Friday, May 8, 2009

[Hollywood] Friday: Stereo @ Highlands

This Friday the Wildboyz and Victory Nightlife are rollin' up to Hollywood to host Stereo at Highlands. We're celebrating a ton of birthdays, including Leo Portillo (Wildboyz), Jackie (DBR), Ibay (USLA), Ian (Crowd Creators), Twee (Cockstar), and more... Plus, we've got Cheryl Carandang (Wildgirlz) celebrating her graduation!

For guestlist:

Sorry I haven't updated my blog this week... I haven't been home since last Thursday. I'm currently trying to finish a paper right now for my MBA 560 class before I drive back down to SD for class at 6PM...

P.S. Coffee taste gross...

P.S.S. Happy birthday Jackie!!! 143!

Our Block Party Flyers & Posters Arrived!

If you've been following me on twitter, you probably saw the twitpic I took of the Block Party flyers and posters that came in earlier today. I love how they turned out!

Thanks to Mark Marcelo for designing them. Not only is he a talented DJ but he's also a very skilled designer. 143!

If you want to get your hands on a stack of flyers and help us push the event. Hit me up! We'd love all the help we can get. Get ready San Diego for the Block Party coming Memorial Day Weekend to House of Blues San Diego featuring a live performance by the Beat Freaks (ABDC)!

[Sun] Buffet @ Mandalay Bay

Sunday we hit up the Mandalay Bay buffet before heading back home to SD/LA. It was a fun weekend with friends from all over SD x LA x SF. I can't for the next Pacquiao fight, hopefully against Floyd Mayweather Jr., so we can all reunite once again in Las Vegas.

Shout out to Alex Retodo Productions, HvyRsnl, 600 Inc., Usual Suspects LA, Crowd Creators, and everyone else involved. 143!

I should have stayed away from the tables... HAHA. See you again soon Las Vegas...

I made it onto TMZ with Tyrese!

Do you see me!? HAHA

That counts to right? Even if I'm only in the background. HAHA

Source: TMZ (Click to see the original post)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vimby: World of Dance Pomona 2009

Vimby just uploaded a video recap of World of Dance Pomona 2009 featuring the Beat Freaks and Quest Crew. Get ready New York because we're coming out to the East Coast on June 12th and then to San Diego on August 29th.

For more info check out

[Sat] Las Vegas: XS @ Encore

Keeping it short. Saturday morning we headed over to the Venetian to try to get into Tao Beach to meet up with friends. Unfortunately, our ratio was lopsided, it was super packed, and they started charging $20. So those of us who didn't want to pay decided to have lunch instead at Grand Lux Cafe.

The day was relaxing. After lunch we headed back to our rooms at Planet Hollywood to watch the Celtics vs. Bulls game 7. While the majority of people rolled over to Mandalay Bay to watch the closed circuit Pacquiao fight, which was $60 per person, some of us stayed back in our hotel room and streamed it from Justin.TV for FREE. Manny Pacquaio is the man! Flatten Hatton.

Next it was off to Palazzo to meet up with the homie girls, who got everything comped at the Palazzo because one of them met the owners of the Venetian... I'm still jealous! Girls got it good in Vegas! Then it was off to XS at Encore. Thank you Butter for hookin' us all up. XS is the best club ever... Shit is crazy! Everyone was there! Then we finished the night at Drais and didn't get back to our hotel until after 7PM. Viva Las Vegas!

My James Bond look aka my Prom outfit was a big hit. Everyone was lovin' the bow tie too (thanks Chach). Check out all the Prom 2009 pictures! HAHA

CLICK HERE to view pictures from Las Vegas.

"Hey. Isn't that Toe-Knee Nguyen?" HAHAHAH

To be continued...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

[Thursday] Victory Meeting @ 7PM

Victory Nightlife is looking for motivated, outgoing, and fun individuals who are interested in join the Victory Nightlife Summer 2009 team. Its an opportunity for people to network (remember its not what you know, its who you know), learn about the industry, and just have fun! The Summer is just a few weeks away so if you know anyone that might be interested, ask them to come out and see what its all about. Join us...

What: Victory Nightlife Meeting
Who: People interested in joining Victory Nightlife
When: Thursday, May 7th @ 7PM
Where: Milano Coffee in Mission Valley (Click here for directions)
Why: Because its fun!!! HAHA

Please hit me up if you're interested or have any questions or concerns. Thanks!

Cinco De Mayo

P.S. I miss you TJ Retuya!