Friday, October 17, 2008

I miss Denzel!

I video chatted with my cousin Denzel (yeah, a Vietnamese kid name Denzel) yesterday on Skype.  Momazel and Papazel are both in Saigon, Vietnam until the end of the year.  They've been keeping up with me through my blog.  Check out Denzel showing off his muscles... So nice!  HAHA  I miss you guys!


TONIGHT: Friday, October 17th Hollywood is getting "Made Over" at Highlands hosted by the lovely ladies of MADE Jewelry.

See you there!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Welcome back DJ AM...

Last night DJ AM was back at it again on the 1s and 2s after his tragic plane accident with Travis Barker (Blink 182).  Going back to work after a prolonged absence always  sucks.  Unless it's to perform with Jay-Z at the re-opening of the Hollywood Palladium.  HOVA!

I'm glad to see DJ AM back in the scene... LAX on Sunday???


The Transporter

Tuesday I took a day trip up to LA with Edwin (Segue Mag) and Neill to drop of Arik (Segue Mag) at LAX. Arik was on his way over the "Land of the Rising Sun" aka Japan to visit his significant other.  

After we dropped off Arik, we hit up a hidden cafe shop in Echo Park for lunch.  Good find Neill!  Then it was off to the usual shops off of La Brea, Melrose, and West Hollywood.  We also ran into Curtis (DunkXchange) and Idah (DC Shoes) at Bape.  It was great running into them.  I was excited to shop and spend some money but I ended up leaving empty handed.  Everything was either too expensive or I could get it in SD at a discount.  I was kinda bummed...

Since there was hella traffic we decided to make a few pit stops to eat and visit Anna's new apartment near UCLA.  It was a nice short get-away from San Diego.  Kanye West was having his listening party for his upcoming album "808 and Heartbreakers" and DJ AM was having his Welcome Home party that night in Hollywood, but we decided to leave the partying for the weekend.  I heard both events were crackin'!!!

Neill x Edwin
Arik at LAX


1967 Lancia

"I bang in my white tee!"
Famima = Japanese 7-11

GPS on the new iPhone is  awesome!

I'll be heading back up to LA on Friday to celebrate "Made Over" with the ladies of MADE Jewelry, and the birthdays of Verna Robles and Jenny Chu.  Should be fun!!!  Come out and join us!

Smart Car Conversions

I've been doing a lot of research on cars lately in hopes of getting one before the end of the year.  I came across these Smart Car conversions on the Vapors blog that are both environmentally and economically friendly.  HAHA. 

With the price of gas still hanging up in the $3.50+ range (not for long with the financial meltdown), fuel efficiency is the name of the game. Looking around Dallas, we have started to see a lot more scooters and tiny cars that look perilously small against the F-350 Superhuge Trucks, but whiz around the streets nonetheless. Our personal favorite mode of transportation is the bike, then the Ruckus, then it might have to be the smart car. These things have been in Europe for a long while, but we’re sure you have seen them by now. Anway, take a look at some photoshopped, err, prototype Smart Car conversions. 

Original Smart Car:

We present to you the Smorsche:

prosche smart car smorsche centre store dallas

The Smerarri:

ferrari smart car smerrari centre store dallas

The Smorvette:

smorvette corvette smart car

And finally, for the discerning Smorche customer, there is the Smorche Carrera GT:

porsche smart car smorsche centre store dallas

I wonder how I'd look in one... HAHA

Springfield Punx - Simpons by Dean Fraser

Over the years, The Simpsons cartoon series has taken many real-life personalities and Simpsonized them for the cartoon screen with many notables done in Matt Groening’s signature style. Calgarian artist Dean Fraser takes it one step further to apply The Simpsons theme over many notable pop-icons from the comic book world as well as the real-world entertainment personalities. For the month of October, he’s been releasing a steady stream of one Marvel character per day which can be seen at Springfield Punx.

SOURCE: Hypebeast

I want to be created into a Simpson's character!

The Return.

Limited presale tickets for our upcoming Halloween Massive at House of Blues are only $10 until Friday.  They'll be going up to $20 until the day of the event.  Don't wait and get them now.  You can get them through or at the House of Blues box office on 6th Ave.  I recommend getting them directly from the box office to avoid any additional surcharges.  Trust me! You won't want to miss out on the PARTY OF THE YEAR!

CLICK HERE to purchase your limited $10 presale tickets now online.

Spread the word!  Peep the front of the flyer... The back is coming soon!
What are you dressing up as?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The 2008 Beer Olympics

Saturday was the first Wildboyz Beer Olympics in celebration of TJ Retuya's 26th birthday sponsored by Raelynn & April, Victory Nightlife, Bud Light, In n' Out, and the country of Vietnam.

There were 3 different Olympic events:
1.) Flip Cup - Battle of the Sexes
2.) 40oz. Time - Individual
3.) Beer Pong - Teams of 2

CLICK HERE to see my photos from the Beer Olympics.
CLICK HERE to check out Alvin's recap of the Beer Olympics.

Let the games begin...
Girls (1-4) vs. Guys (4-1)
The guys had the girls numbers for the first 4 matches...
Since the girls lost they had to put ketchup on their faces as a consequence.  It was so stupid that it was funny... HAHA

The guys lost the last match (b/c of Rolando) so we had to put our choice of condiment on our face as a unibrow.  Mustard x Ketchup
Time for a shot!
The official 10 team Beer Pong bracket...
Team Vietnam: Chris x Harold
I emceed the games while working out on the elliptical.
Team France: TJ x JR
Ride or Die.
Team India: Cecile x Josephine
Mixmaster: DJ Deehoz provided the entrance music for each team as they were introduced for the opening ceremonies.
Master of Ceremonies: TK
Team Aruba: Kimtan x Ollie
40oz. Times:
4th Place - George (DQ)
Bronze - Josephine (3m 8s)
Silver - TJ (1m 46s)
Gold - Freddy (1m 20s)

Gold Medalist: Freddy Ellis
Team Egypt: Alvin x JR
Team Canada: Sean x Troy
Team Japan: Rose x Ellen
Team Greece: MC x April
The Colosseum

In the end, Team Island of Kiribati: Freddy x George took home the Gold in Beer Pong.  Congrats to Freddy on becoming the first double Gold metal Olympian.
Check out my new look... Its called the "Edwin aka Hamster"!  HAHA
Another fun time with close friends... Thank you once again to Raelynn and April for opening your house to us.  Wildboyz 4 Life!  143 637.

Photos provided by the Laguna's, Orrie, and Alvinism.