Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Holiday Block Party at House of Blues SD!

About Block Party
The Block Party is San Diego's premiere holiday event. For one night, celebrate the city's renowned dance, dj, and music scenes under one roof at the legendary House of Blues.

Produced by Victory Nightlife for over four years, the veteran events company transforms San Diego's award-winning music venue into the ultimate nightlife club experience.

Haiti Relief
House of Blues and The Block Party is a celebration life and community and is dedicated to maintaining these principles. In light of the recent disasters to families in Haiti, the Holiday Block Party has committed $2 of your ticket to support the Red Cross in Haiti's disaster relief.

DJs & Performers

Also featuring Talia Sunset x Misa Campo!

3 Holidays, 3 Rooms, 3 DJ Crews, 1 Party... Don't miss it!

For more information:

New Years Block Party video by Garvin Ha.

#hobblockparty - Get on the guestlist!

Its not to late to get on the guestlist for the Holiday Block Party tonight at House of Blues.

Visit our Twitter page for more details:

Get on the guestlist tonight for! Re-tweet this message! Details at @VictorySD #hobblockparty

1. There is no guestlist via email. Re-tweet our message by 9pm tonight for discounted admission to tonight's Block Party! #hobblockparty

2. Follow us & re-tweet and your Twitter name will be on the discounted guestlist good until 10:30pm. #hobblockparty

See you guys tonight! =)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hannah: ABDC Season 5: West Coast Regionals

Thanks to my awesome boss and friend TK, I had the most wonderful opportunity to go to the taping of ABDC Season 5: West Regionals.

I was so excited that I couldn't even think straight! I mean, never in a million years did I ever think I was going to be able to experience something like this.

The people I was most excited to see were JC Chasez from 'N Sync and Mario Lopez from Saved By The Bell. I've loved JC since I was like 12 and who wasn't in love with AC Slater?! Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet them but like I said, just to see them in person was amazing.

We actually went in as Press, and got to go backstage. Regular viewers are not allowed to bring cell phones or cameras, but since we were "Press" we got to bring in everything and got some pretty cool pictures!

So finally we got to the ABDC building and were escorted straight backstage! Our first stop was the Media Room.

After that it was over to the garage where all the performers were waiting for the taping to begin. First group we met was Hype 5-0, they came all the way from Hawaii! Aloha!

TK found his friends from Pacific Rim Video and became a co-host. Watch this video as he meets Heavy Impact. Make sure you watch the whole video because Teresa Espinosa from The Beat Freaks jumps in at the end! They groovin'!

Last but not least we went over to Poreotix. This is definitely a group that made my jaw drop when I first saw them at Body Rock 2009. Here's another Pacific Rim Video interview with hosts Angelica Alumia of Pacific Rim and Riquel Olander from We Are Heroes (ABDC 4: Champions)

It was time to go back to the Press area and let the performers get themselves ready. I was just sitting on a stool, when I looked up and there was Omarion just standing 5 feet in front of me, dancing around and just chillin! I was completely STAR STRUCK and didn't know what to do. TK was over on the other side of the room and I just kept looking at him, thinking "HELP!" He finally came over and he started a conversation with Omarion, and all I could do was giggle and nod. I didn't get the chance to take a picture with him, but here he is being interviewed shortly after we talked to him.


I also met Lil Mama who was pretty intense for such a small person. She shook my hand very firmly and asked me, "How you feelin?" She was very polite and nice I was happy that I had the chance to meet her. We didn't get the chance to get a picture since she was on her way out to get ready for the show.

Originally, I was not supposed to be able to watch the show with the audience but Winson (TK's friend who got us the Press passes) scored an extra audience wristband and TK let me go and watch since it was my first time and there was only one wristband! Thanks guys, I was so amazed from the show and had tons of fun!

Here are some of my pictures that I took while I was out in the audience.

Hype 5-0


Heavy Impact


Break EFX


Blended Projekt




The Results and Battle





After the taping was completed I went back to the garage and found TK. Here is the other side of the tunnel.

CONGRATULATIONS to Hype 5-0, Heavy Impact, and Poreotix for making it onto ADBC 5: The Nationals!

Click Here for all of TK's pictures.
Click Here for more Pacific Rim interviews and videos.

Hopefully I'll get to go again before the season ends. Thank you TK and Winson for allowing me the opportunity of this wonderful experience, I will never forget it!

That wasn't even the end of my night. Afterward we went to dinner at a Thai restaurant for Sthanlee's (Pacific Rim) birthday. Even
Shaun Evaristo came out to join us since he was in town.

