Friday, April 27, 2007

Body Rock

Saturday, June 2nd

San Diego Civic Theater
1100 Third Ave l Downtown San Diego

Body Rock Preparty & Afterparty Hosted by Victory Nightlife:

Preparty @ House of Blues - 21+
Sunday, May 27th
1055 Fifth Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

Featuring Live Performances by:
Culture Shock SD & UrbanFX

Preparty @ Heat Supper Club - 21+
Friday, June 1st
762 Fifth Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

Afterparty @ Deco's - 21+
Saturday, June 2nd
731 Fifth Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

Please help us spread the word and forward this to your friends!

P.S. Special thanks to Ollie for the flier!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Add Me!

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates... I've been occupied w/ coordinating Victory events and creating our new Victory Nightlife myspace page. Summer is going to HOT!!!

We're premiere our *NEW* weekly Friday event at Heat Supper Club in Downtown San Diego's Gaslamp District starting May 18th.

In addition, we're starting a monthly 18+ for Summer called "The Scene": Dance Performances, Vendor Booths, Cars, Gogos, and DANCING!!!

We're still doing bi-weekly "Concrete" Saturdays at Excelsior. Along w/ our special Club Massives at House of Blues.

The crazy part is on Saturday, June 2nd I have 4 different events to be at:
1.) Body Rock Dance Competition @ the San Diego Civic Theater - I'm one of the 4 producers of the show.
2.) HIN: Nightshift @ Coor Amphitheatre - Victory Nightlife Booth w/ Babe Blvd
3.) Victory Nightlife & Deviate @ Decos - Offical HIN: Nightshift & Body Rock Dance Comp. After Party
4.) Concrete @ Excelsior - Our bi weekly Saturdays w/ Mindz Alike

I'm also leaving for Boogie Wars in Las Vegas tomorrow afternoon! So I'll be busy busy busy!

Please add VICTORY NIGHTLIFE as your Myspace friend!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mira Mesa Workshop

At 01:25:26PM today, Willy's Workshop Mira Mesa finally opened its doors to the public. After months of planning and preparation, Willy and Shalihe gave birth to their second child! Congratulations to the Santos and Workshop family!

Willy showed us his emotional side as he shedded a few tears of happiness! Mr. Santos'... Willy (Owner) and Wilfredo (GM).
A look inside...
Employee Chad White
Video chatting w/ Freddy at the PQ Workshop...
I'm also opening up my own donut shop soon... Summer '07
Myster Photo Booth pics... 1.) Watching Heroes 2.) Cheese 3.) MAAA!
Support your local skate shop... Willy's Workshop Mira Mesa now open!!!

For more info check out:

I've also uploaded a bunch of pictures from my photo booth on my macbook pro. Check out the entire photo gallery here at Photo Booth. Here are some of my favorites:
Eric Elegado?

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my VIET bro Mr. Vinh Nguyen! You're a baby!


Dear friends & family,

Willys Workshop would like to thank you for your support through the years. After a successful 5+ years, we are finally opening our doors to our second location right where it all started, in Mira Mesa. Thanks to our friends and family who helped build what we call our second home. A lot of time and hard work was put into Willys Workshop Mira Mesa and now we invite you to come by the shop and check out whats all the fuss is about.

We are finally opening our doors today! Come by give us a visit and spread the word.

-OLLIE from Willy's Workshop & the Wildboyz

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rockets Blastin' Off!

I haven't been taking my camera around with me lately so I don't have any pictures to post on my blog.

Wildboyz Cycling Division:
Yesterday morning Allan, Josephine, Althea, and I went on our weekly Saturday bike ride. Most of the usuals ended up flaking... HAHA Just kidding! But its all good... Hopefully next week we'll be riding full force again. JR Laguna doesn't get his fix gear till Thursday... I know its gonna be a long week for you bro... Only 5 more days!

The four of us biked down Camino Del Sur through the back way to Rancho Bernardo's 4S Ranch. We even dropped by April and Christine's apartment (2) but no one answered the door. It was still a bit early... I think Christine said she might have been in the shower when we stopped by. Next we rode down to Carmel Mountain and stopped by Costco (3) to have lunch... Cesar chicken salad, pepperoni pizza, and a polish dog.

Althea's parents ended up meeting up with us since they were in the area. It was the first time her parents saw our new bikes! Althea's mom told me, "Aww... You don't look so chubby anymore," as she stroked her cheeks. Althea and I were crackin' up but I took it as a complement. Afterwards, we stopped by the Workshop (4) for a few minutes and then headed back to the Wildboyz Headquarters aka My House (1)!

According to Team Captain... Allan Purgalidad, we biked about 17 miles. It wasn't an easy 17 miles but we did it and I feel great!
NBA Playoffs:
The NBA Playoffs started yesterday. Guess who I'm routing for? The Houston ROCKETS lead by T-Mac and Yao Ming.
Here are my 1st round NBA playoff predictions:
I hope the Lakers make it to the Western Conference Finals and play the Rockets so I can get playoff tickets!!!

Ollie's birthday week continued last night at Excelsior. The vibe was fun, the crowd was diverse, and the dance floor was packed the entire night... Except when Cecile, Rhoda, and Rose started dancing towards the end. Elephant dance!!! HAHA Some of the homies came out but a few got caught up doing inventory at the Workshop. Thanks to Kieth for hookin' it up with drinks. Victory's veteran DJs: Impakt aka Glen and Majestik aka Al (Jammin' Z90) came by with a couple of friends from New Jersey.

Happy Birthday to Cha and Ed! Party at JT's (Mission Gorge) this Wednesday for SpeculED's birthday!

Alvaro's was crackin' afterwards... It was a MCHS reunion.


Right now I'm watching the Los Angels Lakers play the Phoenix Suns on ABC HD. I like Steve Nash and the Suns but I want the Lakers to win! Kobe is on fire!!! 28 points in the first half! I can't wait to watch the rest of the games today.

I'm also meeting w/ Aldryn and Ollie later today. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and be on the look out for Victory: The New Era coming Summer 2007.