Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kanye West 808's and Heartbreakers Download

Download Kanye West's 2 latest tracks from his upcoming 808's and Heartbreakers album.

CLICK HERE to download Kanye West - Robocop
CLICK HERE to download Kanye West - Coldest Winter

SOURCE: Hypetrak

Friday, October 24, 2008

Black & White

Tuesday: All Nighter
Wednesday: Big Feet x Baby Feet
Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

TONIGHT: Se7en @ Sin Nite Club


Back in the day...

Check out this photo of Joe "Iggy" Ignacio (Avnt/Grde) and Willy Santos (Birdhouse) from back in the day. HAHA
Photo courtesy of Willy Santos.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Segue Magazine

SEGUE was created to connect our audience with an unconventional influx of both classic and contemporary ideas. We aim to highlight the work of the most influential professionals in the creative industry and hope to provide a platform for the emerging creative culture.

Our staff has a strong appreciation for travel, art, design, music, fashion and architecture. We indulge in the enrichment that the creative industry provides and promote dialogue amongst our readers.

I've just been added to the staff blogs... I'll do my first blog for Segue later today.  Please check us out!

8th & G

On Monday, I meet with Jay and Darcy to discuss our upcoming Halloween plans for House of Blues. They just converted the old shop location into 5&A Dime's new office and creative studio.  It's now also the new home of Victory Nightlife.  HAHA  I spent part of my afternoon there being productive... Maybe I should I have stayed longer and finished my paper.  =(
Jay (5&A Dime) plotting ideas to take over the world.
Check out one of the new military themed "Fighting Five" pack 5&A Dime shirts.  The new "Vampires" tee is being release just in time for Halloween.  For more info about the "Fighting Five" pack click here.
Also if you didn't know... Now you know!

The Pride of Vietnam

Jimmy Cao is the "Pride of Vietnam" when it comes to skating. He's sponsored by: City Skateboards, DVS, Matrix, Willy's Workshop and reps SK858. Check out Jimmy shredding it up on his board...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No comment.

So if you can recall, a few of us headed up to Highlands this past weekend for some fun times.  Although Chachy and I were suppose to take it easy, we ended the most intoxicated that night.  I'm not quite sure if Chachy remembers everything but like they say, "Pictures speak a thousand words..."
But at least he had fun!  I guess...  HAHA  143 bro!

Not everyone is losing $$$...

Apple on Tuesday reported a profit of $1.14 billion for its fiscal fourth quarter. The company sold 2.6 million Macs, 11 million iPods and 6.8 million iPhones in the quarter. You can also see the full text of the company’s conference call with analysts featuring Steve Jobs on the call.

SOURCE: Macworld

Despite our economy's financial crisis, looks like Apple is still going strong!  Go Apple!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Professional Procrastinator

I have a 12 page paper due tomorrow at 6PM for my MBA 520 class but I'm having the hardest time focusing. My ADD has been kickin' in.  I've been home all day in front of the computer doing everything from blogging, editing photos, uploading photos, emailing, surfing, chatting, and designing... Everything but work on my paper.

If you haven't noticed, I've uploaded a few of my favorite pictures that I've snapped on my Canon 40D onto my myspace page.

CLICK HERE to view the gallery. Hopefully you're my myspace friend, if you're not then please add me!

Cafe Pick Me Up - East Village New York
Captain Jack Sparrow x Annabelle
Master Mind
I want to go out and take some more photos... Lets do the night time LED style photos... Who's down!?  I'm free after Wednesday night!


I just found this on Sam's (MADE Jewelry) blog from Friday's festivities at Highlands.  HAHA

As the night heated up, so did our friend ToeKnee (Wildboyz). LIVING THE DREAM!
But why live the dream alone?
Thanks guys for keeping me company... I guess!  HAHA  143!  Damn I totally FAILED that night!

Happy 25th Birthday Verna pt. II @ Prospect

I hardly had any time to rest after getting back from Hollywood late Saturday afternoon.  I was pretty tired and still feeling the effects from the previous night, but the celebration must go on!  HAHA  We continued Verna's birthday tour at Prospect Bar & Lounge in La Jolla.  The night started off a bit slower than usual but quickly picked up after Sheryl and the rest of the SK858 birthdays came mobbin' in a 50+ person party bus.  It was pretty nuts...

