Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to an Excellent Asians... HAHA

Happy Birthday to Edgar aka DJ Speshul Ed and Chacolate aka Cha! 143!!!

We love CHED!

Excellent Asians

I got this video of Cros1's (Freestyle Sessions/Armory) blog of the guys from the Asian Excellence Awards.

On Top of the World

This past Thursday I went out to Altitude on the 22nd floor of the Marriott in Downtown San Diego to support the one and only... DJ Bluballz!  Altitude is a chill lounge with an amazing view that overlooks Petco Park and the Coronado Bridge.  Commissary, Willy's Workshop, Birdhouse, the Wildboyz, and many others were all there to support!

CLICK HERE to see all of my picture from the Altitude.

Check out DJ Bluballz on the turn tables... Sittin' on top of the world!
Edwin is SD's Finest!
Willy Santos (Birdhouse) x CindyCheryl (Wildgirlz) hangin' out with the 6 footers!
Francis x Joey
Happy Birthday to Mary Grace Laxa!!!
Kimtan x Jen x Razo
Thanks Jamie for the drinks!  HAHA
Jamie (Wife) x TK (Husband)... Married since 1998!  HAHA
Rogene (Ciriculummag) and I go way back to our high school days.  He's one the downest friends you'll ever meet.  You know he always has your back no matter what!  Thanks for the encouraging words my friend.  I really appreciate it!  Lets make it happen in 2008!

FYI: Ladies he is single!!!  HAHA
Emo picture...
It was a great night filled with wonderful company and good laughs...


What's crackin' TONIGHT?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Asian Excellence Awards

Yesterday Aldryn (Invsible Ink) and I rolled up to LA for the Asian Excellence Awards at UCLA's Royce Hall.  The Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern were both nominated for the Viewers Choice Awards "Favorite Reality Star."  

Aldryn and I were suppose to do interviews on the red carpet for JabbaTV but we got there a bit late and all the media spots were already taken.  =(  I was really looking forward to interviewing the celebrities and asking them Jabbawockeez related questions.   It would have been fun but instead we shot tons of photos and captured as much footage as we could on the red carpet.  

However Aldryn got tons of footage backstage and after the show with celebrities such as Steven Segal, Tia Carrera, Kelly Hu, and much more.  We're working on organizing the Jabbawockeez photo gallery so check the site for all of the photos from ABDC Finale, New York, and the Asian Excellence Awards coming soon.  Not to mention we have a Jabbawockeez blog in the works too.

Here is a sneak peak at a few of the photos we took last night.

The paparazzi are aggressive!  They had no sympathy for a tall asian on crutches.  HAHA
The host of the show Carrie Ann Inaba (Dancing with the Stars... Thanks Tina!) with her date.
I got a pleasant surprise from my old friends Crystal and Jelynn Rodriguez (Grizzly Park/Bar Starz).  Jelynn is a native to San Diego who is an upcoming actress... Be on the look out for her!
Here's Jelynn strutting her stuff on the red carpet for the photographers.
Here's Aldryn snapping shots at the gorgeous Daisy Fuentes (MTV).
Directing genius Quentin Tarantino was also there supporting the Asian community.
Since I wasn't very mobile I watched the show from inside.  The Asian Excellence Awards is an annual celebration of the outstanding achievements of Asians and Asian Americans in film, TV, music, and the performing arts.  The show will air on E! on May 1st at 6PM.

I sat right in front of Christina, Ronald, and Hendekea from the latest season of Amazing Race 12.  They were so nice!  We all became BFF afterwards.  HAHA
Congrats to Rex Lee on winning Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series for his role as Lloyd aka Ari's assistant on the HBO hit show Entourage.  I'm a huge fan!
Towards the end of the show I headed backstage to meet up with Aldryn in the VIP lounge.  Free food and drinks... Yay!
Here I am with the Justin Timberlake of Korea... Se7en.  Se7en is the biggest pop superstar in Korea.
The ageless Tia Carrera from Wayne's World!  HAHA
Hendekea & Christina from Amazing Race 12 are huge Jabbawockeez fans!
Kelly Hu?  She is so beautiful and very friendly.
I have more photos with other various celebrities but you'll have to wait until we upload them to the Jabbawockeez gallery first.  

Anyways, Aldryn and I ended up staying at the after party for quit a while.  I was a pleasure to get the chance to meet so many different celebrities in the Asian community.  It was very inspiring.

I was probably most excited about meeting Steven Segal and Quentin Tarantino.  I got to talk to each of them for a brief moment, which was really cool.  Steven Segal even did a drop for JabbaTV. 

Aldryn and I finally left around 11PM because we were so exhausted.  My right foot was killing me!  Standing on one leg all day is tough!  We ended the night by stopping by Denny's for some much deserved dinner.  Moons of my hammies it is!  HAHA
Be sure to tune into E! on May 1st for the Asian Excellence Awards if you want to see the Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern open the show with Mad TV's Bobby Lee.  I won't reveal if the guys won "Best Reality Star"... so you'll have to watch and find out yourself.

