Saturday, December 6, 2008

15 mins away from Las Vegas...

I'm currently blogging from the 15 North on the way to Las Vegas in our 8 person passenger party van using Jen's Sprint wireless air card.  I can see the flashing lights of Las Vegas in the distance... I love this Sprint wireless air card.  I think I'm gonna have to get one when I get back to SD.

Las Vegas here we come!

We even iChat with Alvin who was at Bumsville with Terry and Annabelle while in the Van.  
Party time!!!  Meet me at Rok then Drais for after hours... Holla!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Victory Nightlife x Usual Suspects in Las Vegas!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you're going to be in Las Vegas for the boxing match of the year between Manny Pacquio and Oscar De La Hoya come through to Rok (Friday) and Prive (Saturday) because I'll be hosting the event alongside Usual Suspects (LA), Rob Zoomy (SD), and a host of others.

We've also got celebrity DJ Benji (Good Charlotte) mixin' live at Prive on Saturday too.

Click flyer to enlarge.

ROK Vegas - New York New York

Prive - Planet Hollywood

Hit me up if you're going to be in Las Vegas too!  Thank you to Allen Palos (Usual Suspects) for asking me to guest host with them.  143!

Prelude SoCal

I'll be in Las Vegas this weekend but if you're in the OC come check out Team Millennia's Prelude SoCal Dance Competition on Saturday and Sunday.  Go support the dance community!

Click flyer to enlarge. 

BMW M3 x Vorsteiner

I stubbled upon this breath taking BMW M3 tuned by Vorsteiner on Motor World Hype.  This M3 is my ideal future car.  Its white, simple, clean, and packs one hell of a punch.  Just give me a few months...

Damn... Its so clean!  I'm still looking at the Lexus IS-F too!

Belated Thanksgiving in Mira Mesa

After the Charger game on Sunday, I got home and took a quick 1 hour power nap before heading out to Mira Mesa for Thanksgiving Dinner with TAA (Tall Ass Asians) aka 6' Footers and the rest of the fam. It was a pot luck at Joe, Cindy, Steven, Fels, and Aprille's condo. I was starving...
Thank you ladies!
Temecula in the house!!!
I didn't take many pictures... It was a chill gathering, with plenty of stories, laughs, disses, and fun times.  It was a nice relaxing way to end a long weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving!  TAA baby!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crush. Kill. Destroy.

Crush, kill, destroy...To seek out and conquer; a mind-state many skaters have adopted since wheels were first nailed to a board. 5&A Dime, a well respected shop rooted in the world of skateboarding, and the new upstart shop Avnt/Grde have collaborated on a tee that solidifies the meaning, "Crush, kill, destroy" any spot, any time. This joint effort will be dropping at both shops Friday, December 5th as a limited run in both black and white! To order online go to

SOURCE: 5&A Dime

Highlands Coverage by Steve Bitanga of BB

CLICK HERE to view all the Highlands event coverage from Friday, November 29th by Steve Bitanga of Babe Blvd.

4 Banger!

Sunday I had to wake up bright and early to meet up with the rest of the guys to head to the Q for the Falcons vs. Chargers game. At this point, I'm seriously running on fumes. Its been an exhausting wild week of "work" aka partying.  HAHA.  It was hard for me to just stay awake during our tailgate.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the game.

Chris Penny had to change his lucky pants since the Chargers lost to the Colts last week in another heartbreaker... Geez!  Its tough to be a Charger fan.  Too many ups and downs... 
I'm awake here... But I don't know what the heck I'm doing...
Then I knocked out for a good hour.
Our fellow season ticket holders in section View 20 always give me a hard time for falling sleep at the game, but man its tough to stay awake when you're losing!  =(  I got that whole sleeping with your eyes open thing here... I look crazy!  HAHA
After yet another heartbreaking lost we packed Kimtan's 4 bangin' Toyota Camry with 7 people.  It made for a fun trip to Fashion Valley... 4 Banger! 
TK x Steph x April's arm (?)... "Who's arm is that?" - April
Finally we figured away to make it work...
I don't know how the Chargers are playing so horribly right now... 4-8!  WTF!?  Tomorrow we've got a Thursday night game against our hated rivals the Raiders.  We better beat them or else... 

