Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vegas Day 2: Magic x Vanity x Palms x Rhino

[Tuesday, February 16th]

CLICK HERE to view photos from Day 2 in Vegas!

Good morning Las Vegas!
We waited for the infamous Hawaii Mike (LTD) to touch down before we headed out to the trade shows. Lets see what kind of trouble we get into tonight... HAHA
It was only my fourth time to Magic in Las Vegas but I was excited to see all the different brands, familiar faces, and upcoming looks for 2010. Since the majority of all the street wear brands were at Slate it was like walking down Fairfax...
I am gonna start doing more photography... Who wants to be my muse?
Shout out to Grant from Shoeture who sponsors Beat Freaks & Poreotix from ABDC. I am gonna need to get a pair for my sneakers!
I love this quote from the ladies of Married to the MOB:
Of course I had to stop by Hot Air's booth to say what up to Bee Nguyen who's always hustlin' away.
The Crooks are in the building! I spy JL's very own Jerry Lorenzo! HAHA
OMG... Is that Keith (Hundreds)!? HAHA He's gonna kill me!
And of course I saved the best for last, Mr. Jerry Meng (Playmore) modeling for Sneaktip! HAHA
I also ran into San Diego's very own Jon Phenom, who was taking a picture of me for his blog, while I was taking a picture of him for my blog. HAHA
Lunch break!
The Crooks x Hellz family mingling around!
While exploring the floor at Magic, I found myself lost in the Ed Hardy & Christian Audigier section. Their blingin' rhinestone booths took up almost 1/4 of Magic but fortunately after 30 minutes of searching for the nearest exit, I ran into Ed Hardy himself. Not a fan of the clothes, but I do respect his talent as a tattoo artist. They should have had the cast of Jersey Shore there doing a meet and greet section! I totally would have waited in line for that! HAHA
After doing some roaming, we ran into Mr. Bling Bling himself, Ben Baller. I'm gonna need to get an iced out G-Shock watch from him soon, but its $6,500. Damn!
Much love to all the brands showcasing their upcoming collections.
Time to head back to the Hard Rock Hotel to get ready for the G-Shock x Complex party at Vanity.
Before heading out to Vanity a few of us headed to Hard Rock's newest restaurant, Rare 120. Since they were booked throughout the night, we settled for a laid back area in their lounge with the crew: Taryn x Neran x Hawaii Mike x Brian (Highsnobiety)
Although it took a minute for our food to come out, the appetizers and steak were delicious. I really enjoyed the laid back ambiance of the Rare 120.
Filet mignon that p*ssy!
The filet mignon was pretty tender but I wish it would have came with some rice to compliment it. I think thats just the Asian in me... HAHA
Total stalker picture but I couldn't help it because I was lovin' the waitresses outfits at Rare 120. Not to revealing but enough to make you wonder... HAHA
It was off to Undefeated Las Vegas for the "All Gone" Party ft. Neil Armstrong.
The spot was crackin' until someone dropped a stink bomb and cleared out the entire place... It was seriously bad! Total party foul!
DJ Neil Armstrong (Jay-Z, Addidas)
Leila who was also in Vegas came out to join in on the fun.
It was straight to Vanity afterwards to meet up with Bee Nguyen, who was poppin' bottles in the VIP booth next to the DJ booth. Thanks Kenny Mac (Belvedere)!
I've known Chris Resto since our days in High School. Glad to see him doing big things! What are you showing me Chris? HAHA
Vietnam's Finest: Nicole x TK... HAHA!
I love all the different texture inside Vanity. I heard the bathrooms are really nice but I didn't get a chance to check it out. All I know is the spot was crackin', but there were lots of dudes...
Wait, I found some ladies! Holla at the Hellz crew: Britney x Michelle
Ms. Lawn (Hellz Bellz) x Jazzy Kim (Mosely Tribe) aka my Asian Pop Princess! ;)
Taryn aka TK double fistin'!
TK Nguyen x Bee Nguyen x Chris Resto
My man and resident DJ Earwaxxx about to lay it down after Neil Armstrong! Glad I saw you for a minute bro... I'm gonna need to come back to Vegas to visit you!
Nicolette Lacson came through to our VIP area with a few friends. It was actually MMA fighters Dan Henderson and Jake Shields. I got a chance to chop it up with them for a minute and they were both really nice guys. Definitely don't want to get on their bad sides. HAHA
How come I am so red in this picture?! HAHA
Who are all these ladies at our table? SMH
I finally got to see Fun Girl Jane, Indo, and Carla, but it was only for a minute because we were leaving to head to a private party at the Palms. =( 143!
To the Palms Hotel please!
We headed to a private suite party with Las Vegas' DJ Franzen!
The Twins: Dee & Ricky. You might have seen their Lego constructed accessories on Kanye or in the pages of GQ before. Both these cats know how to party! HAHA
DJ Franzen was playing that ignorant Hip-Hop that I love! I felt like I was at Guys & Dolls for a minute! HAHA
There were girls, alcohol, and other extra curricular activity going on...
It was then off to Rhino to meet up with Hellz & the MOB... I think I fell in love that night! ;) HAHA We won't talk about what happen that night, but shit was straight comedy. People getting kicked out the strip club, girl on girl action, and other crazy nonsense.

Just when you thought the night was over, we were back at the Hard Rock Hotel playing Craps until 7am, but this time our luck changed! I went from being down $300 the previous night, to being up $970 in just 45 minutes. Time to go cash my chips in... =)
It was a spontaneous day of raging... Loved it! Gotta get a bit of shut eye and do it again!

To be continued...