Congrats to all the nominees and winners!  I'm PROUD to be Asian!



Here's the new Jordan commercial which is now broadcasting on TV and on other media outlets like Youtube. In this commercial, Michael Jordan starts off by saying "Maybe It's My Fault" and leads on with several "Maybes" before telling the watcher that perhaps we're just making excuses for not being as successful as he was. Even though the commercial was just a commentary, the mood it gave off was inspiring. Another nice piece of work from the folks at Wieden + Kennedy and Jordan Brand.

Source: Hypebeast

Check out MJ's JumpMan23 website... Its ridiculous!

Here are a few more videos that Vince Ocampo sent me that are also inspiring. Hopefully they'll inspire you and keep you motivated to get through your work day...

David Beckham

Gilbert Arenas

Katt Williams


10 Deep

Who's wardrobe does this remind you off? HAHA
I stole this picture from Alvin's latest Alvinism. Apparently the girls visited him at the Workshop yesterday and saw the 10 Deep section and immediately thought of me.

What can I say, I'm a big fan of 10 Deep so hopefully if they see this they'll sponsor me! Hook it up!!!

Birthday Dinners

We took my brother, Andrew aka Drew, out for his 22nd birthday at Uno's in Fashion Valley the other night.

TK x An Diep x Drew = Family =)
Two Brothers!
Here's my mom, An Diep and my little cousin, Demi.
I highly recommend the Numero Uno Deep Dish pizza.
I also stopped by Bennigan's in Mission Valley for Aprille's birthday dinner with Chris and George.  Happy birthday Aprille!  I hope you love your present!  HAHA
Aprille had the entire outside patio crackin'!!!
Thanks Michelle for signing my toes... HAHA
My favorites Sisters: Kim & Cindy
Afterwards I headed to Aldryn's house to hung out around the fire pit and laughed our asses off.  Fun times!

Quote of the Night: "Bring your breezy ass mom!"  HAHAHA 

This Saturday StudioFX is having auditions for their Hip-Hop dance team.  Check out the flyer!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

DC Team Signing @ Willy's Workshop

This Saturday join the DC skate team at Willy's Workshop in Mira Mesa for a team signing from 2-4PM.

CLICK the flyer to enlarge...


During my last trip to New York I ran into tons of billboards in the subways stations for Bravo's new hit series "Step It Up & Dance" ft. our very own Miguel Zarate (Hannah Montana Tour, Pussycat Dolls, Kaba Modern Alumni).  The show is a reality competition series where contestants will learn what it takes to make it big in the cutthroat dance industry.  Check your local listings and support Miguel.  He's such a character on the show.  HAHA
CLICK HERE to learn more about Miguel Zarate.
NYC Subway Billboard... Miguel is such a diva!
Here's a picture that KJ (SGBM/Cheetah Girls), Myron (21XL/WOD), and I took with Miguel at Vibe.  We call this picture, "Miguel's Bitches..."  HAHA  Aren't we all so cute!?
Good luck Miguel!  PROUD!

Check out this video of one of Miguel's Boogie Zone classes... He definitely has is own unique style.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Glow in the Dark

Happy 4/20 everyone!  I celebrated by going to Kanye West's Glow in the Dark tour featuring Lupe Fiasco, NERD, and Rihanna.  Let me start off by saying Kanye West is the MAN!

We meet up and headed to Harney Sushi in Old Town for a few drinks and a quick bite to eat.

To the Good Life... Cheers!
Bomb James Bomb is the BOMB!
Sister Bear aka Bomb Diggity x TK aka Brother Bear
Edwin told me I should blog this: "Guess what this is guys?"
Thanks for driving Edwin!
We got there a bit late and didn't get to catch Lupe Fiasco's opening act.  I was kinda bummed out about that b/c I'm a huge Lupe fan.  I wanted to hear "Paris, Tokyo" and "Superstar".  It took me a min to get inside b/c I was on my crutches.  However I did get wheeled in on a wheelchair to the floor once I got there.  Thanks Ed and thanks to James Ta for saving me a seat on the floor b/c it would have been hard to stand on one foot for the entire 4 hours!  I only took a few pictures before my camera was taken away.  Here are a few pictures I took on my digital camera, iphone, and some from Julz and Ollie.

Pharrell Williams is a musical genius!
Ella ella eh eh eh... Under my umbrella!
Mr. West is the "brightest star in the Universe"!
Like Julz, I also got goosebumps and almost teared too during "Hey Mama"... 
Kanye held down the entire stage by himself for over an hour straight.  The visuals and staging of the show were out of this world.  I really felt as though we were on a journey through space!
Look at his space ship!  I want one!!!
It was the perfect end to another fun weekend... Welcome to the Good Life!

Check out this video Ollie put together from the concert...

Kanye West - Glow in the Dark Tour SD from Ollie on Vimeo.