Saturday, August 14, 2010

[SD] DJ Party Time x DJ Quix is Classified™

Just added DJ Party Time aka "Mr. Steal Your Girl" from Wildlife LA along with DJ Quix to the line up for Confidential tonight! LA is in the building tonight... Lets go!

CLICK HERE to RSVP for complimentary admission before 11PM.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visvim 2010 Fall/Winter Collection

I want it all...

CLICK HERE to view the rest of the Fall/Winter 2010 preview.

Friday the 13th: The Vice Party


Open Tequila Bar from 10PM - 11PM, which means FREE drinks!

CLICK HERE to RSVP through our Facebook event page.

Kim Kardashian x Justin Bieber... WTF!?

This kid is taking over the world! Even Kim Kardashian has Bieber Fever apparently. WTF!? I guess you could just say I'm a bit jealous of the Bieb!

Via: dF

In order for me to takeover the world, I must eliminate the Bieb! HAHA

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Takers" Movie Release Party at Blvd 3

[Wednesday, August 4th] JD invited me out to an exclusive movie premier at Blvd 3 for "Takers" starring Paul Walker, TI, Chris Brown, Matt Dillion, Hayden Christensen, etc. There was a hosted bar, complimentary h'orderves, tons of celebs, plus live performances by Chris Brown, TI, and Keri Hilson. I love Hollywood! HAHA But the main reason why we were coming out was to show love to JD, who was dancing for Chris Brown. Proud!

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the "Takers" Movie Release Party.
CLICK HERE to check out JD's backstage blog recap of the event.

Jenilee Reyes x Jane
Chris Brown is definitely a natural born performer! I'm a huge fan!
Look at JD holdin' it down...
"Dueces!" with special guest Tyga!
All the ladies love the King aka TIP!
Keri Hilson came out to perform "Got Your Back" with TI.
She is one fly chick! I actually tweeted this photo...
Guess who RT'd me afterwards? Miss Keri Baby!
Fun times!
We bumped into lots of different faces there, including Darrell!
Just when I thought the night was over, I get a text from Cyrus to meet him at this cabana at Drai's for after hours... FML! HAHA

Right when we stepped in, it was pure madness! There were even a few celebrities there including the Hilton Sisters aka Nicky & Paris. Time to get my fist pump on...
It was FREE drinks all night... Thanks Cyrus!
Without a doubt another wild night in Hollywood... "DEUCES!" Thanks to JD for inviting me out to the event, Cyrus for the cabana, and everyone for the fun times!

"Takers" Movie Trailer:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[LA] Splash at the Roosevelt Hotel Pool


G.P.P.R. at Capsule Show Las Vegas

Come visit G.P.P.R. during Capsule Show at the Venetian in Las Vegas August 18th & 19th.

Slightly Dangerous: Las Vegas 2010

Victory Nightlife presents the return of Slightly Dangerous in Sin City next weekend, August 20th - 22nd for six exclusive events inside the Aria, the Venetian, and the Palazzo. Join us as we takeover Las Vegas with over 50 models from Southern California for another epic weekend!

With only 10 days left, start making your arrangements to get Monday off, find someone to watch your dog (or kids), start shopping for your new Vegas outfits, hit the gym, work on that tan, and get ready because its about to be #ALLTHEWAYTURNTUP!

CLICK HERE to sign up for the VIP guestlist, which includes express entry and complimentary admission, for "All Roads Lead to Las Vegas" at the Venetian and Palazzo. (Early arrival is highly recommended and list is subject to capacity)

Email for any bottle service specials and inquires.

[Model Behavoior at the Aria]:

[Friday, August 20th] After Hours at Gold Lounge - 2AM

[Saturday, August 21st] Pool Party at Liquid Pool & Lounge - 10AM

[Saturday, August 21st] After Party at Haze Nightclub - 10:30PM

[All Roads Lead to Las Vegas at The Venetian & Palazoo]:

[Saturday, August 21st] DJ Vice at Tao - 9:30PM

[Sunday, August 22nd] DJ Chuckie at Tao Beach - 10AM

[Sunday, August 22nd] DJ Vice at LAVO - 11PM

For more details visit:

CLICK HERE for my blog recap of last year's Slightly Dangerous in Las Vegas, which was my 3rd Top 9 Memory of 2009.

July 31st at Confidential is Classified™

Saturday at Confidential is Classified™.

Monday, August 9, 2010

KTown Cowboys... Hilarious!

KTown Cowboys Episode 1:

CLICK HERE to view the rest of the episodes.

When John Kim (Lanny Joon) relocates from the comforts of his picket-fence, WASP neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia to the alluring city of Ktown Los Angeles, the land of sultry women, Booking Clubs, and late night taco trucks, his arrival immediately sparks the most epic night of his life. His cousin, Jason (Shane Yoon) introduces John to his audacious crew (Peter Jae, Danny Cho, Sunn Wee, and Bobby Big Phony Choy) who teach John the basic yet inventive ways on how to survive the perfect Friday night in Ktown. Special appearances by Justin Chon (Twilight) and Bobby Lee (Mad TV).

Via: KTown Cowboys

I just heard about this short web series, "KTown Cowboys", and I must say its pretty on point with the stereotype of K-Town. HAHA Shout out to Gino "the Barbarian" who has a character based on him... Guess which one it is!?

There's 8 short episodes total... Watch it and get ready for the K-Town version of "Jersey Shore".

"This Right Here is my Swag..."

[Wednesday, July 28th] I spent the majority of the day "working" aka chillin' poolside at Bee Nguyen's (Belvedere) new crib along with Danny Lee (Caliworks) and Steve (Frank 151). I love Southern Cali!

I met up with the Brockman aka Kristen, Jenilee, and JD later that night to head over to Soulja Boy's birthday at Highlands. It was about to be #allthewayturntup... If you don't know Kristen, she's the most hood white girl, and apparently she's Soulja Boy's #1 fan! She knew the words to each and every song. As for the party, shit was straight hood too, but I loved it!

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Soulja Boy's birthday.

All Access ;)
OMG, Kristen was trippin' backstage when she got a chance to meet the birthday boy aka her idol! HAHA

"Oh my god, happy birthday Soulja Boy! Can you please play 'Gucci Bandana'!?" - Kristen
I got some good footage of Jenilee & Kristen choppin' it up with Soulja Boy backstage for their upcoming web series, "Doin' it with Kristen & Jenilee"... Coming soon!
"I felt like I just met Michael Jackson!" - Kristen

"WTF? Did you just compare Soulja Boy to Michael Jackson?" - TK
Now that's talent...
Shout out to Melissa Reign x Jackie workin' the boxes!
Hello Ladies!!!

"This right here is my swag, all the girls are on me, damn, everybody pay attention, this right here is my pretty boy swag..."

I think JD got Kristin pregnant that night... HAHA!

Happy birthday Soulja Boy!

Kristen confessing her love for Soulja Boy for the cameras!

"Everybody needs a Kristen in their life!" - Jenilee

I have so many video from that night... Straight hilarious too! I'll post them soon.