Saturday, April 5, 2008


The Jabbawockeez were featured on miTRL on Tuesday for MTV 3.  It felt surreal being inside MTV Studios in Time Square with full access to the studio to film and take pictures.   Here's a sneak peak into the life of the Jabbawockeez.

CLICK HERE to view the rest of the pictures from the Jabbawockeez from miTRL.

Interview with the NY Times...
Tech rehearsal...

Head spinnin'
Sup G!

A view around MTV Studios.
New York Since 1981
The famous photo booth... Say Cheese!
There were collages of photos of hundreds of celebrities from the photo booth on the wall.
A figment of your imagination...

Jabbawockeez x Kat DeLuna
Kat teaching the fellas the "Flick"
Kat on (coming soon)

Phil actually got one of the fan's numbers from outside and called them... It was hilarious!  Good thing theirs *67 to block numbers.  HAHA

Welcome to mi TRL!

KB x Phil x Ben
On our way out there were a few dozen fans outside waiting for pictures and autographs.
Being the nice gentlemen they are they stayed for photos and signed autographs.  Thank you fans for your support!
This is Noelle who was our liaison for MTV.  Thank you sweetie!!!  She told me she liked me more than the rest of the guys... HAHA
It was crazy to think we were just inside MTV Studios in Time Square.  I'm privileged to be able to follow the Jabbawockeez on their road to success.  These guys deserve it!  I'll be posting more pictures from our visit to Marc Ecko next... 

Anonymous said...

Check out these comments from my last post... HAHA

anonymous #1 said...
by the way...ur doing a TERRIBLE JOB on keeping updates on our should spend more time loading pictures of them that im sure people are more interested in the time you spend with them that knowing how you spend your stupid drunk nights...the fans should know that jabbatv will probably be launched next year if you keep up with this pace...!!!ugghhh!!!!

anonymous #2 said...
dude chill anonymous......he has a life tooo.....atleast he trying to keep us updated......anyways thanks for really working and beening busy.....allim asking is are you going to post them dancing in the cypher like i would really a bunch

Thanks anonymous #2. I do have tons of things going on, therefore its hard to always update especially when you're on the road. However thanks for continuing to check back for updates everyone. HAHA

Friday, April 4, 2008

Updates Coming Soon...

Hello World!  I'm officially back on the West Coast in San Diego.  I know everyone is waiting for updates from my adventures in New York with the Jabbawockeez but I don't think I'll be able to post pictures till later tonight.  

In the mean time here's a picture for you to enjoy from Marc Ecko's office in New York.  His office is so ridiculous.  It even has a basketball court inside were I filmed the guys cyphering/freestyling... The footage is really cool!

Also if you didn't know tonight is Exclusive at Onyx & Thin in celebration of Ronald & Ollie's 25th birthdays.  We also have Made Jewelry exhibiting their new line.  So come stop by and have a drink, dance, and mingle.

You have until 3PM to email me names (first & last) to get on the FREE guestlist, which closes promptly at 11PM.  Dress to impress!!!


Check back soon!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New York Baby!

Sorry for the lack of updates.  The guys have been really busy with press and appearances.  I have tons of pictures and footage to upload from Time Square, TRL, the hotel, and the nightlife.  We're about to head out to go sightseeing and meeting up with a few celebrities.

MTV Studios in Time Square was ridiculous!  The Jabbawockeez will be featured on miTRL on MTV 3 (latin version) today.  Check your local listing to watch their performance and interview.

I'm flying home to SD tomorrow morning because I gotta be back for our event tomorrow night at Belo.  My car is still in LA but I am heading up there on Sunday with the producers of Body Rock for the V. Ent Dance Awards.  Then its off to LAX to see DJ AM.  

Who's down to roll up to LA on Sunday?

TOMORROW: SUPREME @ BELO Nightclub in Downtown San Diego with Victory Nightlife & ZXR

Monday, March 31, 2008

Greets from Time Square!

Tour Guide

After another fun night out on the town, I woke up with drunken bodies all around my room.  We basically had a slumber party!  HAHA  Anyways, it was off to Fuddruckers in Mira Mesa for breakfast with Alison, Sheryl, Kimtan, and Alvin.

We bang in our WHITE tees...

Once breakfast was done we picked up Ms. China '07 to go do some sight seeing around SD.  We hit up Mt. Soledad first to check out the break taking view, look at multi-million dollar homes, and even visit Midgetland (during the day might I add).
Then it was on to Seal Beach to check out these blubbery little sausages they call Seals.

We coasted down the 5 Freeway to Mission Beach were we paid Shane at Wave House a visit.  Patron shots!!!
Shane is a ladies man... But he only had eyes for one... HAHA
Belmont Park
After playing tour guide the entire day I ended up knocking out at home.  I was planning on hitting up Stone Brewery for Ren and Joe's birthday but I didn't wake up till 11PM.  I took a 4 hour power nap.  But I still managed to make it there by 12:30 to see the birthdays boys.

Happy Birthday Ren!!!
Annabelle x TK x Michelle x Vince
Josie obviously like guys with that thug appeal b/c Gian is as hard as they come... HAHA
Happy Birthday Joe!!!  Open your eyes fool!
By this time more than half of the party left but we managed to squeeze in a group picture!
TAA aka 6 Footers!
I ended up driving  up to LA afterwards at 1:30AM...