Friday, March 2, 2007



Just wanted to let you know I've already made it safely to Vietnam. It was a grueling 29 hour journey from the time I left my house to the moment I stepped foot on Vietnamese soil. Its been a long day and I have another long day ahead of me. Good news is that we have a fast internet connection at home. I'm gonna go to bed now but I'll have lots of updates for you all soon!

Don't forget tonight at House of Blues Legends Lounge we have the Signature Series featuring a live performance from Kareya. They'll be performing at 10:15PM so make sure you come out and support your local artist. Our very own DJ Bluballz will be spinnin' on the ones and twos making sure the party is crackin'.

Alright... From Vietnam to America... GOOD NIGHT! Hi Myster!!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bye Bye

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful messages you've been leaving. You really know how to make someone feel loved. This will be my last post for the Wildboyz HQ aka my house. HAHA

Yesterday I finally gave up on my search for my Canon SD600... RIP! I had my camera for only 2 months. Geez I'm getting so forgetful... I hate losing stuff! The other night on Circuit City's website I noticed that the SD600 was on sale for $225 (retail$250). Sucks b/c I only paid $215 for mine in December. So I was like yeah I'll just go to Best Buy and get it with my Best Buy card b/c they price match. So yesterday OJ and I went to Best Buy but unfortunately when they checked the Circuit City prices online the sale was over! NO!!! But the SD630 was on sale for $260 (retail $300) so I thought I rather pay $10 more and get the 3" LCD screen. Both cameras are completely the same except the SD630 has a 3" screen instead of 2.5" and there's no optical view finder. I guess I never used the view finder so whatever... I like my new camera but I had to dish out another $300 w/ the case.

Later that night the homies came over to hang out and play Nintendo Wii & DS although many of them had work in the morning... Some didn't even sleep. Thanks April for the yummy cookies... It was like a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal cookie! I loved it! I also thought Cecile brought me a Cherry Coke b/c she said, "Here brother bear I got you a coke!" but I guess she didn't mean it... You suck! HAHA Eventually at about 3:30AM OJ, Chris, and Leo accompanied me to Walmart down in Aero Drive to get luggage... HAHA I ended up getting a 7 piece set from Prestige for only $70. Thanks for coming guys!

Here are a few pictures from last night:
Mysters eating Sushiya... I ordered hella food! Bolgogi lunch special & 2 cruchy rolls! Do you like my holding the head pose?
And for dessert... WINK WINK!
Look at the concentration on Laguna's face... Geez its only Mario Kart!
Here's JR training for his Street Figher II Tournament in May.
Doubles Tennis
Street Figher II Anniversary Edition
Edwin & Ollie Team PI vs. Cecile & Kimtan Team Vietnam... VIETNAM won!
Smile, Smile, Grr
Sorry Ollie I suck at Tennis... Cecile caught me in the air swinging... Look at my right toes... Flexin'

Alright everyone... I'm leaving for the airport in about 2 hours. I have a long journey ahead of me and I'll try to update you guys on my blog. Take care... You can always contact me through email: I'm pretty sure you'll always see me online. Take care world! I love you guys! See you soon!

MYSTER: Who loves you baby? HAHA I'll miss my best friend... I love you Myster! See you soon... Take care and I'll see you on iChat!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NEW Itinerary

Wednesday 28 February 2007
American Airlines Inc - Flight AA 3092
Depart: San Diego 4:50PM
Arrive: Los Angeles 5:40PM
Travel Time: 50 mins

Wednesday 28 February 2007
China Airline - Flight CI 0007
Depart: Los Angeles 11:10PM
Arrive: Taipei, Taiwan 5:40AM
Travel Time: 14 hours & 30 mins

Friday 2 March 2007
China Airline - Flight CI 0683
Depart: Taipei, Taiwan 8:25AM
Arrive: Hanoi, Vietnam 10:35
Travel Time: 3 hours & 10 mins

TOTAL Travel Time: 18 hours & 30 mins

Damn... I better get an exit row seat for my long limps... And what happen to March 1st? HAHA Guess I'll be missing Edwin's birthday this year! My layover in LA will be a few hours so feel free to call me. See you soon!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Change of Plans

It finally hit me after my Going Away Party that I'm actually leaving on Wednesday. But there has been a change of plans... I didn't realize until I emailed my dad that I was flying to the wrong city.

"You DUMB ass!" -Eric's Mom from That 70's Show.

Instead of flying to Hanoi (Vietnam's capital) my ticket was to Ho Chi Minh City which is also known as Saigon. I don't know what I was thinking... I just got the two cities mixed up I guess.

So now I'm departing earlier from San Diego at 4:30PM with my next flight to Taipei at 11:30PM. Therefore I can either fly from SD and wait at LAX or leave later but drive to LAX. Still debating... The extra connecting flight was only $15 more.

Anyways... Tonight both Purple Haze teams are premiering their new jerseys that just came in... Trust me... They're sick!!! Come show some love and support tonight at AIU in Miramar.



Also here are a few more pictures from Excelsior that I stole form Christine:
Cheers to KJ too b/c its his going away party every week... Back to LA!

Josephine can't let go of the bottle of Grey Goose!

XoOxxOOXXxxoo... FATCHO!!!

HAHA... One to many Gold Schlagers! "Its over after this"

Sunday, February 25, 2007


THANK YOU to everyone who came out last night to Excelsior for the Going Away Party! We raised a few hundred dollars for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The turnout was terrific and it was a reUNION! Saw lots of friends I haven't seen in awhile. I felt the LOVE!!! HAHA We had our own VIP section w/ a few bottles of Grey Goose & Hennessey. Thank you Mr. Moe Zarabi for the bottle of Hennessey!

It was definitely one of the funnest parties we've thrown except for an unfortunate incident involving a few friends. I don't want to go into detail but I felt bad b/c it was a miscommunication between different friends. Lets just say leave the round house kicks for Street Fighter.

I have tons of pictures and if you have some from that night please email them to me.

Wildboyz x IAG Sports Entertainment x Victory

This is Annmarie... She's the one we are helping to raise $$$ for. She'll be participating in an Olympic distance Triathlon in May. The triathlon consisting of 1.5km of swimming, 40km of biking and 10k of running... All in one day! Her goal is to raise $2,800 for the LLS. I hope we've helped you get closer to your goal.

Drew & Jen

Anne Perry a proud CNS Lymphoma surviver!


SDSU Alumni

Best Friends For Life!

The Brothers

5&A Dime

Wildboyz x 5&A Dime... Coming Soon!

Iron Mike

Ge the G!




Always creepin...

Vietnamese and Viet Lovers!

Shots on Phong!

People use to say were were twins in high school... I think I'm cute!

Tennessee Titans


Four Brothers

Shalihe is DRUNK!!! HAHA Thanks for the shots of gold schlager Willy.

Jodonn and State of Mind Radio's DJ Hektik

Crystal and her entourage

Damn... Even Fred from the "Swear Boyz" was there! HAHA


Happy Birthday Bayani

Scotty from Victory

Josephine pointing at KJ and laughing

KJ pointing at Josephine and laughing


No Homo

I like this picture!

Alvaro's Mexican Food

KJ serenading Althea

143 everyone!