Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holiday Block Party at House of Blues!

[Saturday, February 13th] It was a 3 holiday 3 day weekend, which kicked off in San Diego at the Hard Rock Hotel. I was excited to have the Zoo Crew (minus Mink aka Leopard) in town. I was also looking forward to Phillip Geniza's first project, and let me tell you it certainly didn't disappoint.

CLICK HERE to view personal photos from the Block Party.
CLICK HERE to view photo booth pictures from the Block Party.

Welcome to our Hard Rock suite...

Thanks again Jen M. for taking care of us! =)
Phillip Geniza's Project... 143!
While I was outside, I got hustled for Girl Scout Cookies! SMH!
RRS Feed: Roza (LA) x Roza (LA) x Raichous (SD) holdin' it down in the Salvation Alley
Time for a HOB staff meeting!
I got a special surprise from James & Stacy, I miss them!
No homo! James is officially our 5th roommate! See you on Mondays and Tuesdays bro!

The Assistants: Hannah x Mark Villa aka Chachy... If you didn't know Chachy is actually Pauly Shore's assistant. HAHA So random... I know!
Hi Eunice!
Introducing Misa Campo & Talia Sunset!
Shout out to the Blends OC fam for coming through!
Mindz Alike holdin' it down on the Main Stage: Mark Marcelo x edROC x Julz
Tresha x TK x Christine
Happy belated birthday to Misa Campo! =)
Talia Sunset & Misa Campo breakin' it down on stage!
1/2 of Zoo Crew
We've got Kimtan aka @princeofvietnam & Jeff aka @captainjeffy
Of course we ended the night at my favorite Mexican food spot... La Fachada! =)
It was a solid night that unfortunately ended with some asshole stealing Misa Campo's clutch from her backpack backstage. If anyone knows who did it, please let me know so I can send the Vietnamese mafia after then. It wasn't the way we wanted to end the night but it could have been much worse. Aside from that, I am glad everyone had a good time! Thanks to everyone who came out to support and help us raise money for Haiti relief.

Save the date because Sunday, May 30th is the next House of Blues Block Party!