Oh, last but not least... a BIG SHOUT OUT to
Chris Trondsen for jump starting TK's car 3 times that night! We would have never left the WB parking structure, the Thai restaurant, or the gas station if it wasn't for him!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

iChat Session w/ Jo Koy & Manny Pacquiao

Last night I was dying while video chatting with comedian Jo Koy, Hannah, and Allen, when Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao made a random guest appearance via iChat. You gotta watch the whole thing... Its hilarious!

Jo Koy is bringing his stand up show to San Diego in a few months so look out for that! You can also see him on Chelsea Lately on E! as a regular guest so tune in!

"I like Jamba Juice!" - Manny Pacquaio

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

UrbanFX Reunion at Thin/Onyx!

[Friday, February 5th] It was back to San Diego for a brief 24 hour visit to hang out with friends and handle business.

CLICK HERE to view photos from Friday.
CLICK HERE to view Jomo's blog recap.

But before I left I made sure I spent time brainstorming in my office. =)
It took me over 2.5 hours to get back to SD in the rainy Friday traffic. So not fun, but luckily I was able to catch up with friends during the drive. Always great to hear how everyone's doing... Keep hustlin' everyone!

My first stop was to the Zarabi residents in Little Italy since I haven't seen them in months. I love stopping by Moe's spot because he's always stocked up on those old school classic Coca Cola bottles. FYI: They use sugar cane in these bottles so it taste better... Love it!
Moe and his creepy grin... HAHA!
Their english bulldog, Charlette, is so cute!
Here's the Chanel engagement ring that Moe bought for his girlfriend Jen.
They aren't your conventional couple, because Jen actually picked out the ring, but Moe hasn't even proposed yet. So weird! HAHA... But they're prefect for each other! I can't wait until its official!
Afterwards I headed Downtown to Jasmine & Neal's happy hour birthday celebration at Bar Back Grill. I haven't see the Veneracion sisters (Jasmine x Rose x Holly) together since my Raptor days. HAHA We all go back to 1995 when Rose (middel) and I first became Best Friends! =) So nice!
Shots shot shots!
I recommended Sheila's Cracked with a side of fries at Bareback Grill! You won't be disappointed!
The Veneracion's and their Boos' aka Ron and Doy... HAHA!
Prom 2010
I left our reunion and headed to Confidential to meet with the general manager about our upcoming weekly Saturdays ft. DJ Mark Marcelo.
It was off to the pizza party aka meeting at Thin with the Victory Nightlife crew.
Cranberry Vodka's x Costco Pizzas
I knew it was going to be a great night for R&R: Rhythm & Recreation because we had 6 birthday celebrants and our UrbanFX Reunion, but I had no idea we were going to hit capacity by 11:30pm. Thanks to everyone that came out to support R&R! =)

My favorite non-asain couple: Mikey x Destiny (actually Mikey is half but its all good)
In the words of Jomo, "Superman that hoe!" HAHA... 143 ladies!
Mindz Alike: DJ edRoc with Julz preparing to hit the decks next!
UrabnFX Reunion! 143 doggies!
Happy Birthday Alison Rose Cruz aka Friend!
Its mandatory on your birthday... HAHA
We went through a total of 15 bottles of liquor & champagne that night among all the birthday celebrants. It was straight madness!
We went through at least 2 dozen sparklers that night.
Darwin "D" Browne was celebrating the big 3-0!
Lasha x Raelynn x Diane x David Ross's body... UFX fam!
D went through 3 bottles of Skyy & 3 bottles of champagne! We kept it crunk all night!
Our other headlining birthday celebrant was local celebrity, Angie Girl! She was so drunk she could hardly stand half way through the night... SMH!
Aww... Vanessa and her new man are so cute! So happy for you doggie!
Lora will be celebrating her birthday this Saturday at our Holiday Block Party!
D was cuttin' up a rug all night... He's one of the most talented dancers and kind hearted people I've been fortunate enough to call my friend. Love you bro!
TK x Drunkin' Gama aka Christine... HAHA
Double Trouble: Fels x Tep
Jenny aka Ms. China it ain't your birthday girl, why are you blowing out Alison's candles? HAHA
We mobbed over to my new favorite late night spot, La Fachada on 23rd & Imperial with the Mindz Alike fam. I think its one of the best Mexican food spots I've ever eaten! Real talk!

Then we met up with Alison and the rest of the OC friends at their hotel before heading back home.
Fun times! I loved seeing my UrbanFX family. Come out this Saturday to the Holiday Block Party at House of Blues!