Friday, August 7, 2009

Stnadard Hotel New York

I want to stay here next time I'm out in New York... Who's down for another trip to NYC?

The Standard Hotel has recently opened a new property that sits over the High Line Park in New York City. With some very appealing images having just been released of their luxury accommodation it is no surprise that this hotel caters the finest of details and functions from dining to architecture. Have a look inside the rooms here.

Via: Slamxhype

Follow me to LAS VEGAS!

Once again San Diego x Los Angeles x San Francisco are invading Sin City for the weekend! you know its going to be pure pandemonium so follow me for all the latest updates.

Here's the line up of events we'll be hosting for Slightly Dangerous LV:
[Friday August 7th]
+ Model Behavior @ Rain Nightclub ft. DJ AM (Palms)

[Saturday August 8th]
+ Palms Pool Party (Palms)
+ Slightly Dangerous @ Tao (Venetian)
I'll actually be at XS (Encore) first before heading to Tao...

[Sunday August 9th]
+ Sunset Sessions @ Tao Beach (Venetian)
+ Vice Sundays @ Lavo ft. DJ VICE (Venetian)

Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... Unless we twitter it! HAHA

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Words of Advice by Jenn

Dear friends,

Tomorrow we will be in Vegas, where most of us will be drinking ourselves into stupidity. While you're dancing topless on that sofa/making out with that ugly chick/insert your unwise, alcohol-influenced decision here, please try to remember these two very important words:

Camera Awareness

On this trip you'll probably see many good friends wielding cameras and think nothing of it, but ask yourself this: "Do I really want this moment captured where it will likely be shared on Facebook/Twitter/blogs galore?"

After all, you don't want to end up like this guy..

Amen to that. SMH.

Happy partying my friends! See you in Vegas!


Hi from the Amtrack Train!

Greetings from the Amtrak train! I'm just leaving LA and heading back to SD (finally after being in NY/LA for over a week), but I've got so many errands to run before I head to Las Vegas tomorrow for Slightly Dangerous!

I'm definitely nomad status! I think I've only spent 4 days in SD in the past 3 weeks! I've been having the time of my life and I know Vegas is going to be no different b/c the majority of the Wildboyz x Victory Nightlife fam are all coming too, but I'm seriously just so exhausted! I wish I had just one more day to recover but I can't complain!

I've got crazy stories to update you all. I'll update the blog soon, but it probably won't be until after Vegas!
Check out my home made splint aka a spoon that I'm using since my idiot ass slammed the car door on my finger last night. If you didn't see the picture I posted on twitter/facebook here it is. Shit is still throbbing... Such a party foul!

Well I am gonna knock out for an hour on this train. Its gonna be another crazy weekend. Let the party continue. See you all soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

[Day 6] Blue Steel at the 10 Deep Photo Shoot

[Sunday, August 2nd] I had to be in SoHo by 11:30AM for the 10 Deep photo shoot. Back when Dante Ross was still the marketing director, he asked me to do shoot for them but I couldn't make it. So I'm really excited to finally get the chance to do it because not only is it a great opportunity, but I actually love 10 Deep! Anyways, I've only done one photo shoot before with Chaz Cruz, but that was much more casual. I had to bust out the Zoolander for this one! HAHA I can't wait to see the finished product. The new 10 Deep look book should be out next week so stay tuned!

Setting up...
Each of us only tried on 2 different looks.
The studio/loft space was really nice! I wonder how much a spot like this would cost!?
Dave (Historian) x German (Team Manager) x Scott (Owner) x Mario (Intern) x Eric (Production)
10 Deep Skate Team: Rodrigo x German x Nate Fantasia
Shout out to Brian Cleaver (photographer), Eric Raymundo, and the rest of the 10 Deep squad for the opportunity! Look forward to working together again soon!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

[Day 5 pt. II] LES x St. Marks x Rewind

[Saturday, August 1st] After watching 500 Days of Summer at AMC, we headed to the LES aka Lower East Side so I could get a haircut before Sunday's shoot. I ran into actress Rosario Dawson walking through the streets on my way to the barber shop. Apparently, she lives in the LES. I didn't want to be weird so I decided to be creepy and taking a photo of her from behind. HAHA
If you're in the East Village, you gotta drop by this pizza shop called "Artichoke" for their signature artichoke pizza. Its soooo goooood!
Our plan was to go to the Empire State Building but when we got there the line was over an hour long because it was such a magnificent day, plus it was during the peak hours. I guess we'll just have to save it for another day...
This ones for you Alvin (Alvinisms)... They were playing Chess on the streets with giant pieces! I want a chess set like this!
While waking back to Melissa S. apartment I ran into the mysterious black ninja squirrel again! This must be a sign... I don't know!
That night Melissa S. and I had dinner in St. Marks at a Korean spot. I love Korean food!
We finished a whole watermelon of soju at dinner!
Bulgogi bibimbap =
After dinner, Melissa S. and I headed to Rewind to meet up with the New York fam. I haven't had a chance to see Dee aka "Flaka" since I arrived to NY. She's one of the craziest girls I know, she has mad energy for days... Lots of fun!

