Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm in the BAY!

I finally got to the Radisson Hotel in Dublin just now, which is about 45 mins away from the city. The hotel has free internet. HOLLA! The Radisson is playing host to the World of Dance Tour. We have over 40 rooms here for performers, judges, and staff. The party has already started!!! HAHA

I actually got in yesterday night with Tristan, Harold, Raelynn, Tarzan, Lora, Angela, and Jessica. We were all on the same Virgin America flight. It was fun to travel again with a big group of friends. We were all drinking complimentary cocktails on the plane. You definitely feel it quicker in the air due to the high altitude. We spent the night roaming the streets of Downtown for a bit and eating at Mel's Diner before crashing at the Westin Hotel in the city.

Today, we got up early and headed over to the Cheesecake Factory in Union Square above the Macy's building for brunch. YUMMY! After a bit of shopping at H & M, we drove over to Fisherman's Wharf to meet up with other friends and do the tourist thing. Then it was off to Haight Street for some shopping... But no one bought anything.

Now we're finally in Dublin at the hotel about to head back to the city to party. If you're in the Bay, I hope to see you at the show tomorrow. If not have a wonderful week!

I'm lovin' life! NYC on Monday! HOLLA!

On top of that, I don't have PINK EYE anymore! Yay! Look at those beautiful brown eyes! HAHA

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Creme de la Creme Mixtape

If you're in LA this Saturday, come check out the Creme de La Creme Mixtape Party at the Standard hosted by Pac Div.

I'm leaving for SF and NY today!

Its been weeks since I've flown on Virgin America. I miss flying! 

Tristan (Virign America) and I are flying out this afternoon to San Francisco for World of Dance at the Alameda County Fairgrounds.  Hopefully you already have your tickets for the show by now, if you don't what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to purchase your limited presale tickets now for only $25. Don't be one of those people waiting in the massive line to buy tickets the day of the show wishing they got presale... Trust me you won't want to miss it! We've got a killer line up which includes ABDC's Kaba Modern, Fish n Chicks, and Supreme Soul. So if you're in the Bay this weekend... Hit me up!!!

Southern Cali is taking over the Bay for the weekend... There are so many people coming up!  Its gonna be fun times!

After all the chaos of WOD settles down, I'm taking the red eye flight to New York Sunday night. I'm meeting up with Neil (WBZ) on Monday to check out the MET and a few other exhibits and museums for Segue Mag. I'm planning to stay in New York until Thursday morning. Holla at me!

I miss jet setting... This is my last trip before I go back to school on October 8th. SAD FACE!  Let the madness begin!

Also if you haven't heard yet, Willy's Workshop and Victory Nightlife will both have booths at this years FilAm Fest 2008 on Saturday, October 4th. Victory Nightlife is also hosting the official Pre-Party (at Onyx & Thin) and After Party (at Prospect) for this event... More info coming soon!

Have a great weekend everyone.  Be safe!

My Next Car

Here are the 3 cars that I'm currently looking at:

1.) 2009 Lexus IS F: $61,445.00
5.0 Liter V8 
416 hp @ 6600 rpm
0-60 MPH in 4.6 sec
8 Speed Direct Sport Shift
16 MPG City/23 MPG Highway 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the IS F.

2.) 2009 Mercedes-Benz C63AMG: $65,785.00
6.3 Liter V8
451 hp @ 6800 rpm
0-60 MPH in 4.4 sec
7 Speed Automatic Transmission
12 MPG City/20 MPG Highway

CLICK HERE to learn more about the C63 AMG.

3.) 2009 BMW M3: $65,025.00
4.0 Liter V8
414 hp @ 8300 rpm
0-60 MPH in 4.6 sec
6 Speed Manual
14 MPG City/20 MPG Highway 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the M3.

Check out this article from Motor Trend's Comparison of the M3 vs. IS F vs. C63 AMG.

Or you can watch this video comparison of these 3 luxurious speed demons.

I want them all.  Which car do you like???

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Project 10^100

Got an idea that could change the world, or at least help a lot of people? Google wants to hear from you -- and it will pay as much as $10 million to make your idea a reality.

In other words, helping helps everybody, helper and helped alike.

Good luck, and may those who help the most win.

CLICK HERE for full details about Project 10^100.


Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to announce that Victory Nightlife will be hosting our HALLOWEEN MASSIVE at HOUSE OF BLUES (SD) once again. If you guys remember our 2006 Halloween Massive at HOB.  It was straight madness.  We SOLD OUT with over 1,800+ people. It was the best party I've ever hosted.   

This year will be bigger and better.  Its a guaranteed SELL OUT event!  So start thinking about your costumes now.  Limited presale tickets will be available soon for only $10.  More info coming soon...

Halloween Massive 2006

Tropic Thunder

Tuesday a few of us went down to AMC 20 in Mission Valley to catch a free sneak preview of Spike Lee's new film, "Miracle at St. Anna".  Although I still have lots of work to do before I leave for SF, the preview looked really good, and it was free so why not!  

I remember back in High School, we use to mob down to Mission Valley to watch movies every Friday.  We watched "She's All That" starring Freddie Prinze Jr. with almost 30 people.  HAHA  Those were the days...
Anyways, I was laggin' so half of us didn't make it into the free sneak preview.  BOO!  So instead we watched "Tropic Thunder".  However Jen loved "Miracle at St. Anna's" so I still want to watch it!

