Friday, July 18, 2008

Version 1

We're only a week away but here's our 1st version of our Bash at the Beach flyer... Make sure you come out!

Come over...

Since moving into Bumsville there hasn't been a dull moment yet.  We've had over 30+ people come by to say hi, chit chat, drink, party, sleep, watch TV, play video games, use the internet, use the bathroom, or just hang out.   On Tuesday some of the guys stopped by before they headed over to Jolt n Joe's to play pool, while we payed Walmart a late night visit.

Annabelle x George
Randy x Kimtan x Frank

Wednesday was productive time.  I spent most of the day updating all of Victory Nightlife's flyers and info.  Later that night I met up with Althea at Fashion Valley to watch Brandon Fraser in "Journey to the Center of the Earth".  I had such a hard time staying awake for the first quarter of the movie.  Overall, I thought it was alright.  According to Althea, "Its better than Jumanji!"  I'd like to differ...

After the movies we meet up with a few friends who were eating dinner at Cheesecake Factory because Jay (DJ Murdah1) was in town from New Jersey.  We all came back to Bumsville afterwards to hang out and have a few drinks.

DJ Majestik (Z90.3) x DJ Murdah1 (NJ)
Alaric x Daniella
Jamie x Guil stopped by to chill too after work...

Sunday x 

Bar Basic 
Althea & Annabelle = King & Queen?  I don't think so...
Relax Al there's enough pizza for everyone!

On Thursday, Rose (Best Friend) came over in the morning to go grab breakfast with me at Neighborhood.  She got the iPhone 3G... I'm so jealous!  Edwin stopped by as well to join in on the conversation.  Afterwards I headed over to Mission Beach at 3 to meet up with Shane at Wave House for a quick meeting. 

I returned to Bums to hop on my bike to head to Lefty's Barber Shop for my 4:30 appointment.
It was my first time at Lefty's Barber Shop
Brent lined me up real nice for my 5 o'clock meeting with House of Blues.
I love being able to just bike to my meetings.
This is Brian (Live Nation) who is responsible for booking shows at HOB.
When I got back to Bums, Michelle's family had just come back from the beach. Her niece and nephews are so cute!
While the kids watched "Happy Feet", Tristan and Annabelle made smoothies!
We all split up that night.  Tristan, Jomo, and Annabelle dropped me off on 5th, while they made their way to Bar D.  I stopped by Deco's for their special 18+ event to say hi to a few friends.  The line was retardedly long.  They were well over capacity by 11.
Rabbit (Manager) x Patric (GM) x VIP Host x Rob (ZXR)
I went to Red C afterwards to meet up with Jay and the rest of the crew.  Eric x Des x Pat
DJ Bluballz was reppin' at Red C on the 1s and 2s.  The night turned into a reunion when Andy Bach and Zack Baz came through.
I ran into Justin Mann (Uncle Buger) at Deco's and brought him over to Red C for the reunion.  Justin and I grew up together since middle school.  He use to live a few houses away from me.  I haven't seen him in years... 
Impakt x Toddy Todd x Norm Rockwel
TK x Zack x Andy
Suz x TK
George x Jen x Kimtan
Aide (Point Ent) got a free bottle at Deco's towards the end of the night for us... Not a good idea!
My favorite door girl... Jessica!  I love you!  HAHA
San Diego's up and coming hit artist... Ashley Robles

I was originally planning on meeting up with a few friends and having 1 or 2 drinks but that didn't happen...  Fun times!

Bumsville Bachelor... HAHA

I found my 1st place award from DECA's District Conference in 2001.
Thanks Steven for letting us use your Tundra.
Gotta have the PS3 and XBOX 360.
Josephine stopped by to say farewell... Don't cry!

Welcome to my bedroom aka the living room...
We made it official by putting up our family picture on the refrigerator.

Come over...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Newest Addition to Bumsville...

If you haven't already heard I've moved Downtown to Bumsville.  Its still a temporary situation but its been quite the random adventure.  Since Annabelle did such a great job blogging about it on the official Bumsville blog, I decided to just copy and paste it.  So here you go...

Bumsville was quiet for a few days while Toe-Knee was up in San Francisco. We've missed his craziness...and we think he missed us too because upon his arrival back into Southern California he asked me if he could move in with us at Bumsville. After much deliberation and a long house meeting amongst the ladies, we decided to allow TK to move in...We figured that the Bastard is always here anyway, and we might as well move all his neato electronics here and get something good outta him. Haha. We kid. Well, here's how the long day of moving went...

2/3 of the Bitches. 1/2 of the Bumsville Roomies.

Toe-Knee stretching and preparing for the long day of moving.

Tristan, I love you...but you GOTTA put your shoes on before you go in.

Bitches gotta eat first before we move. Sushihana.


Mmmmm. Sushi.

Hungry much?

After we ate, we got right to work...both the TK's got hard to work right away.

The TK's are all about team might have something to do with the fact that they have a CHILD together! Here's London, their daughter. hahah. Secret's out.

Toe-Knee likes breast milk. You greedy bastard.

Toe-Knee playing with their son, Lawyer..."Jellyfish, Jellyfish, Jellyfish"

Josephine graced us with her presence...and she didn't forget to bring her dad's sweet set of keys. We luvah you long time...come over and play in Bumsville!

I think that for a moment Toe-Knee was reconsidering moving to Bumsville...

We ended up moved his stuff anyway...

Here's the new set up...SNAZZY eh?!

All TK brought over was his electronics and barely any clothes cause for some reason he hates bringing clothes along with him wherever he later that night we decided to make a trip out to Wal-Mart to grab some necessities we needed throughout the house. We actually ended up buying a bunch of random unnecessary stuff as well.

We made a stop in the soap isle and decided to have a little sniff fest. "Ooohh, Smell this one!"

The TK's...together again...with Toe-Knee's new cereal goblet thingamajig.

This is our new friend Elliot. He tells good stories. All of them are TRUE STORIES too.

Almost $85 at Wal-Mart?! Geez. Good thing that purchase includes a huge ceral goblet and some undies ;)

Tristan, Toe-Knee, and Michelle unloading the cart...

Tim just bought a new camera earlier that day...the pictures come out with really nice colors!

Springle and his box of dots & free incense. What a successful trip to Wal-Mart.

Apparently...Toe-Knee's proud of this frikken goblet. (FYI...every picture after this one the goblet is present...the goblet is a picture whore)

It takes two men to get the cereal process ready.

Sharing is caring...and us roomies care

OMG... I think I want to break that goblet already.

Some of the crowd at Bumsville...and the goblet. Again.

Ahhh, summertime in Bumsville. It's always completely random. Goblets, dots, Barbie cereal, random move-ins, and what not. We keep meeting new faces and the crowds that swing by just keep getting bigger and bigger. I only have one request...we need more ladies to help occupy this place! The men are taking over.

Where my girls at?!

Well...Welcome home Toe-Knee. You're officially our Bumsville Bastard.

To everyone else, come join our random festivies so we can beat all this Summer boredom together.

Randomness for's fun...bitches...and bastards.