Photos courtesy of Ollie, Alvin, and April.

Soulstice 2 @ U-31 Recap

There was no time for recovery on Saturday. After leaving Hollywood in the evening it was straight to U-31 in North Park for Soulstice 2 hosted by Mindz Alike and Victory Nightlife. I arrived to SD a bit after 10:30PM to find two long lines outside of U-31. The place was seriously crackin'!!!  We were at capacity by 11PM and had to turn tons of people away.  It seemed like everyone was out that night to just chill and listen to some good music...

CLICK HERE to view photos from U-31. (Victory Nightlife's event coverage will be up soon)

U-31 is a great venue with cheap drinks and a chill atmosphere.  Look out for some future projects we got coming up at this new venue.
Guil (TAA) x Fels
Everyone was shakin' it on the dance floor...
Soulstice host: TK x Mark Marcelo
The entire TAA crew: TK x Joe x Guil x Steven (We'll we're missing out under 6' mascot... Julz)
DJ Mahjestik (Z90.3 FM)... Come check him out this Friday at Thin!
A few of us took a break to have a few hot dogs down the street... DJ Alsquared x DJ Impakt x TK
Nelson (Fizix) is quit the ladies man: Lourie x Twit x Ruby
Ms. China 2007 vs. Mr. Dark Pinoy 2008 = Jenny vs. Steven
Patron time!!!
I miss my old roomies aka Bumsville: Annabelle x Terry
Jenny x Josephine x Mark Marcelo
Thanks for coming out everyone!  Can't wait to do it again... Great job Mark Marcelo (you just can't say his name without saying his full name)!  Thanks bro!!!

We'll be hosting a few events in San Francisco in a few weeks... Be on the look out for that!  Bay Area!!!

Simpsons x (M)apple

Everyone's favorite animated family from Springfield, the Simpsons, recently payed a visit to the new (M)apple store... Check out this cleaver Apple spoof from one of the latest Simpsons episodes:

I guess you could say I'm one of those Apple fanatics. HAHA

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Friday: Exclusive @ Onyx & Thin


Quote: Motivation

"Stay motivated!  As long as I have a desire, I have a reason for living.  Satisfaction is death.  We must find a great reason to wake up every morning.  Always remember, winning isn't everything... Wanting to win is!"

-Rev Run of Run DMC

Road Trippin' at 2AM...

I spent my Thanksgiving day mostly recovering/resting for the long weekend ahead.  The fam had a small quite family dinner.  When I say small, I mean: Mom aka An Diep, Brother aka Drew, and myself... Thats it.  My Dad is overseas in Vietnam running the Viet Mafia and making that bread.  Because my family is so small, thats why my life revolves heavily around friends.

I have lots to be thankful for!  Mainly, my family, friends, and life.  Thank you!

CLICK HERE to view all the photos from Hollywood.

Demi aka Stinky aka favorite cousin, joined us for Thanksgiving dinner too since her family was in Vietnam for another week. After dinner, the two of us headed to the movies to watch Twilight.  Its definitely weird at times but its a twisted modern day fairy tale and I enjoyed it.  I wish I was a Vampire... Wait I think I am!  HAHA.  I'd give the movie a solid B.

Cousins: Demi x TK (FYI: She's only 13 but she's already 5'6")
That night, Meghan and I decided to make a late night road trip to Hollywood at 2AM to avoid any Thanksgiving/Friday traffic.  We got to North Hollywood in under 1 hour and 45 minutes.   I think I only saw 14 cars on the road the whole way up... HAHA.  We got to Chachy's condo before 4AM.

I took a nap until 7AM to meet up with Sammie and Ibay, while everyone else continued their slumber.  We were suppose to hit up WESC in Beverly Hills but our Black Friday tour guide aka Sammie was misinformed so we went to the Beverly Center instead so I could buy socks.