"Tropic Thunder" has been out for a while now but I never got a chance to watch it.  It's pretty hilarious and there are lots of well known actors and cameos in the movie.  Parts of it are ridiculous but its a stupid funny type of movie.  I enjoyed it.  

I rate the movie as solid B.
Early that day I got a surprise visit from Randy from RAD Clothing.  He's the creative genius behind evolving brand.  You can find RAD's new Fall '08 line on their website:

Thanks for dropping by my friend!  Also, if you're going to World of Dance this weekend make sure you check out their booth at the event. 
After the movie, we were all starving so we headed over to Dave & Busters for happy hour!
The Peppercorn Sirloin Steak is the BOMB!  HAHA
Vince x Meg
JR loves Cheesecake!
Annabelle disinfecting herself of my pink eye virus... HAHA
Apparently George was unstoppable on the billiards table. 6-0
We all got our fortunes told too by this mysterious fortune teller.
The End.  Happy Hump Day!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Night Football

I got Charger season tickets once again with Alvin in View 20. We've already missed the first 3 home games, including the season opener against the Panthers. Therefore we were both really excited about tonight's Monday Night Football Game versus the Jets. Not only was it a nationally televised game, but it was our chance to see one of the NFL's legendary players... Brett Farve!

I was going to tailgate with the rest of the D-4 crew but I decided to wait for Alvin to get off work at 3PM. It took us a min to finally park but it was perfect because we still had at least 30 minutes to chill with the homies, grab a bit of left over munchies, have a few drinks, and go straight in.  

Kimtan x April x Alvin partying in Section D-4

Alvin and I were both still hungry so we grab these bomb ass "Boss Dogs" ($10 ea.), a Bud Lite ($8.50), and a Pepsi ($4.50)... But the lady only charged me $18.50 instead of $33.00... I think its because I used my evil magical Lord Voldemort powers.  MUAHAHA  
The view from our seats... V20 Row 13 Seat 4

I made my way down to Section F38 to meet up with my cousins from LA but they were outside smoking so we didn't get to meet up... Next time!

I'm Lord Voldemort... I've infected everyone!  MUAHAHAHA... Doesn't this photo look green screened?  HAHA
This is the closest I'll ever get to future Hall of Famer, Brett Farve (#4)... 
Chargers 48 - Jets 29.  1-2 sounds so much better than 0-3.  Its about time we got a W... Great job Bolts!!!  Bring on the Oakland Raiders... San Diego Super Chargers!!!

Just in case you missed the highlights from the games... Check it out!

Happy Birthday An Diep aka Mom!

I love you!


I spent my entire Saturday in bed trying to recover from my binge drinking on Friday.  I was hurting all day... I told myself I wasn't going to drink on Saturday.  I threw up when I woke up, after my nap, and when I got to my car just before I drove off.  Ouch...

Saturday I celebrated a few birthdays. Starting off with dinner at Happy's Sushi (Mira Mesa) for Anne and Ryan Cabiling's 21st (HAHA) birthdays. We took over the entire restaurant with over 70+ people enjoying $1 sake specials, buy 2 get 1 free sushi rolls, and $1 off beers. We also had DJ Mark Marcelo's "Scrunchies and Headbands" mix keeping the party live!  I ended up eating a ton of food since I hadn't really eaten all day.  I was stuffed...

CLICK HERE to see the photos from Happy's Sushi and Prospect.
Anne (Birthday Girl) x Josephine
Happy Birthday Anne!  Lets dance!!!
I told myself I wouldn't drink but I ended up having a few shots of sake...
KJ with is ugly Asian smile... HAHA
Congrats to Jhoanna & Justin on their recent engagement.
Not another shot... 
Willy Santos. Pro Skater. USA.
Hi Chad!
Cheers to Anne & Ryan!
Round II
Round III... I think Anne was done after this one!  HAHA
I ended up leaving a bit early to head over to Prospect Bar & Lounge (La Jolla) for our Concrete event ft. DJ Rygar.  I anticipated a great turnout because of all the birthdays we had but it ended up being ridiculously packed.  We reached capacity by 11:30PM and we still had a huge line of people outside.  Thanks for coming out everyone!

Happy Birthday Noriza!
Charm x Jim = High School Sweethearts = Birthday Celebrants
James got a bit to drunk off these Patron shots that he got kicked out!  HAHA  I love you!
Ben (Blends) x Jessica x Ruby were also here to support DJ Rygar.
DJ Rygar reppin' the Bay!
Jessica x Angela are my favorite lebians!
The countdown to Charmaine's birthday at 11:59:59PM
Happy Birthday!  It was great to see the UrbanFX family again... Its been awhile!  I miss you guys!
Pam x Alvin
I am not sure if Josephine is doing the Solja Boy dance but she's holding a cigarette too.  I caught you red handed Josie!  HAHA
Wuss Clan!

Lou x Steven
Fel x Guil
Afterwards I headed over to Denny's (Mission Valley) with some of the homies, while Alvin cruised over to Tajima (Clairmont).

Glad to see you Pam and Margie!
The night ended with Alvin and I making a daring journey pass the 8 freeway... HAHA

Yet another adventurous weekend in the books... Its not over yet because in just a few hours I'm headed to the Chargers vs. Jets Monday Night Football Game!  YIPPY!