Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pimpin' 101 with Denzel!

I woke up this morning and had the funniest conversation with my 7 year old cousin, Denzel... Watch it!

Saturday at Confidential is Classified™

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Jersey Shore x Terry Richardson

These photos of the Jersey Shore cast along with American fashion photographer, Terry Richardson are hilarious!

Via: Terry Richardson

Vegas Day 3 & 4: CityCenter x XS x Rhino

[Wednesday, February 17th] The new $11 billion CityCenter in Las Vegas is without a doubt jaw droppingly gorgeous. Everyone I knew who was staying at the Aria for Magic, kept talking about how beautiful their rooms were, especially the fact that everything is controlled by a touch screen remote. I am gonna need to stay there next time I'm in Vegas again, or at least crash someone's room... HAHA!

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Time to head over to Crystals to do a bit of shopping at the Louis Vuitton store! =)
The interior inside Crystals was creative and unique. I love these whirlpool sculptures they had inside.
Hi Taryn aka TK (female)!
They also had these ice sculptures that were slowly melting away... Very imaginative.
I stopped by the LV store to finally get that Damier Graphite LV belt I've been wanting. I guess you could call it a graduation gift to myself. =) Thanks Candice for helping me... Hope to see you in LA soon!
It was off to Cabo Wabo at Planet Hollywood to have lunch outdoors since it was such a beautiful day.
Hungry boy...
Oh how I love walking the Vegas Strip... HAHA
On our way back to Crystals I noticed these industrial designed "trees", which were a mix of nature and design. I loved it!
Everything was very well designed at Crystals including the restaurants. So clean and simple, just the way I like it!
The Pods by Wolfgang Puck was also very cleverly designed as well. Can't wait until the entire CityCenter in Vegas is complete. I'm such a fan of creative architecture.
It was back to Slate to say hi to more friends before everyone raged it up at the Creative Recreation party at XS. While I was chillin' at the lounge in front of the Mighty Healthy booth I ran into the LA friends.

Hi Wobz (TM7)!
Of course, how could I forget Indo (MuseLA)? I think he's a bit jealous of the bromance brewing between Neran and I, but don't worry Indo, I'll always love you! ;) HAHA
We made our rounds around Slate once again before heading back to the Hard Rock for dinner at Pink Taco with Taryn, Neran, and Hawaii Mike. It was Mexican food once again, but I don't mind. I love it!
Time to take this show on the road again! I wonder what we're gonna get into tonight? If you didn't notice, Hawaii Mike doesn't love NY (actually he does), but NY loves him! HAHA
Neran x Hawaii Mike x TK
The Creative Recreation parties have become the "it" party to attend at Magic over the past few years. In just a few minutes it was about to be straight CRACKIN'! By 10:30PM there was already lines and crowds of people building outside of XS. Luckily, my boy Kulanie was working the VIP tables and I actually ended up working the door for a while escorting different key groups inside. Not sure how I ended up doing that, but I was able to take care of some important VIPs so it was a good look.
Brian Jones (Highsnobiety) and the ladies!
Jessica and I were working it on the dance floor as if we were on "Dancing with the Stars". HAHA Fun times!
DTA x Love-Made x Crooks & Castles
The always so beautiful Nicolette was also there chillin' in VIP sippin' on champagne.
Told you the place was about to be CRACKIN'! Remember its a Wednesday but I don't think that really matters in Vegas.
The Asian women love Nick Diamonds (Diamond Supply), or is it the other way around!? HAHA
The Skam Artist DJs were holdin' it down the entire night!
Imee (Diamond Supply) and her boyfriend (?)
Holly Madison (Girls Next Door) x Luda (Crooks & Castles)... HAHA! I actually got a chance to talk to Holly for a minute and told her how much An Diep aka my Mom was such a huge fan of hers. She's actually really nice but I am not sure what's up with the cupcake beanie and stuff animal in the club. Strange!?
Crooks had the entire street wear industry in their VIP area poppin' bottle after bottle!
Ben Baller x TK
Lanie (Hellz) x TK x Rie (Bzar)
By the end of the night we all somehow migrated over to Shawn Merrimen's (Chargers) table on the dance floor with Chris Resto. We still going in at 3am...
V for Vietnam! There are some hilarious pictures of me doing the splits in between Nicole's legs... But we'll keep those in the Classified™ (at Confidential) files. I know you like the Saturday night plug!
Time of our lives! HAHA
I was showing of my "Stanky Leg"... HAHA!
What the Hellz!?
We all left XS as it was closing down at 4am, but the party didn't stop there. Everyone went there separate ways but a handful of us took a blacked out Escalade to our nightly meet up spot aka Rhino! HAHA

"Why you pulling over bro?! Are you gonna shot us!?" - Nick Diamonds
I swear everyone planned to head there afterwards because EVERYONE was there once again. We even got comp'ed 3 bottles but everyone was so done that they didn't even drink it. I was so hungry I ended up ordering a breakfast sandwich while we were all chillin'. I can't believe I actually ordered food at the strip club... SMH! Fun thing is it was actually pretty good!

When we stepped outside of Rhino it was already sunrise... Story of Vegas!
The ladies always love the bow-tie! =)

[Thursday, February 18th] It was time to check out of the Hard Rock, eat lunch, drop off Neran at the airport, and hit the road back to LA.

Club "Ya-Mang"
Our final good-byes! =(
While we were on the 15 heading back to LA, we stopped by some spot that reminded me of the movie, "The Hills Have Eyes"... Creepy!
Another day in the books...
See you all back in LA!
Vegas seems to be getting better and better every time I go back. Thank you to my road dogs and partners in crime: Taryn, Neran, and Hawaii Mike. I'm glad we just didn't get arrested. HAHA I loved seeing all the familiar faces but I am glad I was able to meet new ones too. I look forward to reconnecting with everyone soon! Let's make it happen!