Here's Sammie and Ibay sharing an emo moment in line at H&M.
Sammie in her flying squirrel outfit that she got from WESC.
After a few rounds of shopping, I headed back to the condo to knock out.  Once Chachy got home we ran some errands and pick up some necessities for the pre-party at Circus Liquor store.
Dinner at Chinese Deli for only $8.50 per person.
Now let the partying begin!  I wrote all sloppy but these cups belong to: Melissa x Chachy x TK x Alex x Meghan
Road Dogs: TK x Meghan flossin' over $1,000 worth of sunglasses... Stuntin' is a habit!  HAHA
Melissa x Chachy x Meghan
We were all excited because its the first time in a while James came out with us too.  Look how excited we all look... HAHA!
Default Pose: Melissa x TK
Since we always pose like that we came up with a new pose on the spot... WTF?  I'm not sure if I like this one... HAHA!
The Fun Times Trio: Chachy x Melissa x TK
MWCG: James x Mark x Anthony
Trish and Annie also meet up with us to join in on the Pre-Party.  Last shot before we leave...
Group Picture!
Condo Elevator... Nice full squat Meg!  HAHA
Chachy looks so funny in this picture... He's about to explode!
Highlands Elevator
We're here!  I love the LA Fam: Jan x Ibay x Allen x Myron x Indo
Kellie had the Time of her Life that night!  I'm actually holding her up in this picture like a baby.
Highlands was crackin' like usual!
It was Team Millennia's 10 Year Anniversary Party which featured live performances from TM and the ABDC TM crew.  Here they are getting ready to hit the stage...
Happy Birthday to Jon Magic (HIN)!
Where have you been Ro (TM Alumni)?  I miss partying with you!
Helen Ly and I keep missing each other when I'm in LA but we finally got to meet up for a bit and hit the dance floor.
Let me introduce you to Danny, who's the owner and found of TM.  Congrats on an amazing 10 years my friend!  Keep it up!!!
Cheryl Koo (The Other Duck) x TK
Its Patron time with Myron x Emily x Pia...
Finally... We have a new WOD Tripod photo!
Mira Mesa in the house!
Yet another emo photos of Sammie and Ibay!  That should be me and Ibay...
Crazy guys!!!
I'm not sure what we're so happy about but I love it!  HAHA
I think I was doing sit ups in the club because of Danny... HAHA.  WTF!?
Jed x TK... BAHAHAHA!  I think I'm kissing his ear...
Kellie x David x Chantha x TK
Melissa (BB) x Rishi (Usual Suspects) x Jackie (DBR)
Ms. Nasty x Tontee... I miss you CJ!
Alexis (TM) x Chris (Jabbawockeez)
Here's the very talented and lovely DJ Astrea Leon!
The Viets: Danny x Phong x TK

M&M what are you guys up too!?
Peanut Buttery! HAHA... ;)
Welcome back to America Jun!
Myron (21XL) x Twee (Cockstar)
Craig (Futher Muckers) x ToyBox (TM) x TK
It was a crazy night of partying!  We didn't make it back to the condo until 3AM.  Here's Chachy and James passed the f**k out on the couch.  James is still holding an open bottle of Vitamin Water.  HAHA.
In the morning, I noticed Chachy had the hairiest Asian man legs I've ever seen.  He even has hair growing on his entire knee caps.  I don't know anyone with hairy knee caps... WTF?  Shave that shit bro!  HAHA
Then it was back to Panera for breakfast on Meghan... Thanks!
Meghan and I were debating if we should stay another night or not... Here's Chachy and I searching for ANSWERS!?!?  HAHA.  
We eventually decided to head back down to San Diego because I was suppose to host Soulstice 2 at U-31.  It's been non-stop since last week... I've been really exhausted but I've been lovin' every minute of it.

It was another wild and crazy adventure up to La La Land.  I was happy to see so many familiar faces that I haven't seen in awhile, especially James!  ;)  HAHA.  If I could describe it in one word: CRAZY.  Thanks again guys for always opening up your spot to us.  143!

p.s. I didn't get a LA dog aka dirty dog this week... =(