CLICK HERE to see photos from Verna's birthday celebration.

DJ Joseph Gettright
Sheryl (Birthday Girl) x TK
Verna in her VIP section w/ Roxxan, Crystal, and myself.
The entourage!
Happy Birthday Verna!  I love you!  Friends Forever!
My nigs!
Damn Mike kept trying to give me shots all night... HAHA  Thanks bro!
Scripps Ranch HS!  HAHA
3 of my favorite Wildgirlz: Josephine x Jenny x Verna

Even Edwin (Segue Mag) came out to show Verna some love.
My body guard: Rogene (Curiculum Mag)
Alvaro's in Sabre Springs for Mexican food... Supreme Fries please!
Thank you for coming out everyone!  We'll be continue Verna's 25th Birthday Tour at SIN this Friday.  Get there early because capacity is limited.


On behalf of my client, Vincent "Vinny" Ocampo (#6) and his family, I would like to extend this invitation to come out and the LMU soccer game against USD this Sunday, October 26th at 2PM.  See what the hype is all about and why he was the first athlete signed to the the Wildboyz Management Group.  Hope to see you there! coming soon...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy 25th Birthday Verna pt. I

Friday was pt. I of Verna's 25th birthday celebration at Highlands in Hollywood.  It was also Made Jewelry's "Made Over" party as well.  I rolled up with Verna, Roxxan, Meghan, and Jen to meet up with Chachy at his apartment for the pre-party.  Its been over a month since I've seen Chachy, so we were both ready to bring back the "College Life!"  HAHA

Chachy and I were planning on taking it easy that night, but we ended up getting the most drunk.  I ended up spending $180 at the bar.  WTF?  =(  Chachy ended up getting kicked out of the club at around 2AM.  While searching for him outside, I ended up FAILING at the bottom of the escalator and throwing up over the side.  Not a good look... I wanted to go eat Thai Patio with everyone afterwards but I was paralyzed. We did make it back to the aparment safely... What a night!  Verna's the one thats suppose to be all twisted, not Chachy and I!  Thanks for taking care of this 6'3" Viet.  HAHA

CLICK HERE to view all the photos from Verna's birthday celebration.

We got to North Hollywood at 9:45PM and it was time to get ready...
Verna x TK = My Nig!
Mark aka Chachy x Meghan aka Beast
Meghan x Jenn
Skyy's the limit!
Reunited and it feels so good... HAHA  No homo!
Meghan x Jenn x Chachy x Roxxan x Verna
Welcome to the Highlands!
The crew of Made Jewelry is about to enter the building...
Rainbow Brite aka Helen Ly
Abbie (WOD) came down from the Bay Area to party before Maxted Out.
Grr!  Good luck at ABDC auditions next week Jun (Team Millenium).
Myron (21XL) x DJ Jon Magic (HIN) always gets the party crackin'!

Great job Sammie on setting up the MADE party!
Everyone loves Tina (21XL)!
Alfredo x Shammy Dee x TK x Debbie (MADE) x Abegail (MADE)
Highland's was also Jenny Chu's official birthday celebration!  Here I am with the birthday princess herself... Thanks for the Grey Goose!
Jackie x Melissa (Babe Blvd)
I can't tell if this photo was taken on our way into the club or on our way out, but if its out... I think I'm about to throw up at the bottom of the escalator...
Everything is a bit blurry afterwards that... I do remember getting some bomb ass bacon wrapped hotdogs though.  Thanks Jenn!

I woke up the next morning with a bit of a hang over.  Luckily for us we got to visit our "friend's" house in the Hollywood hills to kick back and relax for a min.  It was the perfect place to be hungover... I love this place!
I wish we could have gone swimming but the water was way to cold.  I miss Butter Nuts!  HAHA
Before heading back down to San Diego, we stopped by Palms off of Sunset Blvd. for some Thai cuisine.  The service wasn't crackin' but at least the food was.
I was suppose to make it back for Willy and Shalihe's baby shower but we didn't end up getting back to SD until 6:30PM.  Sorry I missed it guys!  143!

It was now off to Prospect Bar & Lounge for "Barock the Vote!" and pt. II of Verna's birthday celebration... To be continued...