Friday, June 27, 2008


Thursday night the Bumsville Bitches took me to a new spot for dinner called Turf Club (25th & C).  Its a chill throw back spot that serves alcohol and steak.

See No Evil.  Hear No Evil.  Speak No Evil.
You cook your steak yourself...
We also got some tasty French bread with our steak too.

After dinner we mobbed to Walmart to get LED lights and RIMS!  HAHA  Check out Michelle's new 15" rims for her VW.

Light Art with our new LED Lights.

Michelle x Steven

The Devil.
The Butterfly.
Welcome to...
TAA's Nest.
Jack Sparrow's Nest.

See you all tonight at Onyx & Thin for Exclusive!  Don't forget to dress to impress because we have our popular photo booth back in full effect.  Plus the lovely and talented Latanya Lockette will also be performing as well.  See you there!!!

Alpha Sparrow

Annabelle, Steven, Guil, and I woke up this morning to head up to Encinitas for my 12pm meeting with Alphanumeric. I'm excited to work with A# to bring the hottest events to San Diego this Summer.  Here's what Victory x A# have lined up in July:

July 3rd: Club Massive @ House of Blues
July 10th: Soulstice @ U-31
July 26th: Bash at the Beach @ Wave House

CLICK HERE to view the rest of my photos from Alphanumeric.


The home of Robust Flavor, UNIV, Alphanumeric, Fiberops, and more...

Congrats to Chris (Fiberops) on becoming a soon to be father.

The creative mind behind it all... Alyasha Owerka-Moore.
Alphanumeric.  I'm not sure why I'm posed like that... HAHA
UNIV.  Shout out to Allen (UNIV)!

We also visited our friend Scott (One People Project) who's office is down the street.

I made a pit stop at home for a few minutes before we headed back down to Downtown.  But before we left we found a baby sparrow stranded on the side of the curb. 
We didn't want to leave it stranded so we decided to take it to the local pet store.  However the pet store said they couldn't take him either, but they did give us baby bird food, so it looks like we had to adopt him.

Meet Jack Sparrow!
Jack has awesome hair!  HAHA

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Light Show

I've basically been living out of my car the past few days going in and out of meetings all day.  I just wish I lived in Downtown already.  Hopefully that day will come soon...

CLICK HERE to view my photos from Wednesday.

We ate at Sushi Deli in Downtown before our Victory meeting.  Check out the crackin' line to eat there...
Annabelle x Julz
Super Dragon Roll x Crunchy Roll
Victory Nightlife Meeting @ Starbucks Mission Valley.
Club Massive: Red, White, & Blues @ House of Blues  coming July 3rd!
Celebrating the Good Life!
We're all emo except for Mark...
We met up with Erwin (Blends) afterwards in Bumsville where he was displaying one of his many talents.
Congrats Binny!
We decided to pack 8 people into my 4Runner for a mini field trip to Coronado and Balboa Park.
Here are a few photos I took during our adventure:

I swear there are mini UFOs in this picture... Click to enlarge.

Coronado Bridge.
SD Skyline.
Julz x Steven x Guil x Annabelle

Balboa Park.

F**K Y*U
"Balboa" by Edwin Negado (Blends)

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