Dee aka Flaka x Melissa S. x Kristyna
Dee and Irv are my extended NY family! They always take care of me while I'm out here! Thank you guys for always showing me an awesome time! 143!!!
Thanks Dee for being a great host to everyone! Yay for new friends too!
Ever since I've known Irv, I've actually never seen him spin before... He definitely held it down for us party people! HAHA
Jermz and the rest of the crew came through to meet up for a few drinks and dancing dancing! I wasn't suppose to drink and be home by 2AM to be well rested for the 10 Deep shoot, but that didn't happen! HAHA
Dee x Ron... Ron was breakin' it down on the dance floor! I totally didn't expect that... Good times!!!
What so funny? I wannna to know too...
Jump on it... Jump on it!
Fun times at Rewind!!!
Melissa S. and I didn't end up leaving until 3AM... I tried sleeping early that night but I think I was still on Cali time because I didn't end up falling sleep until 5AM.

I'm glad I got a chance to meet up with D, Kristyna, Irv, and everyone else. Always great to catch up with friends, share a few laughs, have a few drinks, and dance dance dance!

To be continued...

[Day 5 pt. I] 500 Days of Summer :)

Thanks to Orlanzo and Joseph (AMC) for getting us tickets to 500 Days of Summer! This is one of the best movies I've see all year. Go watch it because its a great date movie!

"This is a boy meets girl story. Its not a love story." - Narrator

[Day 4] SoBe Fridays x Le Poisson x Santos

[Friday, July 31] Friday was another full day of festivities that didn't end until almost 6am. Our plans were to hit up Foundation, SoBe Fridays, and Santos Party House.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from New York.

We started off our day with lunch in SoHo, I forgot the name of this spot but it was really good!
We followed up with more shopping down Broadway. I even practiced my modeling skills before Sunday's shoot. HAHA
Jeremy (FYS), Ron, Kevin, and Julian finally meet up with us in SoHo. We all mobbed over to the Foundation Showroom to pay Oliver a visit, but while commuting we lost Ron connecting to the subway. We eventually regrouped but Ron was forced to be in timeout! HAHA
Jeremy x Julian x Ron walking in the rain.
Thanks to Oliver for hooking up Melissa and I with some gear from WESC.

It was then off to the Epiphany x SoBe Water x Nylong Mag Friday event where Hellz Bellz was having a sample sale. They were giving away free food, free drinks, free messages, and free mani/pedis. I wish we would have came earlier but by the time we got there at 6pm the line was long. Thanks to Vernie (P&P) and Rickey Kim (Epiphany) for getting me through quickly!
The place was crackin' full of great looking people.
What the Hellz?
Shout out to Vernie x Rebecca x Julie at the Hellz Bellz booth.
Rickey Kim (Mr. Kim Says) x Julie x TK... I'm glad I got a chance to finally connect with Rickey. Thanks for everything! I hope we can collaborate sometime in the near future.
Hellz Bellz x Mosley Tribe = Chambers
That guy from America's Next Top Model was there working the run way, but he's definitely not the one that caught my eye in this photo...
The Melissa's in front of the Melissa booth... HAHA!
I love photo booth pictures!
We all tried capitalizing on the free drinks as much as possible!
The last Epiphany x SoBe party I was at was at Shangri La Hotel in Santa Monica for July 4th. Congrats on another amazing event!
It was then off to Samba Sushi in the West Village! Melissa S. x TK
We feasted like Kings!
It was then off to get ready to hit the town. Our first stop was Le Poisson Rouge where Uncle Chip was spinnin'... Elevator pic!
Let the fun times begin!!!
Uncle Chip (Elite Camp) x Sickroc x TK x Oliver (Foundation)
Melissa S. x Eileen
The spot wasn't that big but the music was good and drinks were relatively cheap... Thanks for the hospitality Chip!
Rock Steady Crew in the house!
We didn't head out to Santos Party House until 2AM, where we meet up with Orlanzo and Tristan (United). I love how clubs are open until 4AM here... I wish it was like that in Cali!
Santos House Party is always crackin' on Fridays because Q-Tip is spinnin' and he's known to bring out some of his celebrity friends. Busta Rhymes and Rosario Dawson were both there. The place was packed but I couldn't see anything inside because it was so dark.
Tristan was a happy drunk that night! HAHA
We created a freestyle circle with Jeremy bustin' out his bboy moves... Shit was fun!
Fun times on the dance floor...
Here's a picture I snapped of Busta Bust outside getting into his Maybach. We wanted to take a group photo with him but we got denied. HAHA
Guess where we went afterwards? That's right! Chicken & Rice cart for the 3rd time! We had to introduce Jeremy and the rest of the crew to this amazing goodness! HAHA
To be continued...