Monday, August 9, 2010

"This Right Here is my Swag..."

[Wednesday, July 28th] I spent the majority of the day "working" aka chillin' poolside at Bee Nguyen's (Belvedere) new crib along with Danny Lee (Caliworks) and Steve (Frank 151). I love Southern Cali!

I met up with the Brockman aka Kristen, Jenilee, and JD later that night to head over to Soulja Boy's birthday at Highlands. It was about to be #allthewayturntup... If you don't know Kristen, she's the most hood white girl, and apparently she's Soulja Boy's #1 fan! She knew the words to each and every song. As for the party, shit was straight hood too, but I loved it!

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Soulja Boy's birthday.

All Access ;)
OMG, Kristen was trippin' backstage when she got a chance to meet the birthday boy aka her idol! HAHA

"Oh my god, happy birthday Soulja Boy! Can you please play 'Gucci Bandana'!?" - Kristen
I got some good footage of Jenilee & Kristen choppin' it up with Soulja Boy backstage for their upcoming web series, "Doin' it with Kristen & Jenilee"... Coming soon!
"I felt like I just met Michael Jackson!" - Kristen

"WTF? Did you just compare Soulja Boy to Michael Jackson?" - TK
Now that's talent...
Shout out to Melissa Reign x Jackie workin' the boxes!
Hello Ladies!!!

"This right here is my swag, all the girls are on me, damn, everybody pay attention, this right here is my pretty boy swag..."

I think JD got Kristin pregnant that night... HAHA!

Happy birthday Soulja Boy!

Kristen confessing her love for Soulja Boy for the cameras!

"Everybody needs a Kristen in their life!" - Jenilee

I have so many video from that night... Straight hilarious too! I'll post them soon.