Saturday, October 4, 2008

World of Dance Weekend

WARNING: This blog entry is really picture heavy so it might take a few minutes to load. I wanted to upload more but this entry is already ridiculously long... You can view the rest of the pictures on my flickr account. Just click below.

CLICK HERE to view all the photos from SF.

DAY 1: Thursday, September 25th
Tristan, Tarzan, Lora, Harold, Raelynn and I all flew together on Virgin America to SFO Thursday night.
I love complimentary alcohol on the flights... We were all buzzin' once we landed. HAHA
Thanks Abbie (WOD) for picking Tristan and I up from the airport. We appreciate it! We spent our first night in Downtown SF eating at Mel's Diner and roaming the streets. We took it easy so we could be well rested and do our tourist thing the next day.

DAY 2: Friday, September 26th
TGIF. We all got up early and headed over to Cheesecake Factory in Union Square for breakfast.
I love mojitos!
The amazing view of Union Square. I spy an iPod "commercial"... HAHA
Afterwards we headed over to Fisherman's Warf to meet up with some other friends.

While we were there, Harold and I took a few green screen shots for our upcoming De Car Tour campaign ad for Spring 2009. De Car Tour (roll your RRRRR) is a chic Latino clothing line catered to young Asian males. Its the brain child of Harold, Alfredo, and I... Be on the look out for it in 2009.

Here's are our first test shots for our De Car Tour ad.

This is not De Car Tour... But its a funny picture of Harold. HAHA
Lora (aka Jane) x Chris (aka Tarzan) = So Nice!
Harold x Tristan
Reye Lisa met up with us for a bit to hang out. Thanks for coming out Reye!
De Car Tour 2009.
This has to be the ugliest picture... Ever! What are you doing Alfredo? HAHA
Alfredo, Lovelyn, Angela, Jessica, and Christine met up with us too!
We did a bit of shopping on Haight Street and meet up with Mr. Ray Pelia. I haven't seen him in over a year so it was nice to catch up.

Raelynn x Ray = Mira Mesa
After spending a day and a half in the city, we headed over to the Radisson in Pleasanton, which was 45 mins away from the city. It was pretty far but it was only a few mins away from the venue.

World of Dance booked over 40 hotel rooms for most of the staff, judges, and performers. The place was swarming with people... I felt like we were at Band Camp! HAHA

Ari (World Famous) is an amazing gymnast for UCLA. I've known her since she was 13 years old. She's turning 21 soon!!!  You know what that means... PARTY!
Everyone's favorite ex red head... Jazmyne Jenkins (World Famous | Ciara Tour)!
That night we mobbed back to the city with over 30+ to hit up a few clubs to promote WOD.

Founders of De Car Tour: Harold x TK
Holla! Thanks Trung (Set 4 Life Entertainment) for taking care of all of us.
We meet up with the rest of the 21XL Events Company crew, who had bottle service at another club.

Who's down for a shot of Hen? HAHA Chris (Stay Fresh) x Irish x Tarzan x Lora
Irish came out from San Jose to hang out for the night.
You know how we do... Get it Love!
"We run LA!" - 21XL
White V neck crew: Myron x Tina x TK
Once the club closed at 2AM, a few of us headed to another spot for after hours. But since it that place wasn't crackin', I met back up with Myron and Trung to head to a spot called "Danny's" not "Denny's" for some late night dinner. HAHA
Myron and I didn't get back to the hotel until 5AM. I was so sleepy during my 45 min drive back to Pleasanton.

Day 3: Saturday, September 27th
After months of planning, World of Dance San Francisco was finally here! It was madness throughout the day. There were over a thousand performers, hundreds of vendors, and thousands of attendees. It was organized chaos!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the show. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and wish you'll come back to the next WOD.

