting off with Deco's this Friday ft. DJ Julz (Mindz Alike) and DJ Mahjestik (Mass Appeal/Z90).

Email me names (first & last) to to get on the guestlist.

I give Lotus Thai Cuisine two thumbs up.  If you love Thai food you should check this place out.  It's located at 906 Market Street (on the corner of 9th Ave).  Thanks Rob for dinner!

Also, if you haven't check it out already the Victory Nightlife website has been updated:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

For those of you in the LA area:

Thursday, May 8th:
Friday, May 9th:
Saturday, May 10th:

I'm turning 25!

I know it seems like I'm having a ton of events for my birthday... I am!

But if I had to pick one event for everyone to be at it would be Jade Theater on Thursday, May 29th for a 3 course dinner ($30) starting at 7:30.  Invitations are in the works.  After dinner we're mixing it up with DJ Mark Marcelo and DJ Teknikscian on the dance floor.  Followed by a special live performance by the lovely Latanya Lockette with a midnight birthday countdown.

Mark your calendars... Thanks Mark Marcelo for the beautiful flyer.  I love you!

The Debut

Monday was the debut of the newest Killa Beez basketball player Joe aka Iggy of TAA.  Since I'm in no shape to play this season, Joe took my spot on the roster as the Killa Beez's big man.  They were victorious in Joe's debut.  Joe had a few points, a couple of blocks, some rebounds, and a handful of air balls.  HAHA.

Here's an action shot from the game with George (Captain), Joe, Freddy, OJ, and Ollie on the floor.
We're proud of you Joe!  Now why does Julz face look like that?  HAHA
We celebrated our victory and Cinco De Mayo afterwards at Apple Beez.
Cheryl x Josephine x Robyn... That's right, the Luvabull's very own Robyn Villenuva (Chicago Bulls Cheerleader) was in town visiting and stopped by the game too.  I haven't seen Robyn in a few years but looks like she's enjoy herself out in the Windy City.
Calvin x Chris x Ojay x Michelle x George enjoying the Happy Hour Beer Special...
Cindy x Michelle
Man... My throat still really hurts!  I have DayQuil, Cloraseptic, Cepacol, Zicam, and Ricola.

You must watch IRON MAN!

Sunday night a group of us watched Iron Man at Mira Mesa Edwards.  You gotta go see if you haven't already.  I am actually down to watch it again so let me know.  Its a terrific movie and a perfect way to start off the summer movie line up.

I want an Iron Man suit... 

FYI: Stay through the credits...

I'm straight Chillin'!

Besides hosting Onyx & Thin this past weekend, I had probably the most relax weekend since the start of the year.  

I didn't even make it out to E-40 Concert at 4th & B with the Jabbawockeez because I was feeling under the weather.  Instead I just stayed at home on Saturday, which I haven't done in a long time.  But Guil, Steven, Julz, Jomo, Annabelle, and Terry stopped by with some mexican food and we watched Animal Planet on Bluray.  It was a chill night...

Sunday I woke up with my throat still sore, but I decided I needed to get out of the house so I rolled with Ollie (BFF) to the Annual PQ Cinco De Mayo Festival.  Willy's Workshop had a booth and a demo out there so it packed with kids.
For only a $1 you get a chance to spin the wheel to win various prizes like t-shirts, buttons, stickers, wheels, or even a new skate deck.
Shem, Nate, Ann, and Christian helped out with the festivities...
Afterwards Ollie and I went to Round Table Pizza to eat with Sean and Rose (BFF - Female).  I love Round Table Pizza!  Check out our medium Meat Marvel and our side of Garlic Parmesan Twist.  YUMMY!
Even the guys from Hoey Inc. paid us a visit at Round Table.
Ryan (Illiss) drew a "ill" rattle snake on my cast.  Ryan is the ultimate reptile lover... Who do you know that has an alligator?
Gotta take my DayQuil: Cold & Flu... BRB

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This is where I'll be this Saturday...

Culture Shock and Future Shock Los Angeles present...
[A classic novel gets a Hip Hop spin]

“A Beautiful Struggle” tells the story of four individuals who dare to create in a time when artistic expression has been outlawed. Inspired by the real life experiences of those whose lives have been deeply touched by the arts and inexorably changed by a belief in themselves, this unique original work uses music, art, spoken word, and dance to bring their stories to the stage. This truly collaborative effort includes performances by Culture Shock San Diego, RhetOracle Dance Company, Creative Planet, Kaba Modern, and appearances from members of the Jabbawockeez.

CLICK flyer to enlarge!
CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets now!


This past Friday was Victory Nightlife's monthly Exclusive at Onyx & Thin.  It marks the 1 month anniversary of my tragic rail jumping incident that left me with this purple cast.  I got so much shit from all the bouncers and the staff at Onyx & Thin... They kept teasing me all night.  HAHA  No worries... I only have 2 more weeks!  Can't wait!!!  So while some of you are celebrating the end of finals in 2 weeks, I'll be celebrating the removal of my cast.  I'm gonna have a cast release party... HAHA.

Anyways, Onyx & Thin was lots of fun.  I never went downstairs to Onyx because I didn't want anything to happen again.  Plus, its hard to go down a flight of stairs with crutches.  We had another packed house, lots of birthdays, and special guest in the house.

CLICK HERE to view all my photos from Onyx & Thin.

Even Lang (who I studied abroad with her in Tianjin, China in 2005 for 5 months) and her boyfriend Eric came through to have a few drinks.  Its been awhile since I've seen them.  I am so glad they came through.
8:1 now thats a great ratio!  HAHA  AJ is a pimpin' it with some lovely ladies from LA & SD.
Cheryl x Steve x Rhoda
Formality x NYR: Eddie x April x TK x Kat.  I'm still waiting on the return of NYR... Let me know when it is!
I got a surprise visit from Melissa Adao and her boyfriend David.  Thank you Melissa for the wonderful compliments.  Its great to catch up with an old friend.
Kim aka Sister what are you whispering to Phil (Jabbawockeez)?
Introducing our Special Guest: The Jabbawockeez... A few weeks ago Des (Culture Shock SD) hit me up about setting up a birthday surprise for Chris Gatdula (Jabbawockeez) and Citrus while they were in SD for the E-40 show.  Everything turned out perfect.  We killed 6 bottles... Damn!

Welcome to VIP!
Des x Tina x TK x Crutches
Happy Birthday...
Thank you to Tera and Jose (Onyx & Thin) for helping us out with the festivities.
Birthday Boy & Girl: Chris x Citrus
World Famous B-Girl Crew
Saso x Birthday Boy x TK
I love Aldryn!  HAHA
Hazel (Boogie Monstarz) x Saso (Jabbawockeez)
Ladies of SD x Fullerton = Trouble!
Thanks to the sisters, Mabel and Sarah for stopping by to visit me.  Juli is somewhere there too... HAHA
Claudia (Culture Shock SD) doing some acrobatics on my crutches.
The ladies love Ben Chung (Jabbawockeez)... HAHA
Especially Jenny... HAHA
I am not sure what going on in this picture but I think Robyn is freakin' my crutches... HAHA
Here's our other birthday celebrant... Mons Carrillo!
Great job Des!  Thanks to everyone who came out!!!
Can't wait till June 5th for our next Onyx & Thin event... See you there!