Unloading time...
Some of the ladies of Sheroes...
Jon Chu (Director of Step Up 2 | ACDC) x Arnel Calvario (CSLA | Kaba Modern Founder) = Inspiration
Check out Jon Chu's latest dance project: Republicans vs. Democrats
I love Rad Clothing! Thank you guys for the t-shirt!
The 12 foot 9 inches of pure sexiness! TK x Rictor (Phoenix Dance Co.)
Mr. Fantastic (SYTYCD) and his entourage! His solo performance was jaw droppin'! I don't know how he does the stuff he does... I'm a fan!
My favorite team: Choreo Cookies (Oceanside) x TK
2 of my favorite people: Anna Sarao x Arnel Calvario
Yuri (Kaba Modern) and her legion of fans.
Robert (Freestyle Sessions) x Lil' Bob (Killa4nia) sippin' on their Monsters in the B-Boy Arena.
The man himself... Myron Marten (21XL | WOD) aka my lover!
Most of the ladies of World Famous reppin' SD!
2 of the hardest working ambassadors... Thanks guys!
De Car Tour 2009.
David Ross presents "The Project"
Britney x David killin' it on stage!
Get it Angela!
Souldefied Movement: Freemont x Los Angeles
Jon Chu x Harry Shum (Step Up 2 | Stomp the Yard | You Got Served) x Chris (Step Up 2)
Curtis (Dunk Xchange) and friends...
UFO Movement (Daly City) shout out to Pat x George x Aggie
My favorites: Tina x Jan (aka Rock It Danger)
Project EM was definitely a crowd favorite! We love you Emerson!
Get it boy!!!
Press Play (Sacramento)
Choreo Cookies (Oceanside)
3 on 3 B-Boy Battle: Knuckleheads vs. Killa4nia

Knuckleheads was victorious!
Kaba Modern (ABDC) always tearin' it up!
Home town favorites... Supreme Soul (ABDC)!

Congratulations to 3rd place: Funksters, 2nd place: Step Boyz, and 1st place: Choreo Cookies
I'm so proud of Emmett and the entire Choreo Cookies squad! You guys deserved it and thats why you're my favorite team! HAHA

Ross x Keone
World of Dance SF 2008 Champions: CC
My brother from anther mother... Jay Chris Moore!
After the show, I met Christine from Sacramento, who said she loved my blog. Thanks Christine for the love! I appreciate it and it was a pleasure meeting you.
Everyone was super exhausted after the show and the 45 minute drive to the city didn't sound so appealing so we brought the party back to the Radisson. There were a few different parties going on throughout the hotel. Harold, Stacey, and I rolled over to the Kaba Modern party in Mike Song's room with a handle of Crown.

Lizzellllllll x Gina x Harold
TK x Cindy (KM)

Vietnamese Brothers: Toe-Knee x Tony (KM)
Yuri (KM) x Emerson (Funks SF) aka Boyfriend... HAHA
Stacey is in a boyfriend sandwich... MUAHAHHA!  Be on the look out for Emerson and my 2009 calendar coming soon... You'll see what I'm talking about!  HAHA
We love Arnel!
Arlene (Kaba Modern) aka Althea's Twin... HAHA

We hopped around the hotel from room to room and ended up chillin' outside until 8AM just catching up and chit chatting.  Here we are in the lobby where Chris Cruz (Stay Fresh) and myself fell asleep in the chairs.

DAY 4: Sunday, September 28th
After only 2 hours of sleep we had to check out at 11AM.  It was our last day in San Francisco so we wanted to do a few more touristy things before we departed.  First on the agenda was the Golden Gate Bridge.

Right before Tarzan busted this b-boy pose, he was saying don't worry I won't fall...
Next thing you know he falls over the ledge and had Harold leaping over to try to save him... HAHA
Tristan x Lora x Tarzan x Harold x Raelynn x TK
So nice!
Check out Tristan's new head shot! 
We meet up with Trung, Chris Cruz, and a few of their friends to check out the Folsom Street Fair.  I feel that I'm an open minded person but the street fair was too INTENSE to say the least.  HAHA
This is nothing compared to the naked guys walking around with this junk just chillin'.  When I was ordering a drink at the bar a guy comes up behind me to order butt ass naked... It was too intense.
Chris survived the Folsom Street Fair... But I know he wanted to go back!
We meet up with Myron and the rest of the 21XL crew to grab lunch at Cha Cha Cha.
Cha Cha Cha is known for their sangria.  After about 10 pitchers of sangria...
This happened!  HAHA
and this!  HAHA
Thanks Myron!
We all love you!
Thanks Trung for the hospitality.  I had too much fun in San Francisco...  I was suppose to meet up with my Mom aka An Diep for dinner since she was in SF too visiting her boyfriend but I ended up getting way to drunk...
Evidence of my drunkenness... There's actually a few other pictures that are far worse but we'll keep that on the DL.  HAHA
Tristan and I headed to the airport afterwards for Part II of my vacation... 

DESTINATION: New York City, New York

To be continued...

P.S. Has anyone seen the mega phone I was using at World of Dance?  I